How to care for the puppy to quickly tame

How to care for the puppy right in order to quickly tame indeed is in need especially dogs that we keep those we buy at a price which is quite expensive to take care of dogs who’ve grown quite easy important we are always on providing food and drinks for a pet dog us but how to care puppy so very different when compared with caring for adult dogs

Virtually all types of dogs have the durability of a healthy body even though we are late to feed a single day in terms of taking care of the most difficult is to train pet dogs we are to be in accordance with the employer’s “owner” to care for the puppy type of heder and local dogs we have to do is poll kind of puppies itself as an example, if we want to maintain the type of dog then we have to start is the choice of

caring for puppies

To care for and make a quick dog tame we could do with the way below

  1. If we have this kind of small-sized puppy then keep our pet dogs against other types of animals such as cats
  2. Caring for a puppy to how to bathe every morning or when in need we can bathe the dog is 2 days
  3. Mechanical tame dog by way of interaction between humans and dogs mean here is that we can interact with the way the talking dog that our pet dogs quickly acquainted us remembering our voice.
  4. Giving the dog food on time when we have our pet dog chain then we have to provide food every morning noon and the afternoon also the right kind of food for dogs is a type of meat
 Did was care by way of bathing the puppy and for feeding we could provide food by putting in the hands of us and occasionally remove the existing bond chains on our pet dog’s neck so the dog does not get bored.

Definition and Benefits Accounting

Definition and Benefits Accounting – Accounting is often referred to as the language of business (business language), or more precisely as the language of decision making. The more a person to master this language, it will be better the person is dealing with various aspects of financial life.

understanding and accounting benefits

Accounting definition can be formulated through two (2) points of view, namely

1) From the perspective of users of accounting
Accounting is a discipline or service activities that provide the information needed to implement activities efficiently and evaluate the activities of an entity or transaction of a financial nature (financial).
2) From the perspective of process operations.
Accounting is the process of recording, classifying, summarizing, reporting and analyzing financial data of an entity.
Meanwhile, according to the American Accounting Association (AAA), accounting is the process of identifying, measuring and reporting economic information to enable an assessment and decision is more straightforward for those who use the information.
benefits Accounting
In general, there are three benefits of accounting, namely:
  1. To obtain accurate economic information so that the user can take appropriate decisions
  2. To provide management accountability to the owners of the company
  3. To know the development of the company from year to year (reciprocation of the company)
In particular, the benefits of accounting are:
  1. Provide reliable financial information regarding the company’s financial position
  2. Provide reliable information on changes in net assets (assets minus liabilities) of a company arising from business activities in order to gain profit
  3. Provide information that helps financial statement users to assess the potential of the company in generating profits
  4. Provide other important information about changes in the assets and liabilities of a company, such as information on financing and investment activities.
  5. Revealed the extent possible other information relating to the financial statements that are relevant to the needs of users of the report, such as information regarding the company’s accounting policy

The usefulness of accounting information is to:

  1. Creating effective planning, as well as conduct oversight, as well as the right economic decision making by management
  2. Accountability entity to investors, kblackitor, government, and so on.

User Accounting Information
Accounting is required both by the company’s internal, and external sources.Broadly speaking, the parties need accounting information is:

1. Managers (the internal) A manager of the company requires the accounting information for the preparation of corporate planning, evaluating the progress achieved by the company, as well as the corrective action required
2. Own Companies Using financial information for taking the decision whether they will remain in the ownership of the company or must relinquish ownership in the company.
3. Investors The investors are in need of accounting data for an organization to analyze the development of the organization concerned. Investors have been investing in a business, in order to get results. Thus, investors should conduct an analysis of financial statements of companies that will be chosen for an injection of funds from investors.
4. Kblackitor Kblackitor concerned with accounting data, because kblackitor concerned for granting kblackit to prospective investors. Customers who have kblackitor is the customer who is able to return the loan principal and interest thereon at the right time. Therefore kblackitor very concerned with the financial statements of prospective customers and clients.
5. Government Agencies Government agencies are very interested in the accounting information. Of financial information of an organization, the government will be able to determine the amount of taxes to be paid by the organization concerned.
6. Nonprofits Although non-profit organization aims not for profit, the organization is still in great need of financial information for the purpose of preparation of the budget, pay employees and pay other expenses
7. EmployeesEmployees need this financial information to negotiate with the company in terms of contracts or decisions relating to employment
8. Public Company contributed significantly to the national economy, including the provision of employment and protection of domestic investors. Accounting information is also needed by other organizations such as trade unions, which require accounting information for an increased salary, allowances, and to know the progress of the company where they work. Customers using the company’s financial information for decision making with regard to cooperation with companies.

How to Increase Online Sales: To Online Shop

How well a way to increase online sales ? perhaps that is the question that is often submitted by business people shop online. Indeed, online turnover is one important factor in online business shop for the sale of the business could be further develop and grow, otherwise if no sale of the business could adversely affect the development of the business. Why are sales so important for online business? because the sale will generate profits that can be used to finance the operations of the business. So how accurate online sales? if observed to increase online sales, there are many factors at play. Let us discuss in more detail how to increase online sales.

How to increase online sales actually at the start of the initial stage of choosing a business idea, many online businesses make mistakes in the stage of choosing a business idea, they do not conduct market research means research keywords (business idea) in advance, but this step is one important factors that influence how to increase online sales. Jualan online if the business idea or keyword and competitor research at research well then increase online sales can be said quite easy. The question is how North ways of doing research a business idea or keyword and competitor research? To conduct keyword research and competitor online fairly easy to do, here’s how:

Hasil gambar untuk cara agar penjualan online meningkat

1. Research Idea / Keyword

to conduct research or keyword ideas for business, the easiest is to use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner free tool from Google that works to a keyword search data, with this tool we can see how many people are searching for a keyword in a month, trends, etc. To use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner will not be described here, because psoting is focused to discuss how to increase online sales, but this little tutorial:

– First go kehalaman Google Adword (must have an account)
– Click on the dropdown menu Tools and Analysis, click Keyword Planner
– Click the option Search for new keyword and ad group ideas.
– At the Enter one of more of the following: the contents of the keyword or keywords you’d researched
– In sub headings Targeting select countries and Indonesian
– Click get ideas

After the click get ideas, this tool will display data keyword searches per month, which to note is the large keyword or business idea specified, point is find keyword search quite a lot, for example above 1000 / month why? because this is an indication of how many people are looking for or in need of services or products according frog that key, so init more and more people are seeking the greater the opportunity to increase online sales. To learn how to research with Google Adwords planner with more detail please search on google by typing keywords how to use Google Adwords keyword planner.

2. Research Competitors

Do not deny anymore, competitors closely in increasing online sales, the fewer competitors then to get online sales have a great opportunity, and vice versa. It is very important to do research competitors, how? After researching the business idea and determine the business idea or keywords, for competitor research needs to be done is:

– Visit
– Typing the business idea / keywords
– See how much the web that appear

Most important point in this step is to see how many websites that discuss or sell products or services according to key words, if on top of tens of millions can say that keyword was quite choose a lot of competitors, but if it is still in the six figures can say competition for these keywords is still small, well this is what we were looking for: a keyword searched and competitors a little.

After performing the steps a business idea and competitor research, the next step is to create a website. Website plays an important role in how to increase online sales, why? Well, because we are selling on the internet we certainly need a place to peddle or products and services, where it is a website or blog. To build a successful ecommerce web, avoid the following:

1. Messy Navigation
Navigation is a website way for potential customers, so it’s important to make web navigation as simple as possible so that visitors do not get confused and waste time, if the effect is too complicated web navigation visitors will go , the sale will be floated. As a shop in the real world, see the online store website should be neat and simple clean of widgets and ads annoying pop-ups.

2. Service Bad

Service or the customer service is one of the most important factors in increasing online sales, online store apply if service is unsatisfactory, as slow to respond, we can be sure sales would be difficult in the can, it is because of dissatisfied customers will friend to avoid shopping in the store, on the contrary if the online store has a good customer service, is by itself a satisfied customer will happily recommend the online store, so the point not to apply the service is bad, then what is good service it? is keeping promise what is already on offer and respond quickly to inquiries from potential customers, the speed of the online world is very important, answer questions from potential customers , this indicates excellent service.

Excessive product 3.Deskripsi

Posting to describe excessive product can actually backfire, because it could be considered deceptive. Basically, the business principles that must be held to increase online sales is do not ever lie to penunjung sites.

4. Have plenty of bank accounts

process pemabayaran an important factor in the sales process, because customers usually have different accounts to make it easier, make no accounts at several different banks. This will greatly facilitate the consumers to make payments, make no mistake there are many cases where potential customers are already intend to buy, but canceled just because the problem no account, they are lazy complicated!

5. Instructions purchases unclear

Do not let the potential customer confusion when it will make a purchase order simply because the instructions are not clear. To avoid confusion, explain how to buy with detail, what to do, how to confirm pemabayaran, etc.

6. No details of the price of goods and postage

After the prospective buyer messaging products, provide confirmation about the price and postage. Give details of the price of goods and postage clearly. Because sometimes there are differences within the discrepancies in rates. Do not be detrimental to either party.

How to Increase Online Sales

After peeling the way market research and what to avoid in making an online store, it is time to discuss how to increase online sales. Talk how to increase online sales will not be separated from promotional activities, so without the promotion of online sales will be hard to be in the can, with the promotion of just sometimes the sale does not meet the targets in the set, that’s important promotion to increase online sales, then how campaign to boost online sales? sale closely to popularizing an online store, the more well known online store to further improve the sales will be more easy, there are lots of way such as using the following media:

– Blog Marketing

Through media blog , we as online store owners can write something interesting, unique, entertaining, and useful to visitors. Post the things that are not only promoting the product, instead of writing to educate buyers posting related to the field of business they work. By creating useful content, we will be seen as an online shop owner who is credible, the effect can add to the visitors and increase sales.

– Article Marketing

Review in online mass media famous and credible it is effective to popularize the name of the online store. The mass media is regarded as an independent party that will cover and write articles that are in accordance with actual conditions, in addition to the well-known mass media that has millions of readers, so we can be sure our reviews of the online store will be read by the masses Mesia pembca. If we can make our online shop reviewed by online media, we can be sure our business brand online store will be known. This is an automated way to boost sales and popularity of online stores.

– SEO Marketing

SEO or seacrh engine optimization is a marketing technique that , seo techniques can provide free visitors coming from search engines. In essence, this SEO technique has two components, namely the off page (the code in the website) and off page (links) plus a unique and useful content. If the online store we implement SEO techniques with a good possibility of increasing sales higher.

– Video Marketing

Increasing number of active users of YouTube is a potential market share for promotion. Uploading videos on youtube can be a tool effective online marketing, is commonly called video marketing, the trick is to create a video of a good quality that the contents of the products are packed as attractive as possible, trick others is the address listed online store within each video products uploaded in YouTube.

– Picture / infographic

research produces facts that prove that a picture can stimulate the brain faster than writing circuitry. This can lead to the world of advertising and online businesses more use images in social media in the Promotion.

– Mobile marketing

smartphone users in Indonesia is relatively increasing rapidly, this is a good market for sale. We need to make our online shop is easy to find a buyer through a smartphone, one way is through the design of an online store for mobile phones or mobile site, this is a great way to increase turnover for smartphone users are more likely to buy than visitors coming from search engines.

– Social Media Marketing
One very nice social media for promotion is facebook, why choose facebook? one reason is the facebook users in Indonesia reached 43 million, the third largest in the world, this is a very good market for sale.

Keys to Successful Facebook Ads

Bisnis apa ya – I am pretty sure you have often heard many success stories about people who have a turnover of tens to hundreds of million rupiah per month just by using Facebook Ads or often called Facebook Marketing.


But QUESTIONS magnitude is ” Does Facebook really powerful to promote your products ??? ”

I do not know about you, but the first time I started advertising with Facebook Ads, to be honest I have doubts that very high … even me to have the perception that Facebook Ads is just HYPE & people – people who claimed success with Facebook Ads are intended to earn profit only by selling his training.

Why am I to think that?

Because at that time I already advertise kind of – kind of products using Facebook Ads, running 1-2 weeks and you know what happened?

NO none of the products sold and worse still I had wasted costs about $ 10 per day, so I’ve spent millions, but did not have results.

If you do not currently have used Facebook Ads or’ve never advertise but have not shown significant results, then you are on the right page because I plan on sharing about the key to success in anything (not just one, but four key success) correct -betul really need to consider if you want to achieve exceptional turnover using Facebook Ads.

What I share is 100% my testing results (good and bad) from the 2009 s / d today using Facebook Ads for my online business. So big I hope this article will be useful for you all.

4 Keys to Successful Facebook Advertising

Based on my personal experience over the years, I concluded that there are four key right – it must be mastered when you want to advertise with Facebook Ads.

Without understanding the meaning of these 4 keys, then I am quite sure that you will only waste more money on advertising without satisfactory results

So what are the 4 key to successful advertising on facebook .. ???

  1. Characters Understand Your Target Audience
  2. How to Create Ads Drag To Target Audience
  3. Take advantage of the feature – Facebook Ads The Advanced Features
  4. How to Convert Right

I will discuss one by one so that you get a more detailed explanation.

1. Understand Your Audience Targeting Characters

One special feature of Facebook Ads is the ability to shoot with a very specific target audience, based on demography, geography, timing, behavior, and connection.

  • Demography: age, gender
  • Geography: location (country, big cities, reach miles)
  • Timing: day and at what time your ad is active
  • Behavior: mobile users, tablet, smartphone, wifi based, digital marketers, etc.
  • Connection: aiming friends – friends of your fans / do not take the shot

Therefore, before you start advertising … make sure first that you are really familiar with the character of the target audience you want to target.

What is the character of your target audience?

I immediately give examples to be more clear yes, hehe …

For example: I want to advertise to suit manufacturing services for the bride groom, his coat-making price range from USD 8-25 million per set and the location of my workshop in Jakarta and Bandung.

My business is based on the above, then I can make a description of the character of the audience who want me viewfinder on Facebook as follows:

  • Age: 25-35 yrs
  • Gender: Male – Male
  • Location: Jakarta and Bandung
  • Interest: bridal, wedding, wedding magazine, wedding photography, wedding ring
  • Connection: friends – his friends from your Page Fans
  • Behavior: mobile users, who use any iOS-based smartphones

To be able to know more clearly what kind of character is the target audience, it is often you should do some research first.

Usually what I do is my browsing to websites of competitors to read the content on it and trying to recognize more in the world.

Questions that usually comes to mind when I was researching the target audience is:

  • The target audience we were usually his interest with any thing huh?
  • By age and sex, they like?
  • Any websites they regularly visit as interested in my products?
  • Topics of discussion of what is still closely associated with the products I sell?
  • Their daily habits doing so in an online course?
  • Any profession / work them?
  • Especially goods that they need to complement my product?

Of questions – the questions above, you will get a broader picture of your target audience so that when advertising, you can target specific enough range. It is important to save your advertising costs.

Then the next question, is there a tool that you can use to research your target audience? If you can free & reliable hehehe …

The good news for you is the answer NO !!

There is a free and powerful tool that you can use to get information about the target audience which will explain below.

So when you want to know the character of the audience who want me shoot, I usually observe the competitors’ websites that sell products that are identical to the products I sell.

Suppose you want to sell baby goods, such as milk, milk bottles, tools baby supplies, baby educational toys and so on then you need to find out other websites that have first run the business online, such as

By knowing what kind of people – those who visit the website, then you will get a clearer picture of the characters are identical to the target audience that you will shoot.

One way to find out is to use a tool called the Google Display Planner (GDP) . This tool can provide a clearer picture to us about the character of the people who visit a particular website.

Although the results displayed can not be used as guidelines for 100% but from here you can already picture a more specific and you can make a reference to target your target audience.

For more details, I provide steps – steps as follows:

  1. Go to your Google AdWords account in

For those of you who do not have adwords account, please do register in advance as usual (free).

  1. Click the “Tools” menu and select “Display Planner”
  1. Enter the name of your competitor website in the “Your customers are interested in”
  1. Select a location “Indonesia” and set the language to “English & Indonesia” because many people in Indonesia who use English language settings in their google account
  1. Then will appear as in the following picture

From the picture above, you can get a lot of insight or clues about the character of the people who visit your competitors’ websites, in this example are people – people who visit the website

You can look at the data – the data from the age group, gender, and also where they normally access the web, as the above example mostly men, aged 18-34 years and more access via mobile than desktop / PC.

This may be different from what previously you think of where we usually think that the baby must access the website needs most women.

But by looking at the above data, new insights you can so there was a possibility that you can shoot him as well, which means the husband – the husband of a wife who had children was also access the web.

In addition to demographics, you can also see other data like other websites especially the likes visited by people – this person ( click on “placements” ) and also a topic – any topic that is still associated with the website ( click on “topic” ).

Indeed, the above data is not 100% can be used as the main guideline because if you notice there are the data – data that status is ” unknown ” that there is some data that have not been acquired by Google, because the data provided by Google is the data obtained when someone is browsing with conditions active Google accounts (login to gmail).

Got a lot of waste SIM Card Used? If processed, Turns It’s a result!

Development of technology is increasingly rapidly only.

Especially with communication technology.

The need for smartphones and mobile phones do thrive.

Of course communication using this device can not escape from their SIM card.

Without this card, of course you can not do mobile communication with others.

Using the SIM card provides mobile phone functionality to bertelefon and send messages, even to surf in the internet world.

Tech by

Despite the existence of the very important most people assume if this little thing is not too important.

Most people would throw this little thing if it is no longer .

In fact, if traced further turns the manufacture of SIM card itself is quite difficult and expensive, you know!

Jaguar Is a Badut Bandung Mascot Of The Brazilian Delegation In Rio-16 Well Before Death

Juma’s jaguar’s death during an Olympic torch relay in Manaus on Monday shocked the public and sparked outrage and outrage all over the country and around the world. The episode generated as the brutality and for being the abatement of an animal of the Brazilian fauna threatened with extinction.

And it is precisely because of this risk of extinction and the importance of making people aware of a preservation of a species that designs for a year as a Team Brazil mascot – as it is a Brazilian call in major events such as Pan Ea Olympiad.

The creation of the Ginga is part of a partnership between the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) and an Arca Brasil, a non-governmental organization created in 1993.

At the moment it is an institutional partnership starting next year, a greater part of the income collected from a sale of the badut bandung mascot will be reverted to the project. At present, the licensing rights of the mascot do not belong to the COB, but to the Rio-16 Committee, which is a marketing of plush in its stores in the Olympics.

“The COB understood that the jaguar represents the great Brazilian animal. In this, an action was created as a country with no work for the preservation, in this process,” explained Marco Ciampi, president of Arca Brasil.

“We are delineating actions in the marketing area to go after more sponsorships and supports that are next to the Olympic system to generate more funds for the project,” following Ciampi, who lamented the death of Juma. “It was an unfortunate episode, a tragedy.

At the Rio Olympics, the COB should give Ginga a lot of prominences. The existence of a confirmation in his presence in Space-Time Brazil – place of meetings with the press, sponsors, and relatives. The COB also studies its presentation at the Olympic Village and at the opening ceremony.

“The COB will enjoy the joy and affection with which Ginga has been received, especially for athletes and young people, to use it in Space-Time Brazil and other places where for its own appearance,” said one entity by note.

The agency also lamented the incident during the torch relay in the capital of Amazonas.

“The COB regrets a fatality with an ounce Juma and continue to support the jaguar preservation projects, an animal that inspired the Ginga, Team Brazil mascot.”

Last year, at the Pan American Games in Toronto (CAN), Ginga made his first major appearance, with actions at the Athletes’ Village, not Space-Time Brazil and until the opening ceremony.

Learn How To Win The Sadia Kostum Badut Maskot For The 2016 Olympics

Sadia’s new promotional campaign will encourage consumers to adopt a “Deliciously Healthy” life in the Olympics climate. The brand, which supports the Olympic and Paralympic Games, is launching the “My Mascot of Luck” campaign, whose goal is to spread sports throughout the country. For every R $30 in purchases of Sadia products, simply present the coupon Taxation at points of sale and choose one of the ten mascots in bobble head style: Lek Trek Olympic Sportsman (Volleyball, Football, Judo, Swimming, Artistic Gymnastics, Basketball, Tennis, Boxing) or Paralympic (Cycling and Athletics).

“The mascot, created in the 70’s and icon of the brand, becomes a collectible item with an even greater purpose: to show that sport is a pleasant alternative to lead a healthy life,” says Érica Migales, executive manager Of communication from Sadia, to the famous ‘chicken’ Lek Trek. The character was born to show the practicality, convenience, and modernity of the brand, which are still among the main pillars of Sadia currently. During the campaign that runs until 12/7, it is still possible to participate in raffles to compete for Olympic and Paralympic Games tickets in the city of Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – including tickets, lodging, and meals – as well as a complete kit with all The kostum badut mascots Sadia.

For this, consumers need to enter the landing page ( and register the tax coupon. All the planning, creation and execution of the promotion “My Lucky Mascot” was under the responsibility of the agency Banco de Eventos.

Skill for sports – It is precisely the picturesque Lek Trek that is ahead of the film “Linha de Passe”, produced by F / Nazca. With its premiere scheduled for 6/5, on a national network, the character in bobble head style will come to life as an Olympic sportsman. With just one serve, just like a volleyball player, he lets the ball out the window and through other environments – passing through a studio

Of tattooing and coming to the home of a consumer. Obviously, there is always a new Lek Trek featured as a sportsman ready to give continuity to the action scene.


BRF, which owns the Sadia, Perdigão and Qualy brands, is one of the largest food companies in the world. The company has more than 105,000 employees, 35 industrial units in Brazil, 16 overseas factories (eight in Argentina, one in the United Kingdom, one in the Netherlands, five in Thailand and one in the United Arab Emirates) and 40 distribution centers. The company currently exports to more than 120 countries.

The First Fact Is: It Needs To Be Simple So That The Target Audience Can Understand It. Then Some More Valuable Aspects.

It needs to be objective, because, less and less, people stop to read. Therefore, an elongated, unfocused text disperses very fast and does not attract attention. Most importantly, it must be written in the right way, with clarity, cohesion, good grammar and everything a good text needs.

But, after all, what does a text need to be considered good?

Before we come to this answer, let’s identify what a text should not have. By eliminating what can make your text bad, it is easier to define what can make it good. Come on…

Do not be repetitive: avoid using the same word multiple times in the text. Use synonyms that fit and will give the same meaning to the sentence;
Parentheses: Avoid using them. They are unnecessary. If it is necessary to explain something, use the bet, when a sentence is between commas;
Abbreviations and acronyms: Do not use abbreviations in your text. Of course, there are exceptions. But they are only valid for the abbreviations that, of course, everyone knows. For example DETRAN, SABESP, USP;
Quotes: Do not abuse them. If the text is yours, be original;
Slang: Avoid using slang in your text. As informal as it may be, it is always good to be clear and correct with the language standards.

Now that we know some topics that harm our text, we go to those who enrich our textual repertoire.

Above all, there is something that can ensure that your text is very good. Also, if you make this action a constant practice, your text can become great and even perfect. I’m talking, of course, about reading.

Reading is an activity that raises the levels of knowledge and increases horizons. With this, you will have in your mind and at your fingertips a vast vocabulary and linguistic repertoire, which is not to say that you will learn how to “fill sausage”, but how to not lose focus and get readers to each More interested in what your text can offer.

So when writing a text, remember to:

Structure – In virtually everything we do, we need to establish a structure. This is worth even more for a text. You must determine an organization when writing your content. It needs a beginning, middle, and end.

Simplicity – Sprucing up a text does not make it more attractive. It is also attractive to meet the expectations of the reader, guaranteeing clear, simple and focused content. Do not twist and disguise the main point so that the reader reaches the end of your text. Give him what he needs and he will always look for you.

Style – Everyone develops a style of writing and with practice, you, for sure, will also develop yours. Make the text follow your rhythm and make it enjoyable to read.

Review – A text, an email, a note … Whatever the content, of course, it will need revision. So always read and reread what you’ve written to make sure it’s error-free and with the right language for the type of audience you want to reach.

Focus on the goals you have set for your text and focus on them. Produce interesting and engaging content. Do not be afraid. Go ahead.

How to Work Sim Card

A SIM card is a small circuit board coded, which is integrated into GSM phones when we subscribe to telecommunication services. Ni cards store information from people who subscribe, and data security as well as memory to store personal numbers. The SIM card stores information that enables network service providers to identify the caller. SIM card as a memory card that can be removed and can be integrated into any GSM handset, allowing you to maintain the same phone number even in the case when you replace your mobile phone. A unique chip in the SIM card on all GSM phones.


Subscriber Identity Module is temporary, meaning that it can be moved on a number of mobile phones. SIM stores information such as phone numbers, text messages, and other data. Analogous to a small hard drive that can activate automatically when the phone is plugged into the device.

Simcard storing information associated with the network that is used for authentication (authentication) and user identification. The most important data are: number of identity card (ICCID Integrated Circuit Card ID), number international users (IMSI, International Mobile Subscriber Identity), the key authentication (Ki, Authentication Key), area code (LAI, Local Area Identity), and number of emergency call operator. SIM also stores numbers for the SMS service center (SMSC, Short Message Service Center), service provider name (SPN Service Provider Name), and others

On pin Simcard must consist of 6 Pin .. consisting of:

Simclock, is the clock frequency synchronization signal to digital data to make the data signal when transferring or sending and receiving of data information.
2. Simdata, is the digital data that is stored in the SIM memory
3. Simreset, this is also the frequency signals that trigger or reset all of the synchronization process
4. vsim, this is a power supply voltage is used to activate the SIM circuit.
5. Ground, voltage gound
6. Nc (Not Connetcetd)

There are three sources of electricity to operate the sim card, which is 5 V, 3 V, 1.8 V. (ISO / IEC 7816-3 class A, B, and C.

The first SIM card was made in 1998, with Munich smart card Giesecke & amp; Devrient selling the first 300 cards to Finnish wireless network operator Radiolinja.

Workflow from the sim card is ….

=== simcard of Connectors & gt; EMIF Simcard ==== & gt; ic Power

PIN2 important that we should notice is all must be in a state PIN2 are connected to each other in accordance with the path traversed … except the path alias NC not connected or does not connect to mana2

operating system

The operating system there are 2 types, original cards and Java cards. The original Karu based on the default product, software specific vendor card while java is a subset of the programming language intended for embedded devices. Java lets SIM card contains a programming and hardware that can be installed on.

& Nbsp;

Blood green? Real?

In general, humans / animals have a blood-red color.

But, what happens if there are people who have green blood? Turns is a man whose blood is not red, but green. How can it be?

Green-blooded humans existed and it turns out there are also several types of green-blooded animals such as frogs types of Cambodia and insects. This animal green blood because the blood does not work because it does not require oxygen carrying hemoglobin. Green colored blood in the medical world can indeed happen and in the medical world it is known as sulfhemoglobinaemia (SulfHb) which is derived from the color of hemoglobin and difficult to return to normal. People bleed green discovered in June 2007 by a team of anesthetists Dr. Stephan Schwarz, Dr. Giuseppe Del Vicario and Dr. Alana Flexman in Canada. At that time the doctors in the team is currently conducting operations in hospitals Vancouver St. Paul against a 42-year-old man who admitted to hospital because of a fall. The doctor was very surprised when the first incision in the patient’s leg, issued his blood is the blood that are dark green instead of red like a normal human.


People bleed green discovered in June 2007 by a team of anesthetists Dr. Stephan Schwarz, Dr. Giuseppe Del Vicario and Dr. Alana Flexman in Canada. At that time the doctors in the team is currently conducting operations in hospitals Vancouver St. Paul against a 42 year old man who admitted to hospital because of a fall.

The doctors were very surprised when the first incision in the patient’s leg, issued his blood is the blood that are dark green instead of red colored like a normal human. The doctors also conduct a search for the patient’s medical history and the findings stated that the patient had often consume large doses of the drug sumatriptan or 200 milligrams per day to treat the patient’s migraine headaches.

Medications sumatriptan is included in the class of sulfonamides (sulfur), a drug that contains sulfur compounds. Because the content of sulfur compounds that causes the occurrence of a rare condition called sulfhaemoglobinaemia, namely sulfur in the body joining the oxygen-carrying compound hemoglobin in red blood cells.

green blood in humans showed that there is something abnormal occurs in the human body, so it tends to be a disease. If patients with very severe or extreme sulfHB it needed a blood transfusion to save the patient. Symptoms of excessive levels of sulfHB is evident from the changes in skin color and sulfur membranes that become bluish. This phenomenon is called cyanosis in the medical world. This condition is caused by lack of oxygen levels in the blood. Usually starts bluish color of the nails hands and feet, lips and tongue.

The main cause of sulfHB is the consumption of drugs such as acetanilid, phenacetin, nitrates, trinitotoluene and sulfur compounds (including sulfonamides) is excessive. Other causes could also be because there is exposure to sulfur compounds in the workplace or from environment contaminated by pollutants sulfur that occurs continuously so that the sulfur from the air we breathe into our bodies. As a result, when hydrogen sulfide (H2S or sulfide ion) and iron ions combine in the blood, blood is unable to carry oxygen.

Tentusaja green blood is not good for the body because they interfere with the functioning of organs especially the blood circulation in the body that require blood that binds with oxygen.