How to Work Sim Card

A SIM card is a small circuit board coded, which is integrated into GSM phones when we subscribe to telecommunication services. Ni cards store information from people who subscribe, and data security as well as memory to store personal numbers. The SIM card stores information that enables network service providers to identify the caller. SIM card as a memory card that can be removed and can be integrated into any GSM handset, allowing you to maintain the same phone number even in the case when you replace your mobile phone. A unique chip in the SIM card on all GSM phones.


Subscriber Identity Module is temporary, meaning that it can be moved on a number of mobile phones. SIM stores information such as phone numbers, text messages, and other data. Analogous to a small hard drive that can activate automatically when the phone is plugged into the device.

Simcard storing information associated with the network that is used for authentication (authentication) and user identification. The most important data are: number of identity card (ICCID Integrated Circuit Card ID), number international users (IMSI, International Mobile Subscriber Identity), the key authentication (Ki, Authentication Key), area code (LAI, Local Area Identity), and number of emergency call operator. SIM also stores numbers for the SMS service center (SMSC, Short Message Service Center), service provider name (SPN Service Provider Name), and others

On pin Simcard must consist of 6 Pin .. consisting of:

Simclock, is the clock frequency synchronization signal to digital data to make the data signal when transferring or sending and receiving of data information.
2. Simdata, is the digital data that is stored in the SIM memory
3. Simreset, this is also the frequency signals that trigger or reset all of the synchronization process
4. vsim, this is a power supply voltage is used to activate the SIM circuit.
5. Ground, voltage gound
6. Nc (Not Connetcetd)

There are three sources of electricity to operate the sim card, which is 5 V, 3 V, 1.8 V. (ISO / IEC 7816-3 class A, B, and C.

The first SIM card was made in 1998, with Munich smart card Giesecke & amp; Devrient selling the first 300 cards to Finnish wireless network operator Radiolinja.

Workflow from the sim card is ….

=== simcard of Connectors & gt; EMIF Simcard ==== & gt; ic Power

PIN2 important that we should notice is all must be in a state PIN2 are connected to each other in accordance with the path traversed … except the path alias NC not connected or does not connect to mana2

operating system

The operating system there are 2 types, original cards and Java cards. The original Karu based on the default product, software specific vendor card while java is a subset of the programming language intended for embedded devices. Java lets SIM card contains a programming and hardware that can be installed on.

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