Jaguar Is a Badut Bandung Mascot Of The Brazilian Delegation In Rio-16 Well Before Death

Juma’s jaguar’s death during an Olympic torch relay in Manaus on Monday shocked the public and sparked outrage and outrage all over the country and around the world. The episode generated as the brutality and for being the abatement of an animal of the Brazilian fauna threatened with extinction.

And it is precisely because of this risk of extinction and the importance of making people aware of a preservation of a species that designs for a year as a Team Brazil mascot – as it is a Brazilian call in major events such as Pan Ea Olympiad.

The creation of the Ginga is part of a partnership between the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) and an Arca Brasil, a non-governmental organization created in 1993.

At the moment it is an institutional partnership starting next year, a greater part of the income collected from a sale of the badut bandung mascot will be reverted to the project. At present, the licensing rights of the mascot do not belong to the COB, but to the Rio-16 Committee, which is a marketing of plush in its stores in the Olympics.

“The COB understood that the jaguar represents the great Brazilian animal. In this, an action was created as a country with no work for the preservation, in this process,” explained Marco Ciampi, president of Arca Brasil.

“We are delineating actions in the marketing area to go after more sponsorships and supports that are next to the Olympic system to generate more funds for the project,” following Ciampi, who lamented the death of Juma. “It was an unfortunate episode, a tragedy.

At the Rio Olympics, the COB should give Ginga a lot of prominences. The existence of a confirmation in his presence in Space-Time Brazil – place of meetings with the press, sponsors, and relatives. The COB also studies its presentation at the Olympic Village and at the opening ceremony.

“The COB will enjoy the joy and affection with which Ginga has been received, especially for athletes and young people, to use it in Space-Time Brazil and other places where for its own appearance,” said one entity by note.

The agency also lamented the incident during the torch relay in the capital of Amazonas.

“The COB regrets a fatality with an ounce Juma and continue to support the jaguar preservation projects, an animal that inspired the Ginga, Team Brazil mascot.”

Last year, at the Pan American Games in Toronto (CAN), Ginga made his first major appearance, with actions at the Athletes’ Village, not Space-Time Brazil and until the opening ceremony.

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