How to Increase Online Sales: To Online Shop

How well a way to increase online sales ? perhaps that is the question that is often submitted by business people shop online. Indeed, online turnover is one important factor in online business shop for the sale of the business could be further develop and grow, otherwise if no sale of the business could adversely affect the development of the business. Why are sales so important for online business? because the sale will generate profits that can be used to finance the operations of the business. So how accurate online sales? if observed to increase online sales, there are many factors at play. Let us discuss in more detail how to increase online sales.

How to increase online sales actually at the start of the initial stage of choosing a business idea, many online businesses make mistakes in the stage of choosing a business idea, they do not conduct market research means research keywords (business idea) in advance, but this step is one important factors that influence how to increase online sales. Jualan online if the business idea or keyword and competitor research at research well then increase online sales can be said quite easy. The question is how North ways of doing research a business idea or keyword and competitor research? To conduct keyword research and competitor online fairly easy to do, here’s how:

Hasil gambar untuk cara agar penjualan online meningkat

1. Research Idea / Keyword

to conduct research or keyword ideas for business, the easiest is to use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner free tool from Google that works to a keyword search data, with this tool we can see how many people are searching for a keyword in a month, trends, etc. To use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner will not be described here, because psoting is focused to discuss how to increase online sales, but this little tutorial:

– First go kehalaman Google Adword (must have an account)
– Click on the dropdown menu Tools and Analysis, click Keyword Planner
– Click the option Search for new keyword and ad group ideas.
– At the Enter one of more of the following: the contents of the keyword or keywords you’d researched
– In sub headings Targeting select countries and Indonesian
– Click get ideas

After the click get ideas, this tool will display data keyword searches per month, which to note is the large keyword or business idea specified, point is find keyword search quite a lot, for example above 1000 / month why? because this is an indication of how many people are looking for or in need of services or products according frog that key, so init more and more people are seeking the greater the opportunity to increase online sales. To learn how to research with Google Adwords planner with more detail please search on google by typing keywords how to use Google Adwords keyword planner.

2. Research Competitors

Do not deny anymore, competitors closely in increasing online sales, the fewer competitors then to get online sales have a great opportunity, and vice versa. It is very important to do research competitors, how? After researching the business idea and determine the business idea or keywords, for competitor research needs to be done is:

– Visit
– Typing the business idea / keywords
– See how much the web that appear

Most important point in this step is to see how many websites that discuss or sell products or services according to key words, if on top of tens of millions can say that keyword was quite choose a lot of competitors, but if it is still in the six figures can say competition for these keywords is still small, well this is what we were looking for: a keyword searched and competitors a little.

After performing the steps a business idea and competitor research, the next step is to create a website. Website plays an important role in how to increase online sales, why? Well, because we are selling on the internet we certainly need a place to peddle or products and services, where it is a website or blog. To build a successful ecommerce web, avoid the following:

1. Messy Navigation
Navigation is a website way for potential customers, so it’s important to make web navigation as simple as possible so that visitors do not get confused and waste time, if the effect is too complicated web navigation visitors will go , the sale will be floated. As a shop in the real world, see the online store website should be neat and simple clean of widgets and ads annoying pop-ups.

2. Service Bad

Service or the customer service is one of the most important factors in increasing online sales, online store apply if service is unsatisfactory, as slow to respond, we can be sure sales would be difficult in the can, it is because of dissatisfied customers will friend to avoid shopping in the store, on the contrary if the online store has a good customer service, is by itself a satisfied customer will happily recommend the online store, so the point not to apply the service is bad, then what is good service it? is keeping promise what is already on offer and respond quickly to inquiries from potential customers, the speed of the online world is very important, answer questions from potential customers , this indicates excellent service.

Excessive product 3.Deskripsi

Posting to describe excessive product can actually backfire, because it could be considered deceptive. Basically, the business principles that must be held to increase online sales is do not ever lie to penunjung sites.

4. Have plenty of bank accounts

process pemabayaran an important factor in the sales process, because customers usually have different accounts to make it easier, make no accounts at several different banks. This will greatly facilitate the consumers to make payments, make no mistake there are many cases where potential customers are already intend to buy, but canceled just because the problem no account, they are lazy complicated!

5. Instructions purchases unclear

Do not let the potential customer confusion when it will make a purchase order simply because the instructions are not clear. To avoid confusion, explain how to buy with detail, what to do, how to confirm pemabayaran, etc.

6. No details of the price of goods and postage

After the prospective buyer messaging products, provide confirmation about the price and postage. Give details of the price of goods and postage clearly. Because sometimes there are differences within the discrepancies in rates. Do not be detrimental to either party.

How to Increase Online Sales

After peeling the way market research and what to avoid in making an online store, it is time to discuss how to increase online sales. Talk how to increase online sales will not be separated from promotional activities, so without the promotion of online sales will be hard to be in the can, with the promotion of just sometimes the sale does not meet the targets in the set, that’s important promotion to increase online sales, then how campaign to boost online sales? sale closely to popularizing an online store, the more well known online store to further improve the sales will be more easy, there are lots of way such as using the following media:

– Blog Marketing

Through media blog , we as online store owners can write something interesting, unique, entertaining, and useful to visitors. Post the things that are not only promoting the product, instead of writing to educate buyers posting related to the field of business they work. By creating useful content, we will be seen as an online shop owner who is credible, the effect can add to the visitors and increase sales.

– Article Marketing

Review in online mass media famous and credible it is effective to popularize the name of the online store. The mass media is regarded as an independent party that will cover and write articles that are in accordance with actual conditions, in addition to the well-known mass media that has millions of readers, so we can be sure our reviews of the online store will be read by the masses Mesia pembca. If we can make our online shop reviewed by online media, we can be sure our business brand online store will be known. This is an automated way to boost sales and popularity of online stores.

– SEO Marketing

SEO or seacrh engine optimization is a marketing technique that , seo techniques can provide free visitors coming from search engines. In essence, this SEO technique has two components, namely the off page (the code in the website) and off page (links) plus a unique and useful content. If the online store we implement SEO techniques with a good possibility of increasing sales higher.

– Video Marketing

Increasing number of active users of YouTube is a potential market share for promotion. Uploading videos on youtube can be a tool effective online marketing, is commonly called video marketing, the trick is to create a video of a good quality that the contents of the products are packed as attractive as possible, trick others is the address listed online store within each video products uploaded in YouTube.

– Picture / infographic

research produces facts that prove that a picture can stimulate the brain faster than writing circuitry. This can lead to the world of advertising and online businesses more use images in social media in the Promotion.

– Mobile marketing

smartphone users in Indonesia is relatively increasing rapidly, this is a good market for sale. We need to make our online shop is easy to find a buyer through a smartphone, one way is through the design of an online store for mobile phones or mobile site, this is a great way to increase turnover for smartphone users are more likely to buy than visitors coming from search engines.

– Social Media Marketing
One very nice social media for promotion is facebook, why choose facebook? one reason is the facebook users in Indonesia reached 43 million, the third largest in the world, this is a very good market for sale.

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