Keys to Successful Facebook Ads

Bisnis apa ya – I am pretty sure you have often heard many success stories about people who have a turnover of tens to hundreds of million rupiah per month just by using Facebook Ads or often called Facebook Marketing.


But QUESTIONS magnitude is ” Does Facebook really powerful to promote your products ??? ”

I do not know about you, but the first time I started advertising with Facebook Ads, to be honest I have doubts that very high … even me to have the perception that Facebook Ads is just HYPE & people – people who claimed success with Facebook Ads are intended to earn profit only by selling his training.

Why am I to think that?

Because at that time I already advertise kind of – kind of products using Facebook Ads, running 1-2 weeks and you know what happened?

NO none of the products sold and worse still I had wasted costs about $ 10 per day, so I’ve spent millions, but did not have results.

If you do not currently have used Facebook Ads or’ve never advertise but have not shown significant results, then you are on the right page because I plan on sharing about the key to success in anything (not just one, but four key success) correct -betul really need to consider if you want to achieve exceptional turnover using Facebook Ads.

What I share is 100% my testing results (good and bad) from the 2009 s / d today using Facebook Ads for my online business. So big I hope this article will be useful for you all.

4 Keys to Successful Facebook Advertising

Based on my personal experience over the years, I concluded that there are four key right – it must be mastered when you want to advertise with Facebook Ads.

Without understanding the meaning of these 4 keys, then I am quite sure that you will only waste more money on advertising without satisfactory results

So what are the 4 key to successful advertising on facebook .. ???

  1. Characters Understand Your Target Audience
  2. How to Create Ads Drag To Target Audience
  3. Take advantage of the feature – Facebook Ads The Advanced Features
  4. How to Convert Right

I will discuss one by one so that you get a more detailed explanation.

1. Understand Your Audience Targeting Characters

One special feature of Facebook Ads is the ability to shoot with a very specific target audience, based on demography, geography, timing, behavior, and connection.

  • Demography: age, gender
  • Geography: location (country, big cities, reach miles)
  • Timing: day and at what time your ad is active
  • Behavior: mobile users, tablet, smartphone, wifi based, digital marketers, etc.
  • Connection: aiming friends – friends of your fans / do not take the shot

Therefore, before you start advertising … make sure first that you are really familiar with the character of the target audience you want to target.

What is the character of your target audience?

I immediately give examples to be more clear yes, hehe …

For example: I want to advertise to suit manufacturing services for the bride groom, his coat-making price range from USD 8-25 million per set and the location of my workshop in Jakarta and Bandung.

My business is based on the above, then I can make a description of the character of the audience who want me viewfinder on Facebook as follows:

  • Age: 25-35 yrs
  • Gender: Male – Male
  • Location: Jakarta and Bandung
  • Interest: bridal, wedding, wedding magazine, wedding photography, wedding ring
  • Connection: friends – his friends from your Page Fans
  • Behavior: mobile users, who use any iOS-based smartphones

To be able to know more clearly what kind of character is the target audience, it is often you should do some research first.

Usually what I do is my browsing to websites of competitors to read the content on it and trying to recognize more in the world.

Questions that usually comes to mind when I was researching the target audience is:

  • The target audience we were usually his interest with any thing huh?
  • By age and sex, they like?
  • Any websites they regularly visit as interested in my products?
  • Topics of discussion of what is still closely associated with the products I sell?
  • Their daily habits doing so in an online course?
  • Any profession / work them?
  • Especially goods that they need to complement my product?

Of questions – the questions above, you will get a broader picture of your target audience so that when advertising, you can target specific enough range. It is important to save your advertising costs.

Then the next question, is there a tool that you can use to research your target audience? If you can free & reliable hehehe …

The good news for you is the answer NO !!

There is a free and powerful tool that you can use to get information about the target audience which will explain below.

So when you want to know the character of the audience who want me shoot, I usually observe the competitors’ websites that sell products that are identical to the products I sell.

Suppose you want to sell baby goods, such as milk, milk bottles, tools baby supplies, baby educational toys and so on then you need to find out other websites that have first run the business online, such as

By knowing what kind of people – those who visit the website, then you will get a clearer picture of the characters are identical to the target audience that you will shoot.

One way to find out is to use a tool called the Google Display Planner (GDP) . This tool can provide a clearer picture to us about the character of the people who visit a particular website.

Although the results displayed can not be used as guidelines for 100% but from here you can already picture a more specific and you can make a reference to target your target audience.

For more details, I provide steps – steps as follows:

  1. Go to your Google AdWords account in

For those of you who do not have adwords account, please do register in advance as usual (free).

  1. Click the “Tools” menu and select “Display Planner”
  1. Enter the name of your competitor website in the “Your customers are interested in”
  1. Select a location “Indonesia” and set the language to “English & Indonesia” because many people in Indonesia who use English language settings in their google account
  1. Then will appear as in the following picture

From the picture above, you can get a lot of insight or clues about the character of the people who visit your competitors’ websites, in this example are people – people who visit the website

You can look at the data – the data from the age group, gender, and also where they normally access the web, as the above example mostly men, aged 18-34 years and more access via mobile than desktop / PC.

This may be different from what previously you think of where we usually think that the baby must access the website needs most women.

But by looking at the above data, new insights you can so there was a possibility that you can shoot him as well, which means the husband – the husband of a wife who had children was also access the web.

In addition to demographics, you can also see other data like other websites especially the likes visited by people – this person ( click on “placements” ) and also a topic – any topic that is still associated with the website ( click on “topic” ).

Indeed, the above data is not 100% can be used as the main guideline because if you notice there are the data – data that status is ” unknown ” that there is some data that have not been acquired by Google, because the data provided by Google is the data obtained when someone is browsing with conditions active Google accounts (login to gmail).

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