Flat Earth, Do you believe?

Trust many years ago on a flat earth was again debated and believed some people

even an account on Youtube explained explicitly and with reasonable arguments, however, Believest you?

The understanding that the Earth is flat grow again just like the ancient belief that rebirth.

On YouTube, the number of accounts – including TigerDan925 – upload a video explanation of the flat Earth and its arguments.

While on Facebook, there are a number of communities – including The Flat Earth Society – which consist of people who believe that the Earth is flat. On Twitter, there is an account @FlatEarthID with some information about the Flat Earth view.

At first glance it can not be trusted.

Humans already have the image of the Earth as a blue marble, photographing Earth daari Saturn as the “Pale Blue Dot”, and sent New Horizon to the edge of the Solar System. How could anyone still believe the Earth flat?

Believe it or not, it’s still there are people like that.

Overview Confidence
People who believed in a flat Earth essentially deny all knowledge development that has been achieved for centuries.

They consider Neil Armstrong landing on the moon hoax! They assume the satellites are actually never existed! They believe that the Sun was only 4,000 kilometers!

The reason?

Posts VICE.com in 2014 revealed that those who believe that the Earth is flat believe that the sun has always been at the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn, which means that the distance is less than 5,000 kilometers from Earth.

They also believe that the Earth is so special that even though many celestial bodies are round, flat earth shaped like a disc.

Flat Earth evidence by those who believe it can be known when flying.

Passengers are always told that the aircraft with a fixed height after stable in air. According to the flat earth believers, if the Earth is round, flying height should never fixed.

Astrophysics professor and Head of the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) said that the view of a flat Earth is far-fetched.

“That’s pseudoscience,” he said.

“Ordinary people believe it because it’s as if the view when in fact no scientific basis at all,” he said when contacted by Kompas.com , Monday (11/07/2016).

This is a proof that the Earth is round and not flat.

People who believe in a flat Earth believes that the South Pole is a wall that can not be penetrated.

“In fact, once the flights passing through the south pole, from South Africa to New Zealand. If the South Pole impenetrable wall, there can be no flight was,” he explained.

Flights pass through the south pole is now not in demand because of technical reasons related to cold temperatures.

The view that the satellite is also less unfounded lie. In fact, currently based human communication satellites.

Similarly, the belief that the Sun is 4,000 kilometers from Earth.

“The sun temperature reaches 6,000 degrees Celsius. If the distance of the Sun as close as it was, then we would be tortured and burned by radiation and heat,” said Thomas.

Aircraft still flying height could also be described.

Aircraft flying height is measured relative to the Earth’s surface. Large size makes the curvature of the Earth that the Earth is not so perceived.

“If we become a pilot, we will be able to prove it,” said Thomas.

“If the earth is flat, then from the top we could stare at any one region, including the South Pole. In fact, our view remains limited.”

Sunset Prove
Proving that the Earth is round can be done in a simple way.

Many people hunt twilight view of the holiday. Dusk scene it could be evidence that the Earth is round.

When looked at dusk, people will see an imaginary line that limits the view. The sun will sink in a line called the horizon.

If the Earth is flat, a line that seems to unite the sky and the Earth’s surface that will not exist.

If there is a sailing ship in the ocean, people will not see the ship was lost slowly and per piece when moving away if only the Earth was flat.

“When the ship approached, we taakkan watched the smoke first, part of the ship as a whole, but direct everything,” said Thomas.

Still want to believe the Earth flat?

How To Make Money From Youtube?

If you frequently use the Internet, must have been familiar with the site YouTube.com. This site is the online media where we can upload our own videos to the internet, and we could also watch videos that are uploaded to YouTube others for free. Youtube users often spend a lot of time in front of the screen to watch the videos unique and interesting uploaded by YouTube users from around the world. This site becomes one of social media’s most widely used around the world and become one of the largest money is quite popular.

As the business principles that we know so far, where there are crowds then there will be a lot of money or profit potential. And indeed, today there are many people who make money from the videos that they upload to YouTube, there are even people who make money to hundreds of million rupiah per month just from videos that they upload to YouTube.

One of the reasons why YouTube is so popular with internet users is because YouTube provide video content that looks real. In contrast to the image or text content that is not seen ‘live’ in the eyes of Internet users. Various existing video content on YouTube uploaded by its users with a different purpose.

There are YouTube users upload videos for the purpose of having fun, there are who want to promote businesses and events, there that wish to share with other people, and others. All Internet users definitely prefer the REAL content visible and attractive, which is why Internet users linger on YouTube.Various types of videos can be found on YouTube, ranging from video tutorials, music videos, video news, video humor, videos of science and technology, video documentation of a person when on holiday, video film footage, and many other video. If we open up the YouTube website, then most likely we will see ads on it, be it on the video or on the side bar. They usually appear on the videos that the number of views it a lot. Now the owner of the video’s revenue comes from ad clicks or the number of ad views that appear in the video.

& Nbsp;

So How Can You Make Money on YouTube?
If you want to earn money from YouTube then we have to upload video content that is unique and interesting to YouTube. The more views to your video, the greater the revenue opportunities that we get from YouTube.

Previously, I would like to emphasize that there is no guarantee that your video on YouTube will generate a lot of money. This article merely provides information measures need to be done in order to become a YouTube partner and earn money from their services. Here are the steps:

1. Creating a YouTube account
Not difficult to create a YouTube account, if you’ve created an account with one Google product (such as Gmail) then we can use that account to create an account on YouTube. The first step is to log into your Google account (such as Gmail), then go to the YouTube website. Later you will see the YouTube site

The next step is to create a channel for your YouTube account. Click the link “My Channel” which is on the left. Later will come the choice as to whether we will use the original name (the name when registering e-mail) or by another name as the name of the Channel on Youtube.

When you want to create a unique channel, you should use a different name as the name of the YouTube channel, for example your website domain name or a special name. Click the link “To use a business or other name, click here”, will be directed to a new page.

On the new page, enter the name of the Channel that corresponds to what you want. Then select the appropriate category, do not forget to check the “I agree to the Pages Terms” and click “Done”.

After the above steps, we will be redirected to the page belongs to our YouTube Channel. Furthermore, we can set the Channel display, ranging from adding images to icons, adding covers, and other settings. So far we’ve managed to create a YouTube account and make special Channel.

2. Start Uploading Videos to YouTube

In order to make money from YouTube, we must have original video content uploaded to our YouTube Channel. Video content should be your own or video material does not infringe the copyrights of others, ranging from video material (video clip, image, logo) to back-sound. Actually not too difficult to get an idea of ​​the video content, we can create a unique video by recording the daily activities of unique (eg fishing), video tutorials, record while playing the guitar, and others.


Diligent uniquely create and upload videos to your channel, you need to upload at least about 100-200 unique and interesting videos to YouTube to obtain substantial income. The more videos uploaded to the Channel, the greater the opportunity to generate revenue from YouTube. An important note, never upload any video material that violates the copyrights of others into your YouToube Channel because it could create a problem with your account at a later date.

3. Increase your YouTube Channel Popularity

There are many ways that can be done to increase the popularity of YouTube Channel. Among others are:

  • Diligent upload videos useful, unique, and interesting. Note also the quality of the videos you make, the video should have a good resolution and zoom obvious.
  • Focus upload the content according to your niche or interest. If you have expertise in playing the guitar, then focus to build a video associated with the guitar. For example you could make a guitar cover of the song famous singer or a famous guitar player. Channel so you will be easily recognized by YouTube users.
  • Encourage your audience to become a subscriber to your YouTube Channel. The more subscribers you the opportunity to get more views on videos you will be even greater.
  • Promote your videos or YouTube channel to other social media, for example FB

    4. Sign up to Google AdSense
    While there are several ways you can do to benefit from YouTube, but most people prefer to use Google Adsense program to monetize their video content. Typically Channel which has a video with lots of views will get an invitation directly from Google Adsense. But if we have not received the invitation, we can apply to Google Adsense.

    If you previously had a Google Adsense account, then you do not need to register again. All you need do is simply connect the Google AdSense account to your YouTube account, of course, used to be the same email. Once your AdSense account linked to your YouTube account, then you just wait for the earnings coming from your videos.

    The key to success in playing YouTube is creativity. The more creative and interesting videos in your channel, then the opportunity to earn money from YouTube will be greater as well. There is no income limit that you can get, because that determines the uniqueness, quality video material, and the number of views the video that we uploaded to YouTube. I will discuss this topic in the next article. May be useful.

Some Tips to Eliminate Odor Shoes

The smell is very common and reasonable shoes because the shoes continue to be used. The smell comes from the sweat released by the feet and wet shoes .. In the period of time, sweat sticks to shoes and cause stinging stench.

Once you forget to wash shoes while you should wear for important purposes. This will make you very busy right? Shoes that are not in the wash will be stinking from the accumulation of bacteria inside. When in use will spread an unpleasant aroma. It would make be very insecure. But you do not have to khawatir.Berikut are some tips for fast and accurate

A. Washed

Measures to eliminate odor shoes in the wash:

1. Wash shoes

First to deodorize the shoe is by washing. When washing the bacteria attached will soon disappear or be reduced so they no longer cause odor shoes.

2. In the drying

Do not let your shoes damp after washing. Drying in the sun to dry immediately. Try to be dried on the same day. Shoes that moisture will easily tumbuhi odor-causing bacteria. This will cause less savory odors easily arise

3. In polish

In order to survive page as well as lightning-maintained, you can make shoe polish. There are a lot of shoe polish cream sold in stores. You can choose whichever is preferred. Semir all delicate parts in your shoes. For shoes office, generally the entire surface smooth shoes, you polish only all parts to be shiny all.

4. Spray

Once finished you perform the steps above, you can also procure shoes perfume that smells can be more fresh. Spray foot spray to taste on the outside and inside of the shoe or parts according to taste. After the spray do not directly used, but in the dry first.

5. Wash socks

Shoes and socks can not be separated. Socks most interacts with the skin of the foot. This makes the ultimate socks to absorb sweat. The sweat that much will make socks wet to make the shoes were wet. When not in the wash socks, sweat socks attached to the can move to the shoes and make shoes become smelly. Use more than one sock to be easily bergangi-ganti.llSetelah perform certain way over your shoes will not smell anymore. Wash shoes should be in the hot weather. This will speed up the drying process when the drying shoes. Shoes that do not dry in the drying will be easily damaged, so this should make you extravagant.

B. Not washed

Here is how you can do to eliminate shoe odor without washing. This method can be used if there is a sudden incident that is not on think not require you to use the shoes. When the shoe smell will make them feel uncomfortable. Therefore Do this before you use your shoes:

6. In the drying

If you do not have time to wash the shoes, you can hang his boots in the blazing hot sun. Matahasi heat will help kill bacteria that breed in shoes. This greatly helps eliminate the smell of your shoes.

7. In the open

After using the shoe it is wonderful you open all the ropes, the base and top cover part of the shoe is issued. With the aim that no air is out. When the bacteria produce gases that smell will be absorbed in the fabric or shoes, then the opening part of this shoe will dispose of the foul gases out. So it would not make a shoe smell. This helps to eliminate the smell of shoes.

8. Placed in the open air

Do not place the shoes directly in the house because it will be able to make the air less savory spread in the room. when you are finished using the shoes and lay on a lot of wind. These winds will help bring out the shoe odor and thus potentially eliminating the smell of shoes

9. lime leaves

Lime leaves contain essential oils that can produce a fragrant aroma. If you want to quickly smell is gone, you simply brush the shoe with some orange leaves. The leaves can also be a natural antiseptic. So kill bacteria that cause odor shoes. Take a taste of orange leaves, orange leaves made into one and apply to the shoes to look bruised orange leaves secrete substances at birth

10. pandan leaves

In addition to the above, you can also use pandan leaves. It may get pandan smelling aroma, but this will be a powerful deodorize your shoes. Pandan sharp aroma will eliminate the foul odor shoes. You can do like the way above. Apply pandan with the inside of the shoe (wall, pedestal, and tip) until the bruises.

11. Guava leaves

Herb leaves contain a characteristic odor. It can be used to deodorize shoes. Same way as above. pick up on a couple of young guava leaves. Collect becoming one and rub on the inside of the shoe until bruised bruised leaves, the leaves emit abortion. Perhaps the content of the fragrance on guava less powerful, you can add as many leaves as possible according to what you prefer. Do it until all parts of the shoe hit the guava leaf content. This will remove the smell of shoes with ease and pulled out a distinctive fragrance of guava

12. Banking soda

Bangkin common soda we know is to make bread. But the benefit is not limited to these. Banking soda able to deodorize shoes. Quite easy you just sprinkle on the banking soda smelly shoes. Let’s work at the time of the night until the smell is gone.

After you do the above tips will prevent the shoe you should not smell. The cause of the new shoe comes from perspiration odor released by the foot and fungal skin. So before you use the shoes, make sure your feet are clean so that bacteria do not easily get in and breed in the shoe. So this article, hopefully useful