The sensation of Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world

Kopi Luwak, maybe you’ve often. Kopi mongoose not only known throughout the world, it was also becoming one of the most expensive coffee .can reach millions of rupiah selling kilogram, civet coffee qualified for the best ,

 Kopi Luwak - the world's most expensive coffee Sensation

Then why civet coffee could be the world’s most expensive coffee? ,,

As we know, that could only produce civet coffee beans are eaten by civet (civet: Java) that have been issued as .coffee is removed from the stomach of the civet has been fermented by enzymes in the stomach because it has undergone fermentation luwak. the taste of civet coffee steeping into unik.until now, the machine to create a clone of civet coffee still can not be developed by animal manusia.

Luwak sole producer of civet coffee is an easy animal stress, so it can not be bred and hard .Dan now, nocturnal animals is increasingly difficult to obtain from the wild, one-tailed mongoose alone could cost could .if civet already stressed in maintenance, then it must be removed, otherwise it will .why kopi luwak can only be produced in limited quantities. with economic laws, goods slightly, demand much higher price will certainly.

Excess Kopi Luwak

Luwak coffee beans eat only red, which means old coffee betul.Jadi generated from civet feces are coffee beans are actually already tua.Nah that the advantages of civet coffee, coffee beans only from fruit which really is old with the coffee beans that have been really old, it will produce a brew coffee really sedap.Beda with coffee harvested by farmers in general, where the coffee beans are processed most likely mixed with the coffee beans are still young.

Civet Coffee Producer Region

Luwak coffee of high quality and the most expensive is Luwak coffee comes from coffee types arabica. believed to be the most savory, coffee arabica coffee varieties are rare and few who can diproduksi.largest civet coffee Indonesia covers an area of ​​Sumatra: Gayo area, Aceh · Sidikalang: Promise Maria Village, District .Padang Lawas District and the Lampung is the best civet coffee producing regions in the world.

 And Indonesia itself is a civet coffee producer world’s fourth largest after Brazil, Vietnam, and Kolombia.Namun, production of the Indonesian civet coffee civet coffee is the most good with the quality of the world.

History Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak as a tradition to remain the preferred until now popular even to foreign countries takes place since colonial times Belanda. then all commercial crops controlled by the government of invaders including kopi. depleted crops and sent the Dutch , without leaving to .because coffee has become a favored, the people who were around the plantation is less sense by picking up waste-civet droppings are still a whole coffee beans, since only skin deep digested by the digestive system of the civet.

Apparently the coffee drinking habits of the rest of the civet droppings by the people of the colonial period before it has become a habit for generations until now ini. Luwak coffee is now popular to foreign countries.

Try it, how unique flavors of coffee luwak, the most expensive coffee that is fermented by the digestive system of animals named mongoose.

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