PlayStation Network ‘Under $5’ Flash Sale this weekend break consists of PS1 to PS4 video games

Searching for a video game to play without damaging the financial institution? Sony’s on-line PlayStation Store is having a flash sale with ready PS4, PS3, PS Vita as well as PSP valued at $4.99 or much less up until January 23 at 8am Pacific.

Several of the reduced video games consist of AAA titles like The Order: 1886, Knack, Thief, as well as a couple of LEGO video games, in addition to remasters of the Tomb Raider reboot, Saints Row 4, as well as Sleeping Dogs.

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Furthermore, there are indies for PS4 for sale such as Journey, Bastion, Terraria, Limbo, Assault Android Cactus, Goat Simulator. The mobile side consists of ports of different console titles and also indies plus some portable exclusives like Persona 3 Portable.

If you’re craving a throwback, the flash sale has actually PSone as well as PS2 Classics like Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Psychonauts, Dark Cloud 2, and also Rogue Galaxy, plus the HD remasters of Beyond Good & Evil, Okami as well as the initial Devil May Cry video games, on the low-cost.

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