Can Earthquake Predicted?

In recent days, the people of northern Sumatra feared by SMS circulating about the prediction of large earthquakes. It was said in a circulating SMS from mobile to mobile and BB to BB, please write to 12 Sr (magnitude). I can not imagine the scale of the earthquake 12 Sr, for the info to my comrades that the scale of 12 Sr = 1000 time scale 9 earthquake Sr means up to 1000 times more powerful than the earthquake 26 December 2004 ?? A wah ada2 sms.

 In this paper, I do not discuss about the scale of the earthquake but more willing to discuss about earthquake prediction that has been disturbing residents. To know the scale of the earthquake, the reader can click on this link earthquake preparedness kit

Earthquake prediction

A person is said to be able to predict earthquakes if can determine exactly 4-D seismic source (x, y, z, t) or can determine exactly Longitude / longitude (x), Latitud / latitude (y), depth (z) and time ( t) or our language simpelkan be he knows exactly where and when the occurrence of the earthquake. If until now there Seismology experts who are able to do earthquake prediction ?? that can be done now is to determine the epicenter of the earthquake after the earthquake and not before the earthquake. Info latest earthquake can be seen on this link, Earthquake BMKG Latest .

Resolutely authors say that until now there is no single seismologist (earthquake) that is able to predict earthquakes accurately. They were able to estimate is an area that will be an earthquake within a certain period, on how and at what precisely can not be answered. The simplest example I have written in this website is also about seismic Gap . Currently seismologists try to find an area with potential for an earthquake of seismic gaps that have occurred since the last 30-100 years. Rare earthquake region is expected to be an earthquake, but when exactly will happen, no one else knows seismologist.

Misleading SMS

Several days later, the people of northern Sumatra region of Aceh particularly disturbed by the circulation of sms will be an earthquake in the late afternoon with a scale of 12 Sr. SMS is a sms astray misleading, the authors are expecting that people who receive this SMS does not need to worry and worry and do not forward this SMS to relatives. SMS is said to be misguided and misleading because there is no scientific evidence and sent by people who do not want to see us live in peace.

Let Preparedness Earthquake

After 11 earthquake of April 2012, some experts predict there will be another earthquake in western Sumatra region, but when exactly will happen nobody knows. Although there is still potential for an earthquake, we actually do not need to fear people and worried No Kill earthquake , which killed was rubble for earthquake and tsunami . Naturally comrades still remember the earthquake December 26, 2004 with a 9.1 scale Sr. Are there earthquake killed Acehnese ??

I guess none of the people who died in the earthquake but a lot of people who died due to the earthquake that effect after Tsunami . So citizens need not fear an earthquake and not be affected by SMS unclear source. However, if the 1-100 years ahead there is an earthquake above 8 Sr, then the public should stay away from the beachside area. No need to wait for the siren (warning) since the main earthquake (mainshock) which are already a warning (warning)

May our society increasingly wise in accepting and responding to any information and did not believe in earthquake prediction and information which is not true concerning natural disasters .

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