Japan Earthquake Difference equations with & Ecuador

In the last few days we were surprised by the occurrence of earthquake Japan, according to the USGS occurred on 14 April 2016 at 22:03 pm and dated 15 April 2016 at 23:25 pm. Japan Earthquake Japan earthquake first with the second only 25 hours later with a magnitude of earthquakes is greater. Intermittent 31.5 hours later, an earthquake with a magnitude greater struck Ecuador on 17 April 2016 at 6:58 AM. On this occasion, I tried to discuss, roughly what similarities and differences between the two earthquakes that?

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1. Sources of the Japanese earthquake and Ecuador
According to the USGS, the earthquake Japan with a magnitude 7 occurred on land epicenter Mw 32 782 ° N, 130 726 ° E with a depth of 10.0 km. An earthquake of this land give strong enough shock effect because it is located 10 Km underfoot occupation Kumamoto province.

Almost as well as the Japanese earthquake, Ecuador earthquake which occurred on 17 April 2016 occurred on land and the epicenter 0.371 ° N 79 940 ° W at a depth of 19.2 km. Although the epicenter equally on the ground, both the quake had a mechanism different earthquake .

2. Mechanism Earthquake
Japanese earthquake with magnitude 7 Mw, according to the USGS occurred by a mechanism in the form of Fault sources Scroll to the direction of the fault moves to 222 ° field of rubble north and inclination of 77 ° from the horizontal plane.

japan earthquake source
Japan earthquake source mechanisms such as shear fracture (left image) and the seismic source mechanisms such as fault ride Ecuador (picture right). (Image Source: USGS, 2016)
Unlike the Japanese earthquake, earthquake seismic sources such as Ecuador have Fault Ride with the direction of the fault moves to 26 ° field of rubble north and inclination of 23 ° from the horizontal plane. Ecuador quake occurred in a subduction zone as a result of interaction between Nasca plate and the Pacific plate.

3. Strength of the Land Shocks
Japanese Earthquake
The epicenter of the earthquake in Japan (Left) and Ecuador (right) are shown with an arrow (USGS, 2016)
Having a source mechanism and depth of different sources, the Japanese earthquake and Ecuador have a little difference in strength of ground shaking. Based on the map of the ground shaking (intensity scale) issued by the USGS as shown in FIG.

Japanese earthquake with magnitude 7 shock Mw scale land has a stronger intensity. USGS noted the scale of intensity up to IX MMI ( Modified Mercalli Intensity) along the source of the fault.

Ecuador quake with a magnitude of 7.8 Mw has a level of ground shaking in the scale of intensity VIII MMI, lower than Japan’s earthquake.

4. Number of Victims
Japan Earthquake that occurred 14 and 15 April 2016 has led to 42 people were killed, over 3000 injured, and 44,000 people to flee and destroying a number of buildings ( Jiji Press ).

BBC Indonesia noted, until I write this article, Ecuador quake with a magnitude of more powerful has caused 235 people died, 1500 were injured. Number of victims of more earthquake Ecuador compared to the Japanese earthquake.

5. Damage
The second quake had caused severe damage in areas close to the earthquake source. The picture below will be explained as a second level of damage due to the earthquake.

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