Nepal Earthquake year and 12 facts behind it …

Luka torn when the earthquake occurred in Nepal 25 April 2015 until now has not healed, best earthquake kit in areas where the damage occurred is running very slow rebuilding.

At least there are 12 facts that prove that the process of restoration of the lives of people there walking very slowly.

1. The headless Stupa
Boudhanath in the capital of Nepal , Kathmandu, including the world’s cultural heritage of UNESCO .

The stupa was that so one important goal Buddhist pilgrimage from the Himalayas, the loss of one of the peak of the roof. Is still being restored.

2. Should be demolished
Durbar Square (Durbar field) also includes a world cultural heritage of UNESCO .

The temple complex was first damaged by an earthquake. Some temples had been demolished, while a number of other possibilities can not be saved again.

3. Living among the supporting pillars
Residents Kathmandu are familiar with the views of the buildings damaged by the earthquake.

Repairs are not going well apparently accepted without much protest.

4. As last year
the District Sindhupalchowk, east of Kathmandu, so one of the areas worst-hit.

Now Chautara populated town of 15,000 people, it still looks like when the earthquake just happened.

5. Clinics in tents
admissions from the emergency in Chautara. Doctors often still have to work under the hood.

The old building how susceptible because of the earthquake, so it can only be used again after a thorough refurbishment.

6. Not to tap home-roofed shack
Like last year, in Sindhupalchowk most people still live in shacks with tin roofs.

More than 80 percent of houses were destroyed by the earthquake. Especially in rural areas, there is little help.

7. Infectious diseases
huts set up temporary. Many people live in a narrow space together. Infectious diseases spread very easily.

8. Help yourself
Residents had long been looking forward again on aid from the government in Kathmandu.

They take steps to help themselves.

9. There can be saved
Almost all schools in Sindhupalchowk fully can not be used again.

Some things can be repaired, but nothing that can not, such as schools in Mailchaur.

Cold and isolated 10.
The process of learning is held in classrooms while. Construction tin huts cuara susceptible to wind and bad, and can not be warmed.

11. The rest of the ruins of
the high school students still remember the disaster that occurred a year ago. Thulosirubari school in the field is still lying about the rest of the old buildings were demolished.

12. Not much damage Everest
in the Khumbu region also found the silent witness of the earthquake disaster last year.

But, compared with Sindhupalchowk district, tourist area around Mount Everest is not much damage.

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