Principles Make Earthquake Resistant Houses

Indonesia is located in an earthquake-prone location. In the last few years earthquakes occur more frequently. There is no technology that can predict earthquakes, so often earthquakes many casualties. The majority of deaths caused by the collapse of the building.

Many of the buildings in Indonesia were built without regard to principles of earthquake resistant houses. Whereas build earthquake-resistant houses is a kehar usan in earthquake prone areas like Indonesia. Earthquake disaster kit the basic principles of earthquake resistant buildings that is as simple and symmetrical .??Denah ?. The structure is simple and symmetrical buildings can withstand seismic forces better than the building of irregular shape.

Principles Make Earthquake Resistant Houses

This is because the force of the earthquake can be distributed evenly to all the elements of the structure. Plan a simple and symmetrical will help us determine the location of the points column and the foundation will be the order of the main structure of the house.

Selection of lightweight building material? The magnitude of the earthquake that struck the style of a building directly proportional to the weight of the building. That’s why a building as much as possible is made with lighter materials.

Japan is a country that is applying earthquake-resistant construction technology is best. Traditional Japanese houses mostly wooden structure one level. Antarruangan partition wearing bamboo and paper is very mild.

Indonesian traditional house also appeared designed to withstand earthquakes by our ancestors. The use of wood and bamboo structures with thatched roofs or fibers shown to survive when the earthquake ?? We have banya building materials to support the planning of earthquake resistant houses. Call it the brick walls of aerated concrete or lightweight, lightweight steel frame, asphalt tile or corrugated iron, and gypsum partitions or GRC.

Load-bearing construction system? To create the construction of earthquake-resistant houses, structures foundation, columns, beams, and roof structures must be made together with an adequate connection. For wood construction, in addition to additional cross structures (bracing), should also be equipped with a steel plate fastener at each disconnected, so that motion is so flexible.

Building with reinforced concrete structure should wear appropriate reinforcement with structural calculations, both the main reinforcement or ring. Connections between columns, foundations and sloof also be aware of the details, in order to have sufficient strength to withstand earthquake loads.

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