Anti-Smog Building, Paris

The buildings were built in 2007 act as filters for air pollution Paris, earthquake emergency kit designed by Vincent Callebaut.
Outside the building of the first building in the form of capsules filled photovoitaic 250 m2 of solar panels (PV) is coated with titanium dioxide (TiO2)
PV panels generate electrical energy local and TiO2 working with ultraviolet radiation reacts with particles in the air eradicate pollution and air contamination.

The inside after the outer layer, there are spaces for the public with a wide courtyard with a natural pond, which, according to the architect as a place to learn about urban ecology and renewable energy. Green space on the roof produce rainwater that can be used inside buildings.

Building “Wind Tower”, the second building of the Anti-Smog this upward spiral-shaped building filled Vertical Axis Wind Turbines ( VA WT), which captures the power of wind. Circulation of people in the form of a ramp to bring to the roof garden with views of Paris. 

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