3 little-known Android customization apps you should try

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Personalization is one of the things that we love about Android. Thanks to the infinite possibilities of the Google operating system, each user can make his smartphone completely unique. Also, in the Android apps store, every day we can find new customization tools that deserve an opportunity.

For this reason, today we wanted to collect 3 personalization applications not too well-known, but without a doubt, all lovers of customization in Android, should try at any time.

Evie Launcher

Not everything was going to be Nova Launcher in this life. In Google Play there are hundreds of alternatives to the launchers that we all have in mind.

Those users who love minimalism, should give Evie Launcher an opportunity, an app not too well known, but that in recent months has managed to be at the top of the category of customization of Google Play, and the truth is that you have more That deserved it.

As soon as we install the application, we might think that it is a launcher like any other. Actually, the app has very interesting features that make Evie a totally unique launcher.

Evie has a very simple and minimalist look, and your home screen does not have unnecessary additions: only a very advanced search bar and a dock of sliding format applications. Nothing else.

The application box is also something different from what we are used to: it has an alphabetically ordered list format, which allows us to find the desired applications in a much simpler way. If you prefer another format, we will also be able to toggle this mode with another one in grid format.

On the other hand, most aspects of the launcher are fully configurable. From the size of the icons, the home screen grid, the icon pack, the gestures or the permanent search bar, we will be able to modify the parameters to our liking.

Best of all, without a doubt, is that Evie Launcher can be downloaded completely free from the Google Play Store, and has no advertising or payments within the app of any kind.

Tholotis Blur

All customization begins with a good wallpaper; Moreover, what better than being able to give our wallpaper a custom effect completely to our liking.

Tholotis is a very simple tool, but at the same time very useful, that allows us to give a blur effect to our wallpaper, or to any other image stored in the memory of our device.

The app, which has a very neat and minimalist interface, gives us the opportunity to customize the image with the desired level of blur and darkness, and then save it in the gallery or set it as the wallpaper start or lock without leaving Of the app.

Again, this is a free application that is worth trying, especially given the great results it offers.

Notify BETA

One of the main attractions when it comes to personalizing our Android device is that we are not only able to configure basic aspects such as wallpaper, launcher or icons, but other advanced parameters such as notifications, too Can be edited to suit the consumer.

For the latter case we have Notify BETA, an app that, as its name implies, is still in the test phase, but that has a huge potential ahead. Its main function is to offer the user the possibility to configure Android pop-up notifications to their liking with different colors and animations.

The first thing to keep in mind when installing the application is that it needs several permissions that will have to be granted throughout the introduction to the app. Once inside the app, we can access the settings tab and edit the format of the pop-up notifications to our liking.

In this way, this type of alerts will be displayed with a different appearance, as the background of each notification will have the corresponding color of the app, so that at any time we know which application we have received alerts.

Once again, Notify BETA is a completely free application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

There are thousands of different personalization apps for Android. Even so, it is possible that many of you did not know, so far, the three that we have shown you today.

Now, as always, we would like to hear your opinion, and we encourage you to leave in the comments which are the little known personalization applications that you use on your smartphone.

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