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8-Ball Pool Guides

Billiards is really very nice, but the computer is possibly even more exciting. Also try the 8-Ball Billiards online via and watch how quickly it manages to send all the balls in the right direction. 8-Ball Pool is a fun and interactive game that can be played almost always in between thanks to the relatively short duration. Also good to know: This 8-Ball Billiards is very realistic and it is equally difficult for the computer to properly aim, if it’s real. Who has little experience with billiards, will seize this opportunity to build skills, while experienced billiard they can refine 8-Ball Pool!

8-Ball Pool Rules

8-Ball Pool about it as soon as possible ‘pots’ of the balls. First, it is the colored balls and finally the black ball with the number 8 on it. 8-Ball Pool is played with multiple players. The player with the white ball is able to emit the closest to the left kopband may start. Then the players are trying as quickly as possible to push their balls in the appropriate boxes in the field.

In principle, both players take turns, but who imparting get at least one ball in the pot may again, just as long to go wrong once. Players can get playing tips through the separate chat box under the pool table.

Besides 8-Ball Pool are to be found, of course, many more games Who likes his or her billiards skills even further refined, for example, go for 9-Ball Solo. This game offers just a little extra challenge and is therefore intended for more experienced billiards player. Additionally also offers many games in different genres, thinking for example of Polar Stars, Dragon Click or Dice!

What level do I play?

Do you remember to go play pool in competitive, because you’ve been playing your friends table, or because you regular season ends in a home tournament? Very good! But how do you measure now really have what level? It is still all the best to play at your own level in competition. This way you learn the most and if you promoted or relegated you know this from your own game comes and not by the large difference in level of your opponents. Because really, winning everything on your slippers is fun, but you will soon more opposition and just watch how your opponent plays also get bored quickly empty the table.

You shoot a number of balls in a row, but you’ve never played the table completely empty, simply start at the bottom in the league. This may regionally in the 4th class and there is still plenty to learn. Have you ever completely outplayed a rack, you can remember to begin approximately in the 2nd class. And if you empty the table more frequently and occasionally two racks can play behind the other way, you could try it all in the 1st class regional.

Are you ready for the national level, then road games in two consecutive racks to the order of the day for you. Reports about you but for the 3rd or maybe even 2nd division. If you think that’s all child’s play for me, I shoot the table certainly empty six times in succession, you are ready for the 1st division. This may well also good measure by playing Straight Pool. Do you play more than 50 balls off a row, then a 1st division team you certainly warmly welcome. Visit to see what news and update.

Want to really compete with the biggest players in the Netherlands, you should first consider what movies these players on the Internet, for they are truly a class apart. Here you can walk even when 1st Division’s the risk you are a long time remain in your seat. All very natural to keep training and maybe you can meet them at a time and you can challenge them once. Perhaps your own level you still amazed!

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