The time has come to devastate with Golem and Valkyries in Clash of Clans


We continue with our troops guide for Clash of Clans and we are getting closer to the end. That means that the following troops are very interesting and are used at high levels of the game. Valkyrie is not my favorite troop, although I keep using it often but the golem will allow you to arrases wherever you go.

I would like to remind you that, in case you have any doubts, you can use the comments to obtain different strategies or some important information about some of the troops. Without further ado I would like to go directly to the important thing.

The Valkyries

We should not underestimate the Valkyries, they are perfect troops to attack a lot of troops or buildings. They are not good against the walls so, to enter the village, you should use some rompemuros before. Once inside they are fast, they are in good health and they destroy the buildings of fast form.

The best strategy is not to group them to avoid that they die all together with the towers of magicians or mortars. They look great and are mini-tanks that can give a lot of play.

The Golems

The golem is an impressive figure, his high health allows him to do a flawless job as a tank but there is a strategy with them that will allow us to succeed in most of our battles. It consists of throwing golems in front, then a few PEKKA that will attract the fire and destroy at the same time to, once advanced the attack, to release the magicians and to destroy any village.

This strategy is successful in most of the villages although a few rompemuros in front to facilitate the work do not come any wrong. If in addition to this we cast a spell of rage we will speed up the victory. It is not a strategy to breed but to hunt for trophies when you are already at a high level.

I hope this little clash of clans cheats has helped you, but once you get the golem, trophy trophy is at your fingertips, although it is not always advisable to do so. How do you use the Valkyries? They are very powerful troops and sometimes underestimated in the game.

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