Why would I buy the Xiaomi Mi 6 instead of the Samsung Galaxy S8


Already yes, we can say that the entire high-end of 2017, lacking the OnePlus 5 and Note8, is presented. As we feared, none of the phones presented is a qualitative leap from last year. However, there is one that has drawn our attention powerfully; The Xiaomi Mi 6.

So much so, that personally, I prefer this model to the Samsung Galaxy S8, and no, it is not only for the price, but for many other factors that I will comment on below.

Why would I buy the Xiaomi Mi 6 instead of the Samsung Galaxy S8


Yes, this is personal and subjective, but the design of the Xiaomi Mi 6 has certain advantages over the Samsung Galaxy S8. To begin with, the fingerprint reader is where it needs to be, on the front and accessible. The S8 has a reader in the worst position of all, which makes it quite uncomfortable and easy to get dirty.

Apart, being practical, it is very nice to have a telephone without frames, but the practicality is null. The Xiaomi Mi 6 has very acceptable frames, which will allow you to take it without fear that you fall and you will break into a thousand pieces.


At this point in the game, there is little point in judging a camera in the high range because of the overall quality, since all of them take a few photos, and an average user will not notice significant differences in the quality of one camera and another. What if you notice, is that with the Samsung Galaxy S8 you can take pictures in a normal way, but with the Mi 6 you can make portraits and wide angles.

This model combines the best of the Huawei P10 and the LG G6 into a single terminal, allowing you to take pictures with the background defocused and, on the other hand, GoPro style wide angle. A high-end camera, in the middle of 2017, should highlight what it can do that others can not do, and the Xiaomi Mi 6 is a clear example that you can enjoy making many more types of photography, although they are perhaps something for Below in quality with respect to S8.


It is said pretty soon, the Xiaomi Mi 6 is practically half that of the Samsung Galaxy S8, being practically equal of good. You may argue that the S8 has a 2K panel, but by default it comes in FHD. You can say that, surely the S8 has better audio, but this does not justify the 400 euros difference.

In short, there is no reason to pay double for a terminal that offers practically the same thing. For something more than 400 euros, you have a full range in full force, you do not need more, and you know it.

Community, come to me

The version of the S8 that is going to arrive in your country assembles a processor of Exynos that, to deceive us, is a real marvel. However, developers always have it easier to develop with Qualcomm processors, so you will have a simply spectacular community.

With the Samsung, when you get sick of Touchwiz you will have very few ROMs to choose from, something that is not too relevant to some users today, but that can increase the life of your terminal a few years at a certain time.

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