Benefits of Apples for Face Masks

Apples are known as the fruit is rich in benefits and efficacy. This has been evidenced by the many trials conducted by both the medical world or the per-person. Apple health benefits such as treating gallstones , but there are still other benefits in addition to health, the benefits of apples for beauty, we will explain on this occasion.

The benefits of apples for the beauty of the face can be obtained by making a face mask. Thus, the benefits of apples for a face mask is soft can make the face become clean and beautiful.

Apples contain vitamin A, vitamin C, B komple, and contains also anti-oxidants that are beneficial to skin health that prevents the skin from damage caused by various external effects such as pollution. Apple mask also contains glycolic acid which will accelerate the process of regeneration of the skin, so skin always looks beautiful and naturally healthy.

Benefits of Apples for Face Masks

Benefits of Apples For Face Masks

1. Eliminate Acne
Eliminate Acne not only be done by using a mask yam , but also can use a mask apples. Oily face susceptible to acne and you have to cope with apple extract, way is to make an apple mask applied on the face, wait a minute and rinse clean.

2. Eliminate wrinkles
Benefits of apples as a mask hereinafter that overcome the wrinkles on the face. Wrinkles on the face are a result of aging or skin oxidation. These signs of aging can dihlangkan course with frequently use apple mask.

How to make a mask of apples for this problem that is by blending apples until smooth and mix with egg white, then both natural ingredients evenly mixed and applied on the face. Wait until dry and rinse with warm water and cold water.

3. Eliminate the black spots
Black spots or dark spots on the face is another enemy of beauty. For those of you who are dealing with the problem of black spots or black spots on the face, you can use apple mask. How to make apple mask is by crushing apples and kemdian apply it on the face evenly. Do it regularly up to 3 times a week for a good result for your face.

4. Eliminate eye circles
Circles blackened eye or often called a panda eyes is aefek ugliness of a person’s health, it could have happened because of lack of sleep or due to other health problems. You can reduce black spots on the eyes or even eliminate it altogether, using slices of apples such as the use cucumber slices, too.

5. Clean the pores
benefits of apples next mask like that as a natural ingredient in cleaning the pores. Absolute facial pores cleaned for good health and beauty. Because facial oils often make pores and make the face terjebat dirt in the pores. This will result in acne and dull face.

Troubleshoot face is dull and blotchy face by cleaning the pores naturally. Clean pore-porio face with a mask of apples. You can make apple juice or apple in a blender, then add a little sugar and gently massage your face with this natural mask.

6. Brighten face
face is dull and dirty can be cleaned by using a mask of apples. The usual way is to blend the apples and mix with lemon thoroughly. Later this herb is applied on the face thoroughly and let sit until dry, or about 30 minutes and rinse with less clean.

Thus the benefits of apples for a face mask . Apel was not only useful as a healthy fruit is consumed directly, but also beneficial to the body beauty matters. To obtain maximum results, so always use a mask regularly and regular apple.

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