Why Indonesia Often Overcome Earthquake?

Www.whatcausesearthquakes.com¬†–¬†Natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis often unexpected when it came. It is known, in the past week Indonesia again shaken by an earthquake with a mild scale. One in Yogyakarta and Tegal.

Head of the Earthquake and Tsunami Mitigation Meteorological, Climatology and Geophysics, Daryono asserted, earthquakes often happens these days is not a potential tsunami.

“Because we were in a pile of plates, there will not be anything that leads to a tsunami,” said Daryono when contacted

Photo: Illustration Okezone

Daryono admitted, he was reluctant to speculate on the disaster that will face Indonesia in the future. For him, forecast or prediction as it will only cause anxiety to the community.

“I am still skeptical in this regard. For who is able to predict earthquakes or tsunamis? Divination just makes people afraid, when the earthquake itself is not necessarily arise,” he added.

He emphasized that there is still no technology that can predict the time and place an earthquake will happen in Indonesia. Therefore, Daryono advised the public to focus vigilance regarding the potential that exists in Indonesia.

For information, the potential for earthquakes in Indonesia is quite large due to be in a meeting a number of large tectonic plates are active and moving. The plate area stretching from Australia to Asia, the Asian plate to the Pacific from east to west south Sumatra to Java, Nusa Tenggara and Banda.

“Indonesia is the world access the plate earthquake, so it’s the natural thing when we earthquakes everywhere. And this does not mean that there will be a great earthquake, because it is unusual,” he said.


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