iPhone 7 And iPhone Mini The Rumba Starts Rumors

iPhone 7 And iPhone Mini The Rumba Starts Rumors

The people of the apple is split in two, focused on the advances in finding new iPhone 7 (which will be released no earlier than September 2016, useless to false hopes, Apple in these things is methodical until proven otherwise) and, why not, on this iPhone Mini with 4-inch display that could sparigliare cards.
Mini iPhone: how will (rumors)

Let’s start from here, then. Resume circular in fact the idea of ??a smaller iPhone, 4 inch, that should be launched in autumn 2016 http://claudiavapor.com. This would be an iPhone 5 (the launch took place in 2012) but obviously more powerful than the version. Obviously, compared to the iPhone 6 brothers, 6S and 7, this iPhone Mini would have a lower price.

The anticipation has been provided by the site AppleInsider and and ‘attributed to an analyst at KGI, the usually well informed Ming-Chi Kuo. In addition to a 4-inch display, this melafonino would have a smaller generation processor A9 and a metal case. No 3D technology will fingerprint recognition. You can launch along with iPhone 7, then in September 2016.
iPhone 7: 5.5 inches and 3GB of RAM (rumors)

Intel’s latest generation (A10, Samsung supplier) for high speeds with 4G LTE and WiFi networks. But above all, likely ‘disappearance’ of the physical Home button. Display confirmed in the two versions 4.7 and 5.5 inches, OLED technology with a 4K resolution, which goes to 3GB RAM. Here are the main advances related to iPhone 7, the next giant Apple.

I like as an idea? Missing speech on battery, one of the greatest ‘defects’ of the iPhone. It seems that iPhone 7 we may have good news about it, at least according to analyst Gene Munster. For him, the iPhone will be 7 smartphone with which Apple will solve all the problems related to the battery, but does not say more. Certainly, the power will be greater than that of Iphone 6S, ie above 3000 mAh.

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