Simplifying Documentation ISO 9001 2015

Iso 9001: 2015 introduces a new term that is the information documented previously documented information is divided into two, namely the so-called documents, and the so-called quality records or records.

Documents iso previous version consists of the quality manual, quality procedures, work instructions and forms, while the quality records or record is evidence of implementation or form filling a form that is created.


Konsultan Iso Di Indonesia – In the version of the iso 9001: 2015, the quality of documents and records has changed the terms to be documented information, which is a joint-documented information from a document that consists of quality manual, procedures, work instructions, and coupled with quality records or records.

Required Procedures Mandatory ISO 9001: 2015

Control of documented information, in iso 9001 2015 mentioned that the control of documented information consists of, numbering or registration, validation, control or identification, distribution, revision, and storage, unlike previous versions that for the documentation in iso 9001 2015, more diderhanakan because absence of an obligation to make a mandatory procedure, some evidence of the implementation of iSO 9001 2015 can be made in the form of quality records or records. It is of course easier for organizations to mendevelop documents to prove that the company meets the clausal of iso 9001, 2015.

Form of Notes / Information Documented

In addition, the form of notes or record not only in the form of workpaper or paper, it can be a soft proof files, any form of data stored in the computer, recording, or video. Thus This can reduce the use of paper work. wah much more simple yes …

Utilizing Edoc to control the ISO 9001: 2015

Iso 9001: 2015 following the development of technology, so it can be possible if the company will make the system a document or documentation using electronic databases, can be started with making procedures or documents electronically, so you no longer need a job copy of the document which of course it is very time consuming lots costs and paper consumption.

Indeed there is no special arrangement associated with the electronic document in the ISO 9001 2015 clause, so that control can be considered the same as the control in the form of paper documents. Only at the time of revision or distribution of documents man of course is much more efficient and effective.

So a little explanation of how the simplification of documentation information iso 9001 2015, may be useful,

Increase Business Value With Asset Management

Sharing information by using technology to analyze the risks and requirements of each asset is increasingly becoming a concern of many people is not only a task manager of the assets, but also the person who sits at the top position of the company, Tarif Konsultan Iso 9001 keeping the power generation, water treatment, railways and physical assets main more to keep it running into employment for employees in the entire company.

According to a professional company engaged in service, with better utilization in the use of data on physical assets the company was able to cut operating costs or maintenance of assets by 5%, it is an advantage that very clear where good asset management means that the performance of the assets will be either because the risks can be managed more effectively.

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When it launched its International Standards Organization ISO 55000 states that the growing importance of asset quality management, ISO 55000 is a new standard that replaces the British Standards Institution PAS 55, which was adopted internationally by manufacturers, equipment, mining and transportation. ISO 55000 also has an international standard that has a wider horizon, include financial assets as well as physical, and became a hot topic that is debated among asset managers worldwide.

“Asset management is a good means asset performance will be better because of the risk to be managed more effectively .

Taken from the words of the Institute of Asset Management which pioneered the development of ISO 55000 in the UK, the standard ISO 55000 is capable of creating a global consensus on the management of assets and increase the value of products produced by all organizations at a time when everyone wants the most out of every resource they have. Effective asset management is simply the best way to optimize the value of corporate assets.

According to the Head of Asset Management at a professional services company, if you implement an effective asset management system, you will generate value for the assets, not to mention many other benefits (non-financial). “Values” are the words that wanted to be heard by the boss of the company, they want to hear about the non-financial benefits which have an effective asset management practices, such as strengthening the brand name or improve their company’s reputation in the eyes of customers and regulators.

Companies registered with asset management practices or certified to ISO 55000, can effectively inform the shareholders about the value of their assets in reaching their business and ultimately how these management practices provide good returns for their investment. An advisor who is a member of the committee that developed the ISO 55000 standard, ISO Agency says it should help expand the practice of good asset management, well beyond the authority of engineers and technicians to all corners of the company.

In a survey by the Infrastructure Asset Management Exchange (IAME) showed that half of the asset manager intends to implement ISO 55000 or ISO certification more in one year to the next. Some companies have already done so, including one of the largest equipment company in the UK. Water company in Scotland was the first company in its field that received ISO 55000.

A Quality of Management Manager at the company’s equipment, said that the ISO 55000 certification allows companies to demonstrate to customers and regulators that they have reached a high level in professionalism and how to manage their assets. This in turn helps to produce clean drinking water and waste water treatment is done in a way that is safe and efficient.

IAME survey also shows that the overriding concern of an asset manager is planning investments, more than half of those surveyed, assume that the asset management as an important priority for one year to the next. Half said they intend to invest into lifecycle management and tools to assess the integrity and condition of their assets.

Asset managers want greater integration with the finance department, the more the chief financial officer, the more interested in asset management because they want to have a deep understanding of maintenance and other costs.

Increased asset life cycle management and benchmarking performance against other companies is also high on the agenda of the asset manager as compliance with local and national regulators. However, balancing the budget for daily maintenance of assets and long-term strategic requirements will be top priority for the asset manager when the budget is limited.

Do Storing Fruits Avocado In Refrigerator or Refrigerator

Avocado is a fruit rich in nutrients, especially fat that is good for the body taste of the fruit is also refreshing and creamy so in love than most people Indonesia, having bought the fruit is generally directly stored in the refrigerator / freezer you that as good as it does not thereby ?

Do Storing Fruits Avocado In Refrigerator or Refrigerator
Avocado is a type of fruit that generally let mature in his tree before falling or harvested by the farmer his or her unique this fruit will remain hard even when ripe, before the phase is ready for consumption of avocado takes beberapahari after in quotation nah best temperature to make it so is room temperature

when you buy an avocado should not rush to keep it in the refrigerator you must first assess whether the fruit is already ready for consumption or not how can the pressing immediate fruit or by trying to release the trunk of her when it feels soft when pressed or its stems easily separated bararti avocado is ready for consumption.

On the other hand what if still hard then avocado takes several days until it can be enjoyed, to help avocado go into phase ready for consumption, you can keep it together with fruits other in a basket of fruit is due to other fruits will be out of gas which can help avocado go into phase ready for consumption, its reverse storing avocados are still hard inside kul; cash it will slow down the fruit is made into the consumption phase.

Therefore, when buying avocados should you check first whether the fruit is still hard or already ready for consumption, if it still feels apes then avocado should not be stored in the fridge / freezer as well as her when avocado already feels soft when on tap but do not want you consume then save it was first in the refrigerator.

How to Display Large Models

Do you build or collect large-scale model cars only to find that they end up sitting on a shelf collecting dust? Are you wondering if there is anything you can do that will help present it in a much more enjoyable way? No matter you can build a display case to accommodate jual triplek them. If you’ve spent a lot of time in a museum then you might notice that the right look can make the difference between good and great.

First, you will want to determine exactly how many of your model cars you want to display in this case. This will help you determine the overall size of the rack section of your case. You also have to decide if you want to add a little touch to more scenes than just a static look. This could mean adding a fuel pump and gas attendant or some other model figure to help add a bit of realism to your car.

Once you decide this then you can start thinking about how much space you need. For example if you are going to show three cars on a 1: 8 scale and they will work together in a scene, you may need a board about three feet wide and between five and seven feet in length. This will give you enough space to put your car model three wide and corner them a bit so they are not placed straight across.

The best board type for displays like this is the 1/2 inch plywood. It can be colored and made to look good after it finishes on it. The next thing you should do is decide how high you want it to stand. For support, you need to frame the bottom with 2×4 wood. Pine is fine because when it’s done you will not be able to see it. The plywood screws to the wide side of 2×4 ensure that every piece you cut will fit into place before you tighten it. Use 4 inch screws so long enough for the next step of the project. Make sure that you do not go all the way through plywood and 2×4 below it. You just want the naked edges so you can easily start to the next piece of wood when you’re ready. Now you are ready to complete the underlying framework.

If you want your look to be waist-high then you should base your measurement on your own waistline. My mine for example is about 36 inches high. I need to reduce the width of the top of the frame and the bottom of the frame and the remaining distance will be the length of 2×4 I need to cut it. In this case each 32 inches.

If you want your display to hold a lot of weight, it’s good to add additional support on each side. Line your 2×4 parts one by one with the screws you install first at the top and screw them. The screws must be long enough to pull the parts together without having to go through them all.

Once you have feet, you can attach the bottom. The bottom is essentially the same as the upper framed section consisting of four 2x4s lying flat and screwed onto the legs above them.

Next you are ready to add the side panel. All you have to do is cut the plywood to fit the base side of your screen. Make sure you measure each section before cutting your plywood. Better measure three times and cut once from the opposite. Screw into place with 1/2 inch screws and you are finished with the base, in addition to adding decorative decorations that you may want.

If you want to finish your plywood to give the color you can now do it. Make sure you have plenty of ventilation and wear a protective respirator while painting plywood.

If you want to cover your model car, you can buy Plexiglas sheets (which you can cut and make into box shapes to be mounted on top of your display), or you can be luxurious and cut glass cutter cut each panel and then you can frame it At the top of your screen. Either way, the look of your model car will look good and you can proudly show it to others.

Choosing a Good Massage Oil

Massage oil is one of the supplements that can be practically “half compulsory” in massaging massage activities. Massage without oil is like a car that has gasoline, but no lubrication or oil. Try it we feel when we massage without oil, how it feels. It may taste good, but it will feel more painful because there is no lubricant.

Actually, massage oil does not have to come from certain ingredients. Most importantly, users feel comfortable and like. In practice, we often see hand and body lotion transformed into massage oil. No matter of course, although the benefits are not too maximal, and only provide a cool effect alone.

Then, how to choose the appropriate massage oil for massage. Although we can choose any ingredient for massage oil, but it would be nice if we choose massage oil that we need. For example when we feel very tired accompanied by high stress because of work, maybe massage oil that we can use is camomile type. Or maybe when we are very sore until there are symptoms of certain pain, maybe massage oil that we choose can from ginseng.

Massage oil from olive oil, we can also use. In addition to reducing the stiffness, give a relaxing effect, massage oil from these materials can make our skin smoother. So, in addition to healthy can also beautify yourself.

To get the massage oil as above, we can make it ourselves or buy. Usually, to be practical, we can buy it in supermarkets or pharmacies. However, if we have enough time, we can also make it ourselves. The trick is quite simple, that is only by mashing the ingredients that we use for the massage.

Actually, anything we can use to become a massage oil. Balm, eucalyptus oil, hand and body lotion, are some examples of massage oils that we can choose. However, it would be very good if we choose a massage oil that suits our body condition at that time.

What is the Best Baseboard Material For Railways Models?

For a beginner there are many options when the current menentuka materials for the rail baseboard model. For example, there are density fiberboard (MDF), plywood, Sundeala hobby pall, soft board, expanded polystyrene foam, MEPS, expanded polystyrene foam, MEPS, polystyrene foam being extruded and extruded, plenty of something ideal for your train model And in many cases. The choice is in what is there but if you have a choice, then choose which one you will use to model your train.

First of all we have plywood and MEPS. Plywood is an engineered board made of thin sheets of wood. The layer is glued with grain of each layer at an angle of 90 degrees to the previous layer. You will typically find an odd number of outer layers and outer layers that have the same result jual blockboard as the warping ones. The adhesive used is usually a formaldehyde derivative and with a mask to be worn at all times of cutting or plywood form.

MEPS is also an engineering wood product that is formed by destroying soft wood into wood fiber. These fibers are combined with wax and the resin is then formed into a board. Again the same problem with possible release of formaldehyde exists while MEPS is like plywood. When to cut both MEPS and Plywood you need to invest in power tools like drill and jigsaw. As for the baseboard rail model you will find this product will serve you because they are very strong and have no tendency to part or warp but you need electrical appliance and product which can be heavy if you need to move your model. Baseboard train

Sundeala is a product available in the UK that is becoming popular for fans. This board is very soft and can be modeled with a powerful knife so it does not need a tooling tool but the other side you make find pairs of motor dots beneath the surface is very difficult because there is not much grip and the motor has a tendency to fall. Soft boards can be categorized with Sundeala products in terms of the ability to form and mount points below them. This product holds a good train button because it is lightweight and easy to work on, but you may have to install a motor with a surface mounted underneath the track.

The particle board (chipboard) is another engineered wood product made of wood particles such as wood chips, sawmill and sawdust! A synthetic resin is added and the bet is then passed through the extruder. The resulting product is cheaper, denser and more uniform so wood and conventional plywood while also very light. The particle board is the weakest fiber board type and can be prone to collect air vapors unless properly sealed. If you are going to use this, therefore, it is important for you to use a sealant on the board thereby reducing the warp.

Finally we have foam boards that are becoming very popular with modelers because you can use them to build mounts and other sights. MEPS and XEPS are both closed cell materials. Common uses for MEPS are for everyday items such as coffee mugs or packaging materials You can make large slabs also known as beadboard. XEPS, however, is more popular for train model boards because it has a higher strength and has excellent resistance to air absorption. The panels come in various thicknesses so you can build different sizes for your mountain and then cut the pieces to make it more alive.
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The Objectives – Fixed Focal

The Objectives – Fixed Focal

One of the major discriminatory elements with regard to the objectives, it is definitely the focal length. Variable focal length lenses means a greater number of lenses, of mechanisms (for zooming), a lower brightness (for the greater path the light has to do to arrive at the sensor), a considerable weight and a greater predisposition to the aberrations (always for the greatest number of lenses present in the optics.

Among the different marketing objectives, however, we find the focal length lenses. These are objectives that can cover a focal one forget the zoom ring But because a photographer should choose a fixed focal lens rather than a zoom There are various reasons that can be considered.

The first is the price a single focal length lens is made from a limited number of lenses and mechanisms with respect to a variable focal lens. The direct consequence is a reduced price less material, less manpower, less construction time and greater design simplicity.

The second reason is the weight having fewer lenses, a prime lens will weigh much less than any varifocal lens. If we compare the two Canon 18-55mm and 50mm the difference is notelvole first graduation weighs around 200g and the second stops the scale at just 130gr. Difference that tends to worsen with increasing focal length, with gains that can be equal to two thirds for tele zoom (of course do not expect that a 400 mm is a featherweight!).

A third reason is the increased sharpness of fixed focal length lenses than those with variable focal. The reasons of greater clarity are mainly two the simplicity of construction allows the use of different and more efficient solutions (particular shapes of the glasses, additional treatments) and the number of lenses is less than variable which allows to drastically reduce reflections and refractions. A fixed focal length lens will beat any zoom lens of entry level, such as the lens bundled with most of the SLR. The same objective will be able to compete, always on the sharpness (and of course also on color rendering), also with professional zoom.

Do not forget the brightness for the same reasons listed above, a prime lens will be much brighter than a varifocal lens and you realize this difference simply by reading the values ??of f of these objectives. A prime lens of average price will normally have an f  1.8 up to go to f  1.2. In the three photos below are the three objectives Nikkor 50 mm respectively to f  1.8, f  1.4 and f  1.2.

School Backpacks, The Most Suitable Models To Avoid Back Problems

School Backpacks, The Most Suitable Models To Avoid Back Problems

We find out the backpacks for school, the most suitable models to avoid back problems and protect our children from pain and discomfort. Here are the characteristics that must have a backpack for school!

The backpacks that students have to carry on his shoulders every day are getting heavier and the consequences of these weights often taking their toll on the physical. Surely the causes of scoliosis and back problems that appear from a very young age are not to be shared among backpacks for school, but it is also true that a careful and intelligent choice can surely benefit the health of our children, thus avoiding increasing situations existing tensions and muscle pain.

A study conducted by the Italian Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, in fact, shows that among children of fifth grade 5 of 10 suffer from low back pain, just in the phase in which the muscular-skeletal development of the back is more delicate. How to be a backpack for school to avoid back problems Experts say that the most appropriate model should be light when empty and must have large wide, soft straps, evenly set for a homogeneous and optimal load distribution over both shoulders.

In addition, it should have a rigid but padded backrest to prevent the books from pressing on the column, preferably provided with a belt at the waist with front coupling to be fixed to the even, so as to keep the load centered and adhere to the spine in the backpack so that it does not move while walking.

The ideal backpack should not weigh more than 20% compared to the weight of the child and must never be carried on one shoulder to avoid an overload of the back. Even the arrangement of the weight inside the backpack is important and should be done in a balanced way, starting with the most heavy books on the bottom of the backrest and continuing gradually with lighter ones. Moreover, the content should be well compacted inside, so as to prevent it from moving.

The backpacks that you find on the market have most of these characteristics and range from backpacks for Seven school, like the backpack Advanced Hip Hop School ergonomic Seven and pc, the Invicta backpacks, like Flip Pack Invicta backpack with shoulder straps and back padded to ensure maximum comfort. Even the backpacks Giochi Preziosi respect these features and more are usually characterized by an aesthetic very attractive with cartoon characters, movies and TV series.

The best ways to Make a Fundamental Dried Blossom Plan



If you want a Class A decor, do you have to have a Class A budget (i.e., a budget that’s filled to the brim with cash money)? Not always.

As far as floral accessories are worried, there are a lot more economical as well as, as a result, far better alternatives than using fresh and also charming flowers.

One alternative is making use of dried out blossoms.

Dried blossoms don’t just come less costly than their fresh counterparts-they’re likewise extra readily available (they don’t need to remain in season) and they last longer. Just what’s even more is that they are extra versatile and easy to handle when you utilize them in flower arrangements.

Actually, the best component regarding dried blossoms is how you could make them embodiments of charm without a wizard’s knowledge on flower setup.

These suggestions on dried blossom arrangement can obtain you with any flower decorating undertaking:

Your flower holder or basket of dried out flowers will certainly look excellent on a lazy susan. Easily utilize flower clay to attach your flower holder basket into the careless susan. Organize it such that you can turn it to view your setup from all sides.
First establish the total structure of the design utilizing line materials as well as fillers like dried or maintained yards, lavender, wheat or straw. Dried out vegetation like maidenhair brush, caspia gyp flax or galax leaves is finest for filling up the facility.
Big dried out blossoms like Hydrangeas and also cockscomb should be put prior to medium-size blossoms like dried roses as well as straw flowers. Room the blossoms evenly.
To accent the total form, add added fillers like larkspur or delphinium. Brushes could be used to fill out empty spaces. To include volume and volume, usage dried out flax.
You can likewise opt to move a notch greater using small trees with genuine branches for the trunk and cone-shaped completely dry foam for the tree. Line a container with bits of floral foam, and afterwards add a blend of plaster. Put the trunk such that it hinges on the bottom of the pot and also, when the plaster is completely dry, press the cone-shaped foam into the trunk while covering it with moss. Ornament the tree by hot gluing dried out flowers and delegates the top of the moss. And also voila! You have actually a dried out tree!
Huge scale as well as Class A flower setups need not be tough to earn as well as they are not costly. With simply a couple of stems of dried out delphinium, maintained orchids and also rose heads, a small piece of flower foam, a pot, moss and, most important, a wisp of creativity-you could think of a striking dried blossom arrangement.

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Edible Flowers – Borage



Edible blossoms include a distinct preferences and colours to food. Borage grows well in the garden or on a sunny window sill all year-round. Borage blossoms appear like intense blue celebrities and also include a light cucumber taste to salad. You could mix them right into butter and lotion cheese, add them to soups and dips or use in strikes as well as alcoholic drinks. Candied they make uncommon cake decors and will keep for as much as a year if kept properly.

Borage is a yearly that could mature to 4 feet high. The plant has an open bushy growth and intense blue star-shaped blossoms with five petals. In the yard it is hardy and not as well fussy about the expanding conditions, It will expand well in a pot on a bright window sill where it will certainly generate leaves for salad throughout the winter season. When established it will easily seed its self from season to season. Accumulate the seed and use them to grow more plants. Organic garden enthusiasts typically utilize Borage as a companion plant to enhance the preference of tomatoes, squash as well as strawberries.

Pick the flowers very carefully, fresh opened up ones without acnes are the very best. Get rid of the external calyx, leave only the flowers. Meticulously clean the flowers and shake off the wetness, contribute to salads and also soups. Leave them to completely dry on kitchen area paper if you are mosting likely to either mix them into butter or cheese, or sweet them.

To mix Borage blossoms into butter or cream cheese you will require a plate and a spatula. Leave the butter or cheese from the refrigerator till it heats to room temperature. Roughly chop the Borage blossoms. Disoblige 4oz of butter or cheese on home plate and sprinkle the blossoms over it. Blend with the spatula till Borage flowers are evenly spread out via the cheese or butter. Shop in fridge similarly as other butters and cheese.

Making candied flower petals you will certainly require the white of one egg, a couple of drops of water or vodka as well as a meal of caster sugar. Different the egg white from the yolk as well as beat lightly with a few drops of water or vodka. Put some wheel sugar into a meal. Utilizing a little paint brush painting the flowers with egg white as well as spray the wheel sugar over them. Shake the excess sugar off and also put on kitchen area paper. Leave to dry for twenty-four to thirty-six hrs.

When dry placed them thoroughly into an air tight container and also shop in a dark cabinet as sunshine will fade them. Mixed with various other edible flower petals such as violet, increased, tulip and nasturtiums to produce colourful and also unusual cake decors. Older youngsters will conveniently understand this craft and they can be made with out the year and also offered as presents at Xmas time. A blend of candied flower in an origami box will certainly delight any kind of grandparent.

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