Efficacy of Tomato Fruit For Acne Drug

Who is not familiar with tomatoes? It is impossible if up to this saai tomatoes can not be known by many people. The tomato is a fruit that is commonly used as a basis for making the sauce ingredients. This red fruit contains a lot of nutrients that are needed by our body. Examples of the nutrients contained in tomato fruits are vitamin C, vitamin A, minerals, lycopene and many more.

This time let’s talk about a wide range of benefits and efficacy of tomatoes. The tomato is a fruit that contains high levels of vitamin C. So it is very useful consumed by all people who are experiencing thrush. The content of vitamin C in tomatoes will be higher if when konsumsi ┬áripe tomatoes in a state. The more ripe tomatoes, the nutrient content in it is also higher.

Efficacy of Tomato Fruit

Tomatoes contain lycopene. This substance is very useful for our body for the formation of new cells and to repair damaged cells. Very high lycopene in tomatoes is often made of this fruit as one of the materials to make a face mask. Tomatoes used as a face mask a lot of properties, such as acne. Because tomatoes also have anti-inflammatory properties. Then also beneficial to shrink the pores, as well as to brighten the skin.

How to make a mask of tomatoes? It is easy, of course. The tone is quite prepare tomatoes are ripe and fresh, and then destroyed. After that add a little lemon juice just as well as honey 1 tsp. After the stirring and to all parts of the face. Wait for about 20 minutes. Once it can be rinsed with warm water. Perform this technique 2 times a week on a regular basis, then the result will be you feel alone.

So are some of the benefits and efficacy of tomatoes which are beneficial to health. this article can add insight and knowledge.

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