Sprinkler systems part4


entire sprinkler system piping must be installed such that it can be dried, as far as possible the entire piping should be arranged to be drained through the valve dryers are sized at least 50 mm for occupancy office buildings and all valves are connected to the water supply and pipe supplying the sprinkler system must be of the type of valve pointer that indicates the state the valve is open or closed is justified.

The maximum distance between hangers should not be more than 3.5 mm for the pipe size of 25 mm and 32 mm, and not more than 4.5 mm for a 40 mm pipe and larger (refer to SNI 03-3989-2000), for standpipe must be detained by binding directly to the pipe hanger upright or placed on a flat offset close to the standpipe, retaining standpipe must be provided on each floor and the installation of the retaining clamp the pipe on the building must withstand the pipeline.

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Planning splinker as follows: Distributor Johnson Control di Indonesia

S = Perencanaanpenempatankepalasprinkler padapipacabang.
D = jarakantaraderetankepalasprinkler.

Value S Dand:

1. Untukbahayakebakaranringan, maksimum4,6 m
2. Untukbahayakebakaransedang, maksimum4,0 ma
3. Untukbahayakebakaranberat, maksimum3,7 ma

Planning sprinkler

1. Directions beam down, because the sprinkler heads be placed on the roof of the room.
2. Sensitivity to temperature, the color of the liquid in the tube orange colored glass at a temperature of 53oC.
3. Sprinkler used size ½ “with capacity (Q) = 80 liters / minute.
4. Density emission = 2.25 mm / min.
5. The maximum distance of 4.6 meters between point sprinkler.
6. The maximum distance from the wall sprinkler 1.7 meters.
7. The area protected is all the room except the bathroom, toilet and stairs which is not expected to have a potential fire hazards.
8. Sprinkler overlap ¼ section

Example of calculation of sprinkler:

1. The planned floor area is 555 m2 (total area) -41 m2 (toilet area) = 514 m2
2. A single sprinkler can cover an area of 4.6 mx 4.6 m
3. It is planned between the sprinkler to sprinkler the other overlapping by ¼ of the coverage area, so there is no point were not exposed to jets of water.

Then the coverage area of the sprinkler can be calculated as follows:
X = 4.6 m – (1/4 x 4,6 m)
= 4.6 m -1.15 m
= 3.45 m
Thus, L = 3.45 mx 3 , 45 m
= 11.9 m2
So the amount required sprinkler:
= 514 m2 / 11.9 m2
= 37.64 or 38 pieces sprinkler

and in addition to the sprinkler kebutuhanair Volume per building:
V = Q x T
Where, V = Volume kebutuhanair (m3)
Q = Kapasitasair (dm3 / min)
Q = Q tiapsprinkler x Jumlahsprinkler ruptured
= 80 dm3 / menitx 12 sprinkler (1 zonaaktif)
= 960 dm3 / min
T = Waktuoperasisistem = 30 min
V (kebutuhanair) = Q x T x 2 building
= 960 dm3 / menitx 30 menitx 2 building
= 57600 dm3
= 57,6 m3 if the building has been protected by the sprinkler then no longer need to be equipped with a heat detector and only need to be equipped with smoke detectors.

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