Choosing a Good Massage Oil

Massage oil is one of the supplements that can be practically “half compulsory” in massaging massage activities. Massage without oil is like a car that has gasoline, but no lubrication or oil. Try it we feel when we massage without oil, how it feels. It may taste good, but it will feel more painful because there is no lubricant.

Actually, massage oil does not have to come from certain ingredients. Most importantly, users feel comfortable and like. In practice, we often see hand and body lotion transformed into massage oil. No matter of course, although the benefits are not too maximal, and only provide a cool effect alone.

Then, how to choose the appropriate massage oil for massage. Although we can choose any ingredient for massage oil, but it would be nice if we choose massage oil that we need. For example when we feel very tired accompanied by high stress because of work, maybe massage oil that we can use is camomile type. Or maybe when we are very sore until there are symptoms of certain pain, maybe massage oil that we choose can from ginseng.

Massage oil from olive oil, we can also use. In addition to reducing the stiffness, give a relaxing effect, massage oil from these materials can make our skin smoother. So, in addition to healthy can also beautify yourself.

To get the massage oil as above, we can make it ourselves or buy. Usually, to be practical, we can buy it in supermarkets or pharmacies. However, if we have enough time, we can also make it ourselves. The trick is quite simple, that is only by mashing the ingredients that we use for the massage.

Actually, anything we can use to become a massage oil. Balm, eucalyptus oil, hand and body lotion, are some examples of massage oils that we can choose. However, it would be very good if we choose a massage oil that suits our body condition at that time.

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