School Backpacks, The Most Suitable Models To Avoid Back Problems

School Backpacks, The Most Suitable Models To Avoid Back Problems

We find out the backpacks for school, the most suitable models to avoid back problems and protect our children from pain and discomfort. Here are the characteristics that must have a backpack for school!

The backpacks that students have to carry on his shoulders every day are getting heavier and the consequences of these weights often taking their toll on the physical. Surely the causes of scoliosis and back problems that appear from a very young age are not to be shared among backpacks for school, but it is also true that a careful and intelligent choice can surely benefit the health of our children, thus avoiding increasing situations existing tensions and muscle pain.

A study conducted by the Italian Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, in fact, shows that among children of fifth grade 5 of 10 suffer from low back pain, just in the phase in which the muscular-skeletal development of the back is more delicate. How to be a backpack for school to avoid back problems Experts say that the most appropriate model should be light when empty and must have large wide, soft straps, evenly set for a homogeneous and optimal load distribution over both shoulders.

In addition, it should have a rigid but padded backrest to prevent the books from pressing on the column, preferably provided with a belt at the waist with front coupling to be fixed to the even, so as to keep the load centered and adhere to the spine in the backpack so that it does not move while walking.

The ideal backpack should not weigh more than 20% compared to the weight of the child and must never be carried on one shoulder to avoid an overload of the back. Even the arrangement of the weight inside the backpack is important and should be done in a balanced way, starting with the most heavy books on the bottom of the backrest and continuing gradually with lighter ones. Moreover, the content should be well compacted inside, so as to prevent it from moving.

The backpacks that you find on the market have most of these characteristics and range from backpacks for Seven school, like the backpack Advanced Hip Hop School ergonomic Seven and pc, the Invicta backpacks, like Flip Pack Invicta backpack with shoulder straps and back padded to ensure maximum comfort. Even the backpacks Giochi Preziosi respect these features and more are usually characterized by an aesthetic very attractive with cartoon characters, movies and TV series.

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