Simplifying Documentation ISO 9001 2015

Iso 9001: 2015 introduces a new term that is the information documented previously documented information is divided into two, namely the so-called documents, and the so-called quality records or records.

Documents iso previous version consists of the quality manual, quality procedures, work instructions and forms, while the quality records or record is evidence of implementation or form filling a form that is created.


Konsultan Iso Di Indonesia – In the version of the iso 9001: 2015, the quality of documents and records has changed the terms to be documented information, which is a joint-documented information from a document that consists of quality manual, procedures, work instructions, and coupled with quality records or records.

Required Procedures Mandatory ISO 9001: 2015

Control of documented information, in iso 9001 2015 mentioned that the control of documented information consists of, numbering or registration, validation, control or identification, distribution, revision, and storage, unlike previous versions that for the documentation in iso 9001 2015, more diderhanakan because absence of an obligation to make a mandatory procedure, some evidence of the implementation of iSO 9001 2015 can be made in the form of quality records or records. It is of course easier for organizations to mendevelop documents to prove that the company meets the clausal of iso 9001, 2015.

Form of Notes / Information Documented

In addition, the form of notes or record not only in the form of workpaper or paper, it can be a soft proof files, any form of data stored in the computer, recording, or video. Thus This can reduce the use of paper work. wah much more simple yes …

Utilizing Edoc to control the ISO 9001: 2015

Iso 9001: 2015 following the development of technology, so it can be possible if the company will make the system a document or documentation using electronic databases, can be started with making procedures or documents electronically, so you no longer need a job copy of the document which of course it is very time consuming lots costs and paper consumption.

Indeed there is no special arrangement associated with the electronic document in the ISO 9001 2015 clause, so that control can be considered the same as the control in the form of paper documents. Only at the time of revision or distribution of documents man of course is much more efficient and effective.

So a little explanation of how the simplification of documentation information iso 9001 2015, may be useful,

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