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Indomascot is a company in the making of Clown Mascot Costume Company. Who is serving the Costume Order with a design that customer provide and ready to receive from various Cities and Foreign with an official shipment such as JNE, TIKI, POS, DACOTA CARGO, etc . Our business was established in 1999 and has a business license.

Bittersweet Sweet bitter in membagun this effort to spice up our success, with the spirit and skill capital with the motto is responsible for client satisfaction. is a great satisfaction we are proud of to give satisfaction to our clients, so much science that we can, with experiences that make the learning that we archive as a science to be a leader and professional.

is the art of Indonesian Culture specifically the Betawi People, One of the Betawi folk performances that often appear in folk parties.

The typical puppet game of the Betawi people is in the form of a gigantic doll that is usually made of bamboo wood that is draped in the body, which is played by someone who enters the doll while dancing to the rhythm of the accompaniment music. If dancing is usually ondel-ondel paired like jaipong dancing, Dolls men, and Dolls women, but there are also ondel-ondel children. It seems that Ondel-ondel plays an ancestor or ancestor who always guards his grandchildren. Therefore .. Ondel-ondel can be said as the ladies of the village of Batavia Betawi very historic.
Ondel Ondel
Ondel-ondel that we know as Betawi Cultural Art, this doll is also as Mascot Icon Jakarta The capital of our beloved country Indonesia. From the ancestors or the Betawi People, It is said that ondel-ondel serves as a repellent of reinforcements and to expel the subtle spirits that disturb human beings. Hence his face is a somewhat creepy figure, With a large size, height of 2.5m and the diameter less than 80cm. ondel-ondel made of woven bamboo, hair head decorated with black fibers and decorated with coconut flower. With his bulging eyes and thick eyebrows, the ondel-ondel seemed creepy. Added red color on ondel-ondel men and white on ondel-ondel women make the feel of “awesomeness” increasingly felt.

But over time the typical art of betawi is often used during festivities and folk performances. This large-sized Betawi doll seems to portray an ancestor or ancestor who always takes care of his grandchildren or villagers. Often used at weddings, welcoming guests of honor, and festive party festivities.

For weddings, usually ondel-ondel placed in a number of corners of the house, paired with typical Betawi makeup. To welcome and enliven the party atmosphere.
This large doll is also often used to celebrate the Birthday Party Jakarta is on 22 June. Ondel-ondel will be accompanied by musical instruments, such as tanjidor, bende or tambourine.


Birthday of Jakarta
A little story about Jakarta, Jakarta anniversary was issued by sudiro, Jakarta mayor period 1953-1958. According to his talks with some historians, Mr. Mohammad Yamin, Mr. Dr. Sukanto, as well as senior journalist Sudarjo Tjokrosiswoyo suspect that Fatahillah built Jakarta on June 22, 1527. The date was confirmed based on a manuscript entitled From Jayakarta to Jakarta. After the official submission to the hearing and his proposal was unanimously accepted. Furthermore, from then on every June 22, a special session of Parliament Jakarta is held as a tradition to commemorate the city of Jakarta.
Well, so short story deh. As citizens of Jakarta, hayu deh we follow-up to enliven the anniversary of the city of Jakarta which is already a little longer! You can contact us for ordering ondel-ondel for you guacamole, or so decorate on your home page and school, or it can be a souvenier ondel-ondel nih message for your friend’s memories. Ondel-ondel Doll Maker Services,

Over time Mascot Costume is no longer familiar, and not only companies that have Mascot Costume as Icon / Logo Product, Animation Film, Individual, School, Organization, Community Group, etc. also have many who have Mascot Costume to sign the flag, Brand, Icon, Logo, Brand Organization or its products. And many also Home industry who glance at this Mascot Costume Making business to try to open this business, as more and more New Products who want to promote their products to be known the world.

However, We Indomascot remain committed to Vision Mission and Moto we serve Klient with Professional, give a Kostum Badut competitive price.

Enjoyable Journey to Mount Bromo with Big Family

No … it’s not about my love story and my boyfriend. This is a trip note to Bromo.

Once, two children of human being Roro Anteng and Joko Seger who have been married for so long, but do not have children in their marriage. Then they go a mountain Bromo, to pray and ask that in the gift of offspring by the God of Brama. Roro Anteng and Joko Seger promised, if they were in the gift of descent, they would dedicate their offspring to the Brama god.

Finally, they were given offspring. not only 1 but 13 boys and 12 girls. Because 1 child does not have a partner, then the boy fled to Mount Bromo. All villagers search for the child, but not found. However, Roro Anteng can hear the voice of his son, who said that the child was calm in Mount Bromo. Instead, the child asked that all villagers bring offerings each year to the top of Mount Bromo.

Therefore, the village was finally named Tengger Village which is the name suffix of Roro Anteng and Joko Seger. and the name of Mount Bromo taken from the name of the god Brama believed to inhabit Mount Bromo.

To Mount Bromo

This is my second trip to Bromo, after a long, even very long trip from my first time to Bromo. Armed with an office Sewa Mobil Jakarta Murah loan from my (uhuh!) Girlfriend, Venny (@VennySiAmoy). The four of us headed to Bromo. There’s me, Venny, Richard, and Kelvin.
Batu Night Spectacular
Travel from the city of Surabaya can be reached by taking the toll road route, with exit toll Porong. Exit toll, take a right turn towards Sidoarjo. Because the day is still noon, mama to the office and papa arisen (start not focus!), We plan to have 2 children just headed first to Malang, to stop by the apple plantation in Agrowisata Malang. But unfortunately, due to lack of self-control and lust knowledge of direction, we (almost) arrived in Agro. But for from the lost direction, we were stranded in the chest of Pamela Anderson BNS (Batu Night Spectacular). BNS is an amusement park in Batu, East Java. Similar to Dufan in Jakarta, but the tickets are cheaper. Only Rp15.000 rupiah only.

From the Stone, we rushed to Bromo. Departing at 8 pm from Batu, we took directions to Pasuruan – Probolinggo. With a speed of 80km / jam, we jam at 10 pm stengah already arrived in Pasuruan. Find a meal first in Kab. Pasuruan so that it does not fit cold until Bromo later.

From the direction of Pasuruan, take the turn to the right, after a signposted road to Bromo. From there, will be treated to views of forests which, I’m sure will be beautiful in good time and beautiful well in the morning. Because we got there at night, then the street was so quiet and lonely, occasional passers-by. To ward off loneliness, we stamina stina mina ee Waka waka ee set up local radio channels that are playing Japanese songs.

At 11 am we arrived at the entrance of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol Gunung Bromo National Park – Tengger. Lots of locals who approached us to ask for our signature or take pictures with a jeep and ojek services. The price offered for the jeep rental is the official price, which is Rp350.000 / jeep for 6 person capacity, but that does not include entrance fee of Rp5.000 / org. The price of the jeep for 2 places, namely Penanjakan (to see the sunrise) and Bromo Crater. As for the price of Rp700.000 for 4 places, namely Penanjakan, Crater, Whispering Sand, and Savana. While the rental price for girls motorcycle taxi is Rp75.000 / org. Please choose the girls whom you like which mode of transportation matches your pocket.

Sunrise – Crater – Forgot Memory

Sleeping in a car with a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, we wake up at 3 am to rent a jeep. (suggestion: it’s better to rent a jeep by the time you arrive and head straight to the post). Due to the many considerations that we do, then we run out of the jeep to go to Penanjakan and Bromo Crater. Then came again the surrounding residents who offer services jeep and motorcycle taxi. Then we deal to wear Jeep. Well! This is where we experience a bit of a constraint. A bidder to us, assures us that the jeep is there and gives the option to pay the legs to him, or to the post. Vinny with economical thinking asked me to follow the bidder. Luckily we followed the bidder until the post. Pak Pak Rekun, who is the ‘kuchen’ for jeep driver, if there is jeepney but driver ya not there! Untung we have not given money Rp350.000 to the bidder services!
Jeep used
With capitalize pitiful face, we requested a rental 1 jeep to Mr. Rekun. He’s got the jeep we need, and maybe it’s a lucky day for us, the jeep is there! * emoticon dance *

Our driver named Mr. Satip, he is a native of Tengger Village. He has many stories about Bromo and Tengger, whose story I wrote above before.

After paying the entrance ticket first packed by Mr. Satip, our jeep gliding lively with agile to Penanjakan. But unfortunately, because of the high traffic to get there, we have to walk as far as almost 1KM to Penanjakan. The temperature was still very cold at the time, but it did not lower our libido to our spirit to see the sunrise at 05.20.
Waiting for Sunrise Love
Crowded and jostling. That’s the CokiCoki we have to experience to get the best spot to see the sunrise. Tourists from within and abroad are very enthusiastic to watch the sunrise, which is accompanied by shouts mama ask pulse to welcome the sunrise.

Slowly the temperature of the air acting was once cold, warm, as warm as the sun greeted us who had been waiting for him.

A beautiful blend of colors to admire this one God’s creation. “God who created, Man who enjoys it.”
Once satisfied to see the village girl bathing and washing sunrise, we rushed to the jeep, to go to the next spot, namely Bromo Crater.
Sea of ​​sand
Passing a steep and descending path with a 45-degree inclination at certain points, we finally reached the ocean of sand. His Satip Jeep is so agile to bulldoze the sand ocean tracks. Once in the parking lot, we continue on foot to the foot of Mount Bromo. Walking nearly 2 kilometers in a sea of ​​sand is not an easy thing. Due to the nature of the sucking sand and the amount of “land mines” in the form of horse dung, it should be extra careful, it is advisable to wear comfortable shoes.
Ladder of Ascent to Bromo Crater
Justify Kalo to walk, can also horse horse horse, with a spend of Rp100.000 to arrive at the foot of Mount Bromo.

Oh yeah, use a mask and scarf well to get through the ocean of sand. because a lot of dust of sand dust that flies. Not bad to make a breath.

The climbing ladder to see the crater of Bromo amounts to about 245 steps. There are some upstairs steps that have been damaged, please be careful. If not poke, one-one can slip.
Crater of Mount Bromo
Arriving at the Crater of Bromo, the air was warm and slightly smelly sulfur. Take photos for a moment and interact with some foreign tourists, only 15 minutes we are on top of Mount Bromo. To descend must queue so as not to fall in the arms on the stairs.

The path down is more comfortable and not too draining the bath a week 2x power as the climbing path. But be careful to take the path, either up or down so as not to be hit by a horse, as I experienced.

Arriving at the jeep parking place, we immediately caucus to our car park in the post of Bromo – Tengger National Park. Well! Here is a funny incident (in our opinion loh! #teges). The four of us suddenly forgot the memory! We forgot who our jeep driver name was. With a face like Jay Chou unhappy (please throw up, reader), I asked our driver his name. With a stunned face (real loh), he told me his name is Mr. Satip! #Zonk

Bromo … One more creation of God, with all its charms. 🙂

Exciting Stuffs You Should Do With Close Friends

For some people especially in urban areas, Monday’s morning alarm is the greatest enemy to be destroyed. Huft! But for me, the “no activity” alarm on Monday, agustus 31, 2017, is a signal to bathe immediately and get ready for my trip that day.

“Wake up .. now at 03.30 Wake ..” That’s the sound of my alarm which was deliberately set in such a way. But it seems the effect of sleep deprived, so I slept again 15 minutes longer.


My trip this time is a famous destination for families in Jakarta in particular. Especially for those who want to find a cool air. Peak – West Java.
Slight sightings of Cimol: p
Leave by my favorite motorcycle, named Cimol. I leave right at 04.45 pm. Shoes, jeans, comfortable shirts, and biker gloves, jackets and do not forget helmets that are of course SNI, is a standard equipment that I always wear every doing Bikepacker.

Bikepacker? A new variant let alone that from the world of travel? According to my understanding, bikepacker itself is traveling by using a motorcycle with a considerable distance. Have any meaning better? Monggo .. 🙂
Welcome To Bogor City
Take the route from Bekasi, past Cibubur then continue towards Bogor and end at Tajur. I had a great adrenaline rush for me that morning. Although the sun has been warmly greeted, for me the morning air was enough to make my fingers slightly stiff. That’s just Bogor area. Peak?

Well! If at Peak, it is definitely more cold weather than Bogor. With street contours winding regularly. The air at the Summit automatically made me suddenly flu. But it did not dampen my intention to continue Sewa Bus Pariwisata gas to my next destination. 🙂
Tourism Area Peak
Given this month and Monday it is fasting, then I reluctantly have to give up my favorite marinate state not sell. Fortunately this morning I had breakfast with a million mankind. Yup! Instant noodle with a half-cooked egg topping.

Passing one by one place in Puncak Tourism Area, West Java. Occasionally I update my location to my girlfriend’s (check!) And also TravelTroopers via BBM group. Oh yes .. me and my girlfriend are running LDR time. It’s Loh..Long Distance Relationship. #YakSip #InfoPening
Peak View
Tourism Area Peak is not only TSI (Taman Safari Indonesia), but there are also the make a picnic-funny picnic barangay same ganknya. Can slide to Cibodas. With a hilly landscape and cool air, perfect for picnic excursions.

Or if you want tea walk and tea on the expanse of tea plantations, can also be folded into Mas Mas Tea Plantation. The green scene can make your mood again cheerful.

That’s just 2 alternative sights in the Tourism Area Puncak, West Java. Other? Please glide directly to Puncak. Only 2 hours (if not jammed well!) From Jakarta via toll.

Back again yuk to my Bikepacker. #lah * gently tap the head, brother *
Then my big heart told me to continue on towards Bandung! Yoih! Bandung, anxious!

Honestly, this is my first Bikepacker first to Bandung. Previously ever, but its nature touring (motorcade in a club – red). Itupun with a different route than I passed today.

With optimistic beliefs and attitudes, I decided ….. safe tonight! #locate

I will go to Bandung ala Bikepacker! * everything says WOW yuk ..! * WOW!

Honest (laugh ?! – red) I do not know the exact route to go in the direction of Bandung. I just remember the Bandung route from the word people who have been there on a motorcycle. The main route is Cipanas – Cianjur – Bandung. But not that easy it was the route. Many areas are not on the route.

About distance? Hmm … kasi tau gak yah? * dikeplak enumerator *
Going to Bandung with my route, remind me if the route I ever pass by car with my family. Of course, I am a little masi, but never forget the same range of limestone mountains along with trucks with ancient models to transport the limestone. This route is the main route other than Purwakarta, before the toll Cipularang.

In the middle of the road my doubts and fears to continue my journey to Bandung. Any doubt I can go home not too late, and fear what will I be all right during the trip home. Given … the streets if the word bikers, a street type is cornering.

In my heart has told you, if later meet the gas station, I will turn back and go home. Finally met also gas station! Fill the fuel first, true fad my mouth asked the gas station officer, masi far what baseball to go to Bandung. “Half an hour anyway, mas in the direction of Bandung city.” Ngg..Ok! Half an hour again yah? Shall I go back home!

Cimahi is the first city that I passed before entering the city of Bandung. Rupaya jammed yah .. the result of buying and selling activities of vegetables, chicken, meat, and fish. Geez … tell me why market activity!

One thing that makes me a little bit to be acrobatic is the number of angkot that can suddenly stop without lights sein. Really .. too .. * ring *

Entering Bandung city, I went straight to Kartika Sari to buy souvenirs of banana molen and brownies steamed. 2 pack of mini molen and 1 pack of brownies steamed redeemed for Rp92.000. Due to the fasting month, it is rather difficult to find an open place to eat. Luckily for me found a shake noodle that is located not far from Kartika Sari. Complete with a super setup tent, I enjoy a bowl of shake noodles typical of this Flower City. Price?
Grand Serella – Ariel :))
After my meal went to Jl. Riau. Armed with directions provided by the parking attendant. The road is quite popular with a row of factory outlets are famous throughout Bandung. Call it BaBe (Used Goods). I do not know why every time I go to Bandung, I’ll stop by here. Just to look around or buy. The price offered was quite reasonable (I think lol). The goods were all sorts. Starting from watches, to musical equipment, bags, even a safe is also there.

That day repay, Ariel who is a vocalist Peterpan get parole free. The press con itself is held at Grand Serella located not far from BaBe. Immediately I headed there because it had an agreement first with one of the Troopers, namely Roxy aka Ojie, who is also a famous radio announcer in GenFM. (Stay tune well at 98.7 GenFm, Gentleman!). He will cover Ariel’s presscon.

Back to Bekasi

At 1 o’clock exactly I have to continue my journey back to Bekasi. As I said above. Totally I do not know the way home. Although I can pass the same route as when I came, the return route was different.
Bali? Not. This is Mekarsari Fruit Garden
“Embarrassed to ask (he said) misguided in the street” the first direction I ask is the direction leading to Cimahi. Then directed towards Padalarang. Well! From there it’s easy to head home. Just choose from Cimahi, want to go home through Cianjur go to Puncak and Bogor. Or .. past Cimahi then through Jonggol. The second route is what I choose. Through Jonggol! The streets are relatively quiet and the number of climbs, derivatives, and cornering sharp. For those of you who want to be a racer ala Casey Stoner or Taufik Hidayat (lah ??), can the vain Jonggol.

Through Jonggol, will pass directly to the Mekarsari Fruit Garden. The route is quite easy, just follow the directions board. The view to Jonggol for me personally is really cool. Many tall trees and also paddy fields that we rarely can see if in urban areas.

Arriving at my house exactly at 6:15 pm. There is a feeling that is super fun, exciting and insane in me. The first is not necessarily the last time, is it? 🙂

Drying Your Fresh Blossoms



After you receive a flower distribution for Valentines Day, or other occasion, for that matter, you may intend to preserve the flower for posterity. One way to do this is to dry out the blossoms. This can be performed in a number of various methods, with the most convenient and most reliable being a drying agent.

A drying representative can protect your Valentines Day bouquet long after the actual date of your blossom delivery. The dried blossoms will certainly not look like the initial but could be utilized in dried flower plans. If you received a flower setup on Valentines Day, you could wish to dry out the entire arrangement to maintain it. You can discover a drying agent, such as silica gel, in any craft or leisure activity shop.

When you obtain the drying agent, you can put it in a box and afterwards lay your setup of blossoms in the box in addition to the silica gel. Then you have to cover the flowers with the drying out agent as well as shut the box. Package must be maintained in a dark area for regarding a month, after which time you could then take the dried out blossoms out of package and also prepare them once more.

There are also electronic gadgets that can dry your flowers for you. Drying your Valentines Day blossom shipment involves the process of getting rid of dampness from the blossoms to make sure that they can be preserved. Digital dryers function quickly and also successfully, however this process is more costly than utilizing the drying out agent. An electronic dryer does the work of a dehydrator and also the very same procedure that is made use of on flowers is also used on foods to get rid of the dampness and also make them last much longer.

You could also dry your blossoms by hanging them upside down in lots as well as waiting for them to dry. This also takes an amount of time and also the flowers will turn out to be far more weak than the flowers dried in the drying out representative. While dried flowers are normally breakable, these will open all the way, making you incapable to dry buds, such as climbed buds, that look so wonderful in a dried out blossom plan.

After you receive your blossom distribution for Valentines Day, you need to consider just what you intend to perform with the blossoms after they have actually dried. If you choose that you intend to keep them, you can think about drying the flowers so that they could be maintained for a long period of time.

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Selecting the Right Flower holder For Your Cut Flowers




After you have actually obtained a bouquet of cut flowers for a Valentines Day delivery, you need to place them in water today so that they will certainly last longer. If you look after your flowers, they can last for as much as two weeks while you enjoy their appeal. Among the very first points that you should do is to choose the appropriate flower holder for your cut flowers.

If you do not have a vase and you receive an arrangement of blossoms as a present, stick them in a glass of water then go out to the store to obtain the best vase for your Valentines Day flower distribution.

You will certainly desire the vase to be large sufficient to maintain all the flowers conveniently, yet tight enough to maintain them together. It is not simply the size of the flower vase that you need to be worried about. You have to likewise think about the height of the vase.

The perfect height for a flower holder is half of the elevation of the flowers. If you have a blossom delivery, you could take a tape measure and action from all-time low of the stem to the leading and then pick a vase accordingly. If you have a loads long stemmed roses in your Valentines Day flower delivery, consequently, you require a bigger flower holder compared to if you have short stemmed roses.

The width of the vase that you select ought to conveniently fit the flowers. If you put a lots long stemmed roses in a big vase that is produced a much larger blossom plan, the roses will spread to the sides and also the arrangement will not look right. You will want a tall however slender flower holder in the case of obtaining a lots long stemmed roses.

Bear in mind the amount of blossoms that you have and just how they will match the flower holder in addition to the height of the flowers prior to you choose a vase for your cut blossoms. After you receive a flower delivery, if the flowers come with a container, you ought to keep the container so that it can be utilized for future blossom distributions. Lots of people do not need to go bent on the store to obtain a flower holder when they receive fresh flowers for Valentines Day since they have gathered flower containers and also vases from years passed and could simply make use of among them. The right vase for your Valentines Day blossoms depends on the size of the flowers as well as the arrangement.

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Low-cost Campers Holidays in Weymouth



If you are trying to find inexpensive caravan holidays in Weymouth for this year’s summer vacations after that you will be pleased to hear that you have several choices to choose from.

Weymouth is a prominent seaside town as well as has been nominated as the 4th most preferred arising traveler destination on the planet. Kids will certainly enjoy discovering the coves while grownups will appreciate the long sandy beaches.

For those that want a soothing break you could while away the hours in the bars as well as dining establishments which neglect the eye-catching harbour. Daring kinds won’t want to miss out on the Jurassic coast which is excellent for lengthy walks and explorations.

If rain intimidates to stop play eventually after that you’ll find some excellent interior enjoyable at the Sea Life Park where you can find out all about aquatic life.

Sanctuary Holidays – Weymouth Bay

Haven has some lots this summer as well as their holiday park in Weymouth Bay is open from March 19 through to November 1.

The park itself is a short bow out the picturesque Weymouth town, a wide sandy bay and a harbour. If you don’t intend to stray also much from your campers then you’ll discover lots of environment-friendly area, two journey playgrounds and a glass-domed interior pool right in the facility.

If you’re feeling energised you can take a 10 minute stroll via the David Bellamy Forest Stroll as well as invest some time at the sister-park Park Seaview at no added charge.

Early summer season breaks begin at just ₤ 179 with summertime vacations for the entire family members beginning at ₤ 803 – but there is minimal accessibility so you will have to publication early.

Waterside Vacation Park as well as Health spa – Bowleaze Cove, Weymouth

If you’re searching for a little 5 star deluxe after that this vacation park right on the coastline will fit you down to the ground.

The friendly team will certainly ensure that your campers holiday in Dorset is kicking back and enjoyable. The holiday residence campers are of the highest possible criterion as well as have been awarded the Rose Award for their quality as well as tidiness. There are eight models to option from so you really are spoiled for option in these residences far from home.

Younger vacationer will have a wonderful time meeting brand-new pals and also playing video games with Boomer at Boomer’s Enjoyable House. Older children with an enthusiasm for entertaining will want to take part in the Dancetastic as well as 5 Star Element competitions.

If you ‘d favor to just unwind and escape all of it then you’ll find a selection of health spa plans and treatments readily available at the Waterside Medspa.

Special deals consisting of 25% off are offered at specific times of the year.

The Best Destination Available In Bandung West Java

Bandung is one of the tourist city that has interesting sights and worth to visit. Tourism in Bandung gives a deep impression after we visit it. If we travel to Bandung or road trip to Bandung do not forget also to buy souvenirs typical of Bandung is famous and a hallmark of the city of Bandung.


Gedung Sate Bandung

Bandung City is famous for Fashion or Style which become trendsetter fashion for the average population in Indonesia, especially young people. Why is that? because in this Flower City there are many Factory Outlet (FO) which usually produce clothes, pants, and other fashion accessories. Every month there is just the latest fashion trend that was born from the city of Bandung.

If my friend road to Bandung, do not forget the interesting tourist attractions in Bandung. Here are some interesting sights in Bandung.

Nature Tourism

Visiting this park could be the right choice. Located on Jalan Raya Cihanjuang, Bandung, this park offers plants with live animals, butterflies. Butterfly Park has a ticket that costs Rp 20,000 per person. The ticket includes souvenirs of pins and mineral water. In this park there are 28 species of butterflies are allowed to fly freely and reproduce as in their natural habitat. Buddies will feel like entering the world of butterflies because of the many butterflies that mudik back and forth.

Kampung Daun

Located at Jalan Sergeant Bajuri, Bandung, Kampung Daun offers a dining area with a natural concept. Kampung Daun is located at the highest point of Bandung City. The shade of trees and the roar of river water flowing in the middle of the restaurant into a medium of relaxation. The place is on the hill is also a point of its own attention.

So many saung with different heights and scenery. If you want to enjoy the greenness and birdsong, it’s good my friend came during the day. If you want to be pampered with a romantic view of the romantic light, my friend can visit it at night. Menus of various kinds are the mainstay of this place. About the taste does not ask, their menu fits with the cool air of Bandung.

Red More ; Sewa Bus Pariwisata
The Ranch

With Rp 5.000 you can enjoy the green landscape complete with a full range of games. The Ranch, Lembang will bring my friend to the world of cowboys. The entry money above includes a glass of yogurt or pure cow’s milk which can be taken by redeeming the tickets. You can ride a cowboy horse at Rp 20.0000. Before boarding, you will find a row of vests and cowboy hats that you can choose to wear.

After that, my friend can ride a horse in the beautiful green garden stretching. In addition to horseback riding, my friend can also play in the playground. The area is filled with various exciting games. Water Ball, archery, karts, bikes and Indian tents can be a game choice. The game price is flat at Rp 15,000 for one game.
Kampung Gajah

Different atmosphere in a vacation can get my friend here. Kampung that brings together tourist facilities, shopping and culinary at the same time located at Jalan Sersan Bajuri, Bandung. This village is right for outdoor enthusiasts like outbound, buggy, Skyride, and boogie kart. Culinary lovers will also be pampered here. Menu Europe to Asia can my friend get in this village. The kids will also be content to play here because of the many games that are reserved for them. Swings, mini flying fox, and small bikes can be their choice of game.
White crater
Kawah Putih is a natural beauty in Ciwidey, Bandung. This place is never empty of visitors. A white crater is also an icon of cold Bandung. From Bandung City to Kawah Putih can take 2 hours journey. Kawah Putih is located on Mount Patuha, more than 2,000 meters above sea level. Therefore, the air here is very cool and cold.

Occasionally, the fog will go down and will add to the chill air. Not only cold, my friend can also enjoy the beautiful scenery in the White Crater. No wonder, White crater became a favorite place for pre-wedding photos. Do not forget to wear a jacket and follow all the rules in the Kawah Putih area.

Juanda Forest Park

Want to refresh your mind with a walk in the woods? Just come to Juanda Forest Park in Bandung. This Forest Park is located in Dago Pakar area. An interesting place to take off all the tiredness. This forest park has thousands of trees. So, my friend can take a walk while accompanied by fresh air and green scenery.
Here’s a cheap tour in the city of Bandung, if your budget is difficult, dark problem, many tourist attractions within the city you can visit, so similar to the city tour in Singapore …

Bandung Zoo is quite crowded, entrance fee about 20,000, the location is on the street Taman Sari, near ITB. There can relax while sheltering under the shady trees and cold wind blowing in Bandung. Bandung bonbon collection is quite complete. In addition, the facility is also not strangling the neck, you can also ride boats and swans paddle at the bottom of the bobbin. Anyway, murmer is …

Braga Street
If Braga goes to the road can see the colonial buildings. Around the Braga road, there is an Asian-African museum there, often for shooting and prewedding photos here. Asik also if the afternoon walk in Braga while washing the same eye foto2 …

3. Gedung Sate
This is the place you deserve to visit while entering and taking pictures in the old building of the Netherlands. This building is a landmark of the city of Bandung … so unfortunately if Sendak had disappearing. Oiya, if the morning can be cool while jogging in Gasibu, front field Gedung Sate. After from Gedung Sate you can see2 geology museum .. steady who and free again …

Great Mosque Alun2
If there is suitable afternoon or evening, run out during the hot day, not many shade trees. If the night is very crowded, many are selling food and toys. Anak2 really like to play here at night …

New Market
This paradise mom2 could be in at 8 o’clock home at 5 pm … a lot of garment products sold in New markets. This place is like the paradise of the tourists to drain his wallet … be careful also if pass rames, sometimes pickpocket action here.

ITB Campus
This is a good place for made … can jalan2 in Ganesha street while stopping by the shady Salman Mosque. Sometimes afternoons many starlings chirp in the rim bunny trees around ITB. The fun really deh …

This place is also good for sports and relax. Because of its position in northern Bandung is quite cold and there are some ancient buildings are cool architecture. The mosque is also okay …

This area is in North Cieumbeuleuit. The location is on the hill. Very crowded if the weekend, at night on the roadside eating while enjoying the flickering city of Bandung in the night ..Romantic really deh … Try the night hang out here .

City Hall
If this place is crowded on a Sunday morning … can be a sport of various kinds here ..

Taman Scout Ade Irma
This place is cheap but suitable for anak2. Plenty of toy rides here, but especially for children, father and mother hanging out just waiting for children …

Purchasing Flowers For Different Objectives



Buying flowers is not an easy point especially if you are getting them for an unique occasion. Blossoms are made use of to send out certain messages specifically when used as presents as a result it is necessary to know which flower suits which celebration. Purchasing flowers is a satisfying task that lots of people enjoy doing like throughout their spare times. At times you can go to get blossoms as well as though you know you need fresh blossoms, you will always doubt which one you will select. If you are stuck as well as aren’t sure which flowers you should acquire, you need to ask the flower shop that will certainly provide you an idea on exactly what is best. Remember that the blossoms you are going to choose will be delivering a details message to the individual you are sending out to. The person receiving the flowers need to understand the message even before opening up a note that is attached to it.

Constantly see to it that the blossoms you are sending out are fresh to make sure that they won’t stay for only few days and also pass away. Roses are the very best flowers to acquire during valentine season as well as any kind of special occasion like a wedding anniversary. Many people like receiving flowers from flower shops since it will certainly come as a shock as well as it is translated as care from the sender. Before you select a flower, be sure of the receiver’s favorite colors as well as their taste not forgetting the occasion. You could also buy flowers to embellish the church with particularly throughout Easter holidays as this has wonderful influence to believers

If you wish to get blossoms for your mommy on a Mothers Day, it will be smart to get them earlier prior to the day to stay clear of paying extra expense due to increase sought after. Valentines Day as well as Moms Day are the busiest day and also you should get for your flowers two weeks to the day or perhaps a month to the vacation. If you are getting blossoms for your liked one as well as in this situation if she is your girlfriend, you should send out blossoms with a really solid love message. If she has ever discussed how she likes a specific flower after that you have a hint to buy her favorite. There is no much better stun like writing a wonderful note to connect on the blossom a send it to her working location.

You could likewise buy flowers for your close friends or family members that are sick as a get-well present that will be appreciated. Flowers typically have special message of love also if you have not connected any kind of note to it so they are as good if send out to individuals. If you send out a floral designer to deliver the flowers in the healthcare facility it makes a lot of patients feel much better. There is absolutely nothing as pleasing as understanding you have a person who cares as well as likes you a lot. Blossoms speak a lot as well as if you are really sick, at least you will certainly put a smile on your face understanding somebody is watching over you and you are needed.

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Tips For Buying Fresh Blossoms




Blossoms are an excellent way to show a person the recognition of your relationship as well as make them know what does it cost? they suggest to you. They can be made use of as designs or a type of present for an enjoyed one, buddy, family member or spouse. Blossoms are generally offered on unique events such as birthday, valentine, wedding event, when checking out someone in healthcare facility or soothing a loved one. Flowers are available in different shapes, colors, types as well as fragrances. It is for that reason essential to recognize the best pointers that could guide you when buying fresh blossoms. Several of these ideas consist of:

You must know the celebration that you intend to utilize the flowers and also the state of mind you would certainly like the blossoms to develop. Obtain fresh smelling blossoms that look fresh. Avoid stagnant or withered flowers. You could ensure the blossoms remain fresh by either purchasing them the day you expect to take them to the recipient. You can get these fresh blossoms from neighborhood florists where you could conveniently pick the most effective which are still fresh. Purchasing from the net might be difficult considering that you may not have guarantee of them being supplied when they are still fresh.

Pick the blossoms based upon the message you would like to pass across. There are sorts of blossoms and also shades that are understood to represent a specific message to the recipient. For example, pink roses suggest friendship while red roses imply deep love. White roses represent purity and sunflowers suggests love. Get the definition of the shade of blossom you opt to avoid sending confusing or mixed messages. If you do not know what it suggests you can ask the neighborhood florist.

Take into consideration the rate of the blossoms to acquire. Different sorts of blossoms set you back different rates. There are pricey blossoms while others could cost a little much less. You can choose to purchase an arrangement, a stalk of blossom or a stick depending upon just how you would like it to be obtained. If it is a wedding flower after that consider flowers that select the theme of the occasion. Obtain colors that will certainly stick out as the style color also if there are other colors.

Get the best style and blossom plan that will make your flower gift unforgettable days, months as well as years later. You can do research about the individuality of the recipient to ensure that you give them blossoms that will certainly make them really feel that you value their taste as a result making them really feel unique.

Avoid buying blossoms that are shown outdoors. These tend to wither or dry off faster because they have actually already been subjected to harsh conditions before you can acquire them. You could get flowers inside the blossom shop which are fresh and still intact.

Check the water in which the blossom is maintained. Get one with clean and clear water to raise the life of the flowers. Inspect the fallen leaves and blossoms for passing away signs like yellow coloring and blotching. Check for dried leaves or near withering indications prior to you can acquire to guarantee you obtain the very best blossoms.

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Delight in A Family members Cruising Vacation In Greece



Chartering a private yacht with captain is the simplest way to enjoy being out at sea with no duty for the luxury yacht and also engage in just the precise amount of cruising that you wish to be involved in, the captain can look after the rest. This is perfect for family members who want to take pleasure in the adventure of cruising however don’t have anyone with cruising experience or qualifications. Even if you are an experienced sailor, it could still be an appealing option to charter a luxury yacht with skipper as you obtain all the perks of being out mixed-up but could kick back as well as unwind without having to fret about doing every one of the effort on your own! Your skipper will certainly have expert local expertise allowing you to find truth treasures of the Ionian.

For those that are not sure regarding bareboat charter a yacht with skipper can be an exceptional alternative as it offers everyone on board the opportunity to brush up on those skills, relax as well as take pleasure in the experience of the captain who is there to guarantee every person safety and security and well-being onboard. Locating this way the excellent equilibrium on your cruising vacation, where you can unwind and take pleasure in the entire vacation in comfort as well as style.

Many specialist yacht captains hold an RYA/MCA Yachtmaster offshore and also Yachtmaster instructor certificate so, whilst the family have a relaxing vacation, several of the keener member of the family can get a helpful credentials. A one week vacation ought to suffice to obtain most eager seafarers with their RYA Day Skipper practical or Experienced Staff certifications. Some RYA certifications are dependent upon your experience, the number of sea miles that you have under your belt.

Having a specialist captain aboard is a wonderful plus, since he uses you reassurance and also safety and security. During a day out sailing with more youthful kids, it’s comforting to be able to keep an eye on the little ones yourself without the diversion of needing to navigate or sail. For more youthful kids, particularly those on their initial sailing holiday, it’s fantastic to be able to make sure that they have actually an unwinded, fun experience. Also, your skipper will constantly be totally certified so you can be certain that you remain in qualified as well as trained hands and also could deal with any weather condition or sea conditions.

The Greek Ionian Islands are the perfect setup for cruising vacations particularly cruising vacations with a captain as you have the advantage of the captain’s regional knowledge about the most effective paths to take as well as the most beautiful locations to reveal you. A skipper could likewise usually give info concerning the area such as details about local background, culture or other interesting truths so you and also your family can uncover the Ionian Islands from a various viewpoint. With your base upon among the islands such as Kefalonia, Corfu or Lefkas, you could succumb to all the guilty enjoyments of a cruising vacation such as absorbing the sunlight on board, enjoying shimmering sailing problems and exploring deserted beaches and also stunning bays. Known for its ideal problems for windsurfing, the Ionian Islands have actually won world recognition for their windsurfing centres. For families with varied tastes, chartering a private yacht with skipper could be the easiest way to earn certain every person has the holiday they were expecting.