Are Absolutely No Land of the Free?

Free land parcels that are widely available still today. You just need to keep your eyes open to find a good one. This article talks about the various aspects of the claim free land.

Claiming free land or property

One example of history can be cited in this regard when new settlers in America began to claim free land as their own and the houses built and agricultural land on it.

Back to more recent times, it can be said that there is an empty and unused plot like countless land claims lay waiting for someone to go ahead and register in his name.

identification of the property if the first and foremost step to get you where you need to demonstrate the selectivity and undergo some detective work to identify properties suitable plot for you to stake claim.

Property not claimed always to have some signs that one can identify. gate and lush gardens, shrub land, garage unused, broken or abuts up window, where even unused commercial jasa ukur tanah semarang and industrial buildings can be an example of such signs.

Always remember that these signs are not very clear. So, if you drive around your neighborhood, you will definitely lose this subtle hint. You have to walk around the area to be able to spot the signs.

You need to Register your property identification check once done. That is, you need to contact the local land registry to check whether the said portion of land have been registered or not registered. It is also possible that the first application pending status.

First, if the status is that it is already registered may be that the owner has died and has no relatives or the relatives may not want a piece of land. This case is also possible that the owner has permanently shifted overseas to leave a plot of land.

First, if registered this could mean several things like the owner has died and has no relatives, the family may not be interested in their part of the land or property, or perhaps that the owner may have just enough plentiful and move abroad.

If the land registry tells you that it is ‘Waiting for first application’, they basically means that someone else has beaten you to the ground and claimed before you. What should you do in such a case is to let go and find your own piece of land unused land and abandoned else instead.

Once you have checked the status of registration of promising piece of land, you need to trace the original owner ahead because as you will be required to provide evidence for contacting the person when you go ahead to stake a claim on any ground.

An effective strategy would be to ask the neighbor directly about any information about the owner. If they fail to provide so try asking the post office, the office of probate records (if he is dead), local landlords, milkman, newspaper agents and the like. You might as well go and examine the role of the election.

Although not required to provide documents to the land registry, it is always better if you retain proof of the commencement date of your claim. You can do this by compiling the document and asked for two friends or colleagues to sign as a witness.

Doing things such as installing a fence or actually ‘forbidden’ signboard is a good way to quickly determine whether there is at all any owner of a plot of land.

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