The Benefits of Celery for Hair

People who have a hobby of cooking must be familiar with celery. The reason, celery is one of the food ingredients that are used as seasoning flavoring. Usually celery or celery leaves are used for soy flavoring, soup, chicken porridge and meatballs. But in addition can be used as a food flavoring, it can also be used for the health and beauty of hair. reveals that in celery there are various nutritional content of essential oils, tannins, flavonoids, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, vitamin K and many other nutritional content. With all these nutritional content can make celery has benefits for the health and beauty of hair. In the field of health, celery can be used to treat some diseases such as hypertension and cancer.
Picture of Dauh Celery

While in the field of hair beauty, celery can be used to overcome various hair problems such as hair loss, dull hair, dry hair, overcoming dandruff and others. For more details, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of celery for hair. Some information about the benefits of celery for hair is taken from the site, as for them are as follows:
6 Benefits of Dauh Celery

Accelerate Hair Growth
The content of vitamin E and essential oil contained in celery is beneficial to accelerate hair growth, so the hair can be fertile, bushy and fast body length.
Darken Hair
If you want to have natural black hair, use a celery leaf regularly because it contains vitamins and minerals that have the ability to restore the natural glow of the hair so that the hair becomes a natural black.
Eliminate Dandruff
Dandruff is caused by sediment deposits that exist on the scalp due to excessive sweating. To eliminate dandruff can be done by using a celery herb on a regular basis. [2]
Overcoming Hair Loss
The content of protein, vitamins and minerals contained in celery can be used to strengthen the hair to the roots. This is certainly very useful to overcome the problem of hair loss.
Menutrisi Hair
The content of some nutrients in celery such as, proteins, minerals, vitamins and essential oils can be used to nourish hair to be healthy and free from the threat of damage.
Straighten Hair
In the era of 80 to 90s curly hair is a trend that was hits at that time, but different at this time because straight hair is a model or hair style that much sought. One way that can be done to straighten curly hair is to do rebonding or smoothing. But both ways require a lot of money. Therefore, we recommend using celery potion to straighten hair naturally.

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