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Some people think that doing fitness is only useful for body shaping or body shaping, but the judgment is not entirely true. The reason, there are 3 exercises that can be done when the fitness is, aerobics, muscle formation and train flexibility. Aerobic exercise is a type of exercise that can make your body fit and refreshed, usually this type of fitness exercise is mostly done by running treadmills using a static bike. While muscle building exercises – weight loss is done by lifting a gym load, while flexibility exercise is a workout that can be done to train body flexibility.

Not only that, someone who do fitness / gym will get the benefits in the field of health. Here are some of the benefits of fines for the health of the body taken from
7 Benefits of Fitness for Health

Improve Energy and Endurance Body
The more often the exercise, the heartbeat will be increased so that blood circulation and increase blood flow that brings oxygen to be smooth. It can all be used to increase energy and endurance.
Minimize Risks of Disease
Several studies have shown that fitness is useful to minimize the risk of disease, ranging from mild illness to serious illness. This is because doing fitness can make your body muscles improve the immune system or immunity.
Maintaining Brain Health and Improving Ability
Diligent exercise can increase the amount of oxygen and serotonin substances in the brain, thereby increasing the ability of the brain, increasing concentration and can help clear the mind.
Maintaining Heart Health
Previously it has been mentioned that doing regular fitness exercises can smooth blood circulation. It is also useful for making the heart healthier.
Eliminating Stress and Negative Thoughts
When the core brain is tired from thinking too much, it’s best to get your brain to do a regular fitness workout. The reason, fitness can be done to eliminate stress and negative thoughts so that the brain again feels fresh like re-filled to think.
Improve Self Appearance
For those who lack confidence with body shape because they feel too fat or too thin, this can be done with fitness exercises regularly. Perform the procedure as needed, such as fitness procedures to gain weight or build muscle volume. Thus, fitness can improve the appearance and confidence.
Not Fast Feeling Tired
By doing fitness exercises regularly, the body will get used to doing heavy and exhausting activities so the body does not quickly feel tired

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