Land Fraud


When a buyer invests in a piece of land, he has different questions in mind like, will my title be cleared? Is a plot of land moot? Am I a victim of fraudulent activity? and others…

There are London Land Scams, Kent Land Scams and Sussex Land urugan semarang Scams in the past but land scams are no more common than other types of real estate fraud. Where there is money that can be made fleecing greedy, stupid, or just lazy, surely people must follow.

This is not what land scams do. Here are some real examples:

– Selling land that is worthless, in other words land without development potential, and claiming to have high value, classical land is under water but also on the cliff side, under the bridge buffer, and on the median highway.

– Promising land buyers facilities such as golf courses, community centers and tennis courts that will never be built.

– Promise the improvement of subdivision of land buyers such as sewers, street lights, sidewalks, even roads that no one knows to build.

– Make false representations to buyers about the value of their land, especially claiming that many of today’s purchases will skyrocket in value.

– A vague description of the act that allows the land promoter to sell the same land to multiple buyers at once.

– Subdivisions are illegal or not approved, especially if the ground has not been perforated correctly and permission is granted.

– Selling land where a clear title can not be transferred, such as selling land you do not own and disguised as the real owner through the use of fake documents and fake IDs.

– Order mineral, water and other land rights without revealing this important fact to the buyer at the time of sale.

– Using high-pressure and immoral tactics to sell the land, especially misinterpreting the buyer’s legal right to cancel the agreed sale.

– Selling land with marginal value at excessive prices, mainly through the use of easy credit terms ($ 5 down, $ 50 a month).

– Selling land where defects such as environmental pollution are known but not disclosed or fail to inform buyer material facts that will ultimately reduce the sale price of the land.

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