Spanish Property

Violation of European Union law, Constitution and Human Rights? Well just in case you missed the last page or two here is a major offense.

1. Consultation – or less

In civilized countries where landowners should be consulted. This is the basic right is not it? However it is a basic right that is completely ignored and ignored in Valencia.

2. Feasibility studies and environmental impacts

The Generalitat should order a feasibility study and an environmental impact study to be undertaken. It identifies problems such as water shortages, waste disposal, power supplies (Iberdrola refuses to grant new permits in some areas because they do not have the capacity to address current demand). Some projects have such studies and if done, they are questionable, factual facts.

For example ‘Las Salinas’ in Calpe had a study. A petition was actually brought against this urbanization because of the environmental impact. The Spanish authorities responded that according to their research there was no impact to consider and the EU washed its hands.

But this is very misleading as the project turns out to be a major urbanization that will destroy hundreds of species of birds, flora and fauna and water shortages – all easily ignored. No consideration is given to anything other than profit for the developer and town hall to the detriment of the environment jasa topografi and the property owner.

3. Notice of owner

The owners should be told – in almost every case they are not! This is usually not a foreign resident and no effort is made to contact them because there are legal challenges that will sustain this project. When attempts are made, contact details are usually out of date – and it is not in their interest to identify the current owner.

4. Invitation to tender.

The city hall is required to announce urbanization in the local, regional, national and European press for every major contract – this is a basic European Contract Law and applies to all member states. Usually developers start the process and put pressure on city hall, in terms of social benefits and inducements – read bribes – allegedly.

A number of cases have been highlighted where the mayor was imprisoned for inducement. They push through the development plan and only if approved, they announce it – giving the owner no time to react.

5. Land Acquisition.

City hall has the right to steal – allowing no small talk, this theft – the owner of the land. They can control 70% of the land.

Let’s say we agree that urban development is a good thing and we do not mind losing a bit of land – or even paying a bit for urbanization. But 70% of your land goes to road construction and infrastructure – come on!

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