4 Benefits of Kombucha Mushrooms For Body Health

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If you hear the word kombucha mushroom what comes to mind? What is the name of Cambodia? If so then you should really understand the difference between kombucha and frangipani. Although the name is almost the same but kambucha mushroom is not originated from frangipani country. Kombucha mushroom or kombucha tea is currently being a conversation for many people because of its excellent properties for health and able to treat various diseases. Before discussing the benefits of kambucha mushrooms you should know first the origin of this kambucha mushroom yes.

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The origin of kombucha mushroom

Kambucha mushroom is a combination of two words namely “kambu” and “cha”. Kambu itself is the name of a physician who comes from south korea while cha word means tea in chinese language. So the story in 414 BC there was a Japanese emperor named Inkyo experiencing a disease that is difficult to recover due to his lack of substandard digestion or constipation. Then there was a healer who came from korea giving a mushroom potion and magically the herb was able to heal the emperor. On behalf of the healer of the kambu, the emperor dedicates his name to a mushroom that has healed him “kombucha”.

The spread of kombucha mushroom is then extended to the mainland of america and europe through russia. In Indonesia alone kaombucha mushroom is more often known by the term mushroom dipo or mushroom fort. To get this kombucha mushroom is still a bit difficult yes but can be ordered at herbal stores that indeed provide this kombucha mushroom.

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Nutritional content of kombucha mushrooms

Why kombucha mushrooms is very good for health? According to experts if you consume kombucha mushrooms that mean the same with you include a variety of good nutrients into your body, including are as follows.

1. Enzymes

One of the nutrients that is very good for the health that is in kombucha mushrooms is the enzyme. Enzymes are part of a protein-functioning compound for digestion. This is because the enzyme works by speeding up the biochemical reactions present in the body so that the food is quickly broken down and quickly out of the body.

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2. Organic Acid

Amino acid

Types of organic acids present in kombucha mushroom one of them is amino acid. These amino acids are very important for health because they repair damaged tissue and can be used as a natural antibody in the body to fight bacteria, viruses and germs that try to enter the body.

Malic acid

Then another type of acid in kombucha mushroom is malic acid. The main function of malic acid is as a natural detoxifier for the body that also can make the immune system becomes stronger and resilient from disease.

Nucleic acid

The main function of this nucleic acid is as a natural material of cell regeneration so that the formation of new cells can occur more quickly and the resulting new cells will be healthier and stronger.

Oxalic acid

The main function of this oxalic acid is as a forming material when the body forms energy so with this oxalic acid body energy will be created more optimally.

Acetic acid

Acetic acid serves as a destroyer of bad bacteria or as a natural antiseptic for the body so that if any injury will not be quickly infected by bad bacteria and to facilitate digestion.

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3. Multivitamin

Other content that is very useful for the body that is in kombuccha mushrooms is the presence of various types of vitamins, especially vitamin B complex and vitamin C high. With this multivitamin the body will become healthier.

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Of the many nutrients contained in kombucha mushrooms you must have thought that the benefits for health must be very good. And it is true, here are some benefits of kombucha mushrooms for health that you need to know.

Treating disorders in the abdomen

In general kombucha mushrooms are very good for stomach health and its benefits are able to treat all the problems of health in the stomach. So a variety of stomach health problems such as colon cancer, menstrual complaints, difficulty urinating, constipation or difficult bowel movements, varicose veins, stomach acid, ulcers, flatulence and other surely can be cured by this magic mushroom. So you are having stomach problems

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