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Nowadays everywhere has many beautiful sights. The scenery is beautiful and refreshing, certainly a choice of tourists. One of the beautiful tourist attractions in Blitar, suitable for holidays. For more details again, let us refer to this article.

European Tea Garden In Sirah Kencong

Must you be familiar with Blitar right? An area on the southern coast of Java whose territory is administratively divided into districts and municipalities. There is also the largest and grandest temple in East Java named Penataran Temple and the place where the first president of RI embraces Ir. Sukarno.
Not all areas of Blitar are lowland, there are parts of the area located on the slopes of Mount Kawi that provides a cool mountain scenery as well as a stretch of green tea gardens. This area is known as the Sirah Sirah Kencong Garden. It is located in the village Ngadirejo, District Wlingi, Blitar regency.
Sirah Kencong is the name of an area in Bantling Wlingi Tea Plantation which takes about 90 minutes from downtown Blitar. The distance from Blitar town to Sirah Kencong is actually not too far away, but the difficult road access makes travel slower. Because Sirah own encoding located in the mountainous areas that are difficult to reach.
Kencong Sirah Tea Plantation in addition to presenting the beautiful and green tea plantations such as in Puncak, Bogor but there are other treats that can be visited with Bus Pariwisata, namely ancient temples and waterfalls are also located in the same region.
Tea garden area is opened for tourist visits, tea garden has an area of ​​about 219.15 ha. It was so wide, as far as the eye could see everything was green. Really beautiful and reassuring. The tea garden stretches on a hilly landscape that looks even more beautiful. The walkway where the tea pickers looked like the threads. Really charming you know.
You who vacation in this tea garden can photograph until satisfied with a various angle. For being photographed from any position this area looks beautiful. Do not forget also to buy souvenirs of Ken tea black tea that tastes super delicious. This is not just any tea, during Soeharto’s reign this tea can not be consumed by Indonesian people and only exported. Now you have a chance to taste it.

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