Why People Can Clown Phobia?

There are many reasons why a person may experience a phobia in a clown or so-called Coulrophobia. The cause ranging from makeup clown face that is considered to cover the emotions of people behind it so as to make others who see it feel afraid, clown figure always described as a villain like Joker in the movie Batman, too bad memories in childhood.
Those who experience Coulrophobia, reportedly often feel anxious, shaken to the trauma of seeing or even just thinking of a clown. Like other phobias, Coulrophobia also gives physical, mental and emotional symptoms to the sufferer, among them: sweating, nausea, fear, faster heartbeat and breathing, crying or screaming, even feeling angry when the clowns are around.

Coulrophobia itself has the meaning of the word constant fear of Kostum Badut. Reported fearof.net, there is the possibility of the word comes from the Greek ‘Kolon’ which has a meaning engraving, a tool that is often used by clowns during the contraction.
The word clown or clown in English is also called from the word Cloyne, Clod or Colonus, the old language used by rural communities to describe someone who is silly or out of the ordinary.
Coulrophobiafacts.com launches, some researchers in the United States believe, cases of coulrophobia increased since the 1990s. The cause is none other than a horror television show entitled IT taken from a novel of the same title by Stephen King. In the series, a clown character named Pennywise is described as a murderous clown.
As a result of many children to teenagers then experience the phobia of clowns. There is no exact data, but it is rumored there is about 12 percent of Americans who have a phobia against clowns.

Fear of clowns and mental disorders- Fear of clowns, afraid of a model, and fear of lion dance and all kinds of excessive fear almost have the same symptoms of fear, people sometimes like to laugh at people who are afraid of clowns. But it should not be done because fear or phobia in clowns can be a serious problem.

People who are afraid of clowns will experience panic attacks because they see a clown like a monster figure who will pounce on him with a giant leg and a scary face, even for others clowns are funny dolls.

Some people who are afraid of clowns will usually say ‘Panic is half dead’, ‘I hate clowns’ or ‘They look to do me a bad thing’. The cause of a person being afraid of a clown is known, but some do not find what frightens the clown figure.

By definition, the irrational fear of clowns is known as coulrophobia. The color prefix is ​​derived from the ancient Greek meaning the person walking on the stage.

Symptoms that arise from this coulrophobia is sweating, nausea, fear, heartbeats to be faster, crying or shouting and angry if you are in a room with a clown.

Rami Nader, a psychologist, and director of the North Shore Stress and Anxiety Clinic in North Vancouver tells the fear of clowns because one can not know who is behind the clown mask.

“You can not really tell their faces and do not know what the mask means behind it, although sometimes the masks look funny,” Nader said, as quoted by MSNBC, Saturday (21/4 / 201People who have excessive fears or phobias against The clown should not be laughed at or be forced to be brave with a clown.This can cause deeper trauma to the person.

If this condition is allowed to continue, it can lead to problems or mental disorders that are more serious, requiring the handling of experts to overcome his phobia.

Nader reveals how to overcome a clown phobia just like any other phobia, gradually known to the root why that person can be afraid of a clown. Afterward began to be taught how to overcome anxiety and then learn to recognize that what is feared is not really dangerous.

“If it works, then you will not lose control, be able to overcome anxiety and will never again embarrass yourself in front of others,” Nader said.2)

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