The Best Destination Available In Bandung West Java

Bandung is one of the tourist city that has interesting sights and worth to visit. Tourism in Bandung gives a deep impression after we visit it. If we travel to Bandung or road trip to Bandung do not forget also to buy souvenirs typical of Bandung is famous and a hallmark of the city of Bandung.


Gedung Sate Bandung

Bandung City is famous for Fashion or Style which become trendsetter fashion for the average population in Indonesia, especially young people. Why is that? because in this Flower City there are many Factory Outlet (FO) which usually produce clothes, pants, and other fashion accessories. Every month there is just the latest fashion trend that was born from the city of Bandung.

If my friend road to Bandung, do not forget the interesting tourist attractions in Bandung. Here are some interesting sights in Bandung.

Nature Tourism

Visiting this park could be the right choice. Located on Jalan Raya Cihanjuang, Bandung, this park offers plants with live animals, butterflies. Butterfly Park has a ticket that costs Rp 20,000 per person. The ticket includes souvenirs of pins and mineral water. In this park there are 28 species of butterflies are allowed to fly freely and reproduce as in their natural habitat. Buddies will feel like entering the world of butterflies because of the many butterflies that mudik back and forth.

Kampung Daun

Located at Jalan Sergeant Bajuri, Bandung, Kampung Daun offers a dining area with a natural concept. Kampung Daun is located at the highest point of Bandung City. The shade of trees and the roar of river water flowing in the middle of the restaurant into a medium of relaxation. The place is on the hill is also a point of its own attention.

So many saung with different heights and scenery. If you want to enjoy the greenness and birdsong, it’s good my friend came during the day. If you want to be pampered with a romantic view of the romantic light, my friend can visit it at night. Menus of various kinds are the mainstay of this place. About the taste does not ask, their menu fits with the cool air of Bandung.

Red More ; Sewa Bus Pariwisata
The Ranch

With Rp 5.000 you can enjoy the green landscape complete with a full range of games. The Ranch, Lembang will bring my friend to the world of cowboys. The entry money above includes a glass of yogurt or pure cow’s milk which can be taken by redeeming the tickets. You can ride a cowboy horse at Rp 20.0000. Before boarding, you will find a row of vests and cowboy hats that you can choose to wear.

After that, my friend can ride a horse in the beautiful green garden stretching. In addition to horseback riding, my friend can also play in the playground. The area is filled with various exciting games. Water Ball, archery, karts, bikes and Indian tents can be a game choice. The game price is flat at Rp 15,000 for one game.
Kampung Gajah

Different atmosphere in a vacation can get my friend here. Kampung that brings together tourist facilities, shopping and culinary at the same time located at Jalan Sersan Bajuri, Bandung. This village is right for outdoor enthusiasts like outbound, buggy, Skyride, and boogie kart. Culinary lovers will also be pampered here. Menu Europe to Asia can my friend get in this village. The kids will also be content to play here because of the many games that are reserved for them. Swings, mini flying fox, and small bikes can be their choice of game.
White crater
Kawah Putih is a natural beauty in Ciwidey, Bandung. This place is never empty of visitors. A white crater is also an icon of cold Bandung. From Bandung City to Kawah Putih can take 2 hours journey. Kawah Putih is located on Mount Patuha, more than 2,000 meters above sea level. Therefore, the air here is very cool and cold.

Occasionally, the fog will go down and will add to the chill air. Not only cold, my friend can also enjoy the beautiful scenery in the White Crater. No wonder, White crater became a favorite place for pre-wedding photos. Do not forget to wear a jacket and follow all the rules in the Kawah Putih area.

Juanda Forest Park

Want to refresh your mind with a walk in the woods? Just come to Juanda Forest Park in Bandung. This Forest Park is located in Dago Pakar area. An interesting place to take off all the tiredness. This forest park has thousands of trees. So, my friend can take a walk while accompanied by fresh air and green scenery.
Here’s a cheap tour in the city of Bandung, if your budget is difficult, dark problem, many tourist attractions within the city you can visit, so similar to the city tour in Singapore …

Bandung Zoo is quite crowded, entrance fee about 20,000, the location is on the street Taman Sari, near ITB. There can relax while sheltering under the shady trees and cold wind blowing in Bandung. Bandung bonbon collection is quite complete. In addition, the facility is also not strangling the neck, you can also ride boats and swans paddle at the bottom of the bobbin. Anyway, murmer is …

Braga Street
If Braga goes to the road can see the colonial buildings. Around the Braga road, there is an Asian-African museum there, often for shooting and prewedding photos here. Asik also if the afternoon walk in Braga while washing the same eye foto2 …

3. Gedung Sate
This is the place you deserve to visit while entering and taking pictures in the old building of the Netherlands. This building is a landmark of the city of Bandung … so unfortunately if Sendak had disappearing. Oiya, if the morning can be cool while jogging in Gasibu, front field Gedung Sate. After from Gedung Sate you can see2 geology museum .. steady who and free again …

Great Mosque Alun2
If there is suitable afternoon or evening, run out during the hot day, not many shade trees. If the night is very crowded, many are selling food and toys. Anak2 really like to play here at night …

New Market
This paradise mom2 could be in at 8 o’clock home at 5 pm … a lot of garment products sold in New markets. This place is like the paradise of the tourists to drain his wallet … be careful also if pass rames, sometimes pickpocket action here.

ITB Campus
This is a good place for made … can jalan2 in Ganesha street while stopping by the shady Salman Mosque. Sometimes afternoons many starlings chirp in the rim bunny trees around ITB. The fun really deh …

This place is also good for sports and relax. Because of its position in northern Bandung is quite cold and there are some ancient buildings are cool architecture. The mosque is also okay …

This area is in North Cieumbeuleuit. The location is on the hill. Very crowded if the weekend, at night on the roadside eating while enjoying the flickering city of Bandung in the night ..Romantic really deh … Try the night hang out here .

City Hall
If this place is crowded on a Sunday morning … can be a sport of various kinds here ..

Taman Scout Ade Irma
This place is cheap but suitable for anak2. Plenty of toy rides here, but especially for children, father and mother hanging out just waiting for children …

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