Enjoyable Journey to Mount Bromo with Big Family

No … it’s not about my love story and my boyfriend. This is a trip note to Bromo.

Once, two children of human being Roro Anteng and Joko Seger who have been married for so long, but do not have children in their marriage. Then they go a mountain Bromo, to pray and ask that in the gift of offspring by the God of Brama. Roro Anteng and Joko Seger promised, if they were in the gift of descent, they would dedicate their offspring to the Brama god.

Finally, they were given offspring. not only 1 but 13 boys and 12 girls. Because 1 child does not have a partner, then the boy fled to Mount Bromo. All villagers search for the child, but not found. However, Roro Anteng can hear the voice of his son, who said that the child was calm in Mount Bromo. Instead, the child asked that all villagers bring offerings each year to the top of Mount Bromo.

Therefore, the village was finally named Tengger Village which is the name suffix of Roro Anteng and Joko Seger. and the name of Mount Bromo taken from the name of the god Brama believed to inhabit Mount Bromo.

To Mount Bromo

This is my second trip to Bromo, after a long, even very long trip from my first time to Bromo. Armed with an office Sewa Mobil Jakarta Murah loan from my (uhuh!) Girlfriend, Venny (@VennySiAmoy). The four of us headed to Bromo. There’s me, Venny, Richard, and Kelvin.
Batu Night Spectacular
Travel from the city of Surabaya can be reached by taking the toll road route, with exit toll Porong. Exit toll, take a right turn towards Sidoarjo. Because the day is still noon, mama to the office and papa arisen (start not focus!), We plan to have 2 children just headed first to Malang, to stop by the apple plantation in Agrowisata Malang. But unfortunately, due to lack of self-control and lust knowledge of direction, we (almost) arrived in Agro. But for from the lost direction, we were stranded in the chest of Pamela Anderson BNS (Batu Night Spectacular). BNS is an amusement park in Batu, East Java. Similar to Dufan in Jakarta, but the tickets are cheaper. Only Rp15.000 rupiah only.

From the Stone, we rushed to Bromo. Departing at 8 pm from Batu, we took directions to Pasuruan – Probolinggo. With a speed of 80km / jam, we jam at 10 pm stengah already arrived in Pasuruan. Find a meal first in Kab. Pasuruan so that it does not fit cold until Bromo later.

From the direction of Pasuruan, take the turn to the right, after a signposted road to Bromo. From there, will be treated to views of forests which, I’m sure will be beautiful in good time and beautiful well in the morning. Because we got there at night, then the street was so quiet and lonely, occasional passers-by. To ward off loneliness, we stamina stina mina ee Waka waka ee set up local radio channels that are playing Japanese songs.

At 11 am we arrived at the entrance of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol Gunung Bromo National Park – Tengger. Lots of locals who approached us to ask for our signature or take pictures with a jeep and ojek services. The price offered for the jeep rental is the official price, which is Rp350.000 / jeep for 6 person capacity, but that does not include entrance fee of Rp5.000 / org. The price of the jeep for 2 places, namely Penanjakan (to see the sunrise) and Bromo Crater. As for the price of Rp700.000 for 4 places, namely Penanjakan, Crater, Whispering Sand, and Savana. While the rental price for girls motorcycle taxi is Rp75.000 / org. Please choose the girls whom you like which mode of transportation matches your pocket.

Sunrise – Crater – Forgot Memory

Sleeping in a car with a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, we wake up at 3 am to rent a jeep. (suggestion: it’s better to rent a jeep by the time you arrive and head straight to the post). Due to the many considerations that we do, then we run out of the jeep to go to Penanjakan and Bromo Crater. Then came again the surrounding residents who offer services jeep and motorcycle taxi. Then we deal to wear Jeep. Well! This is where we experience a bit of a constraint. A bidder to us, assures us that the jeep is there and gives the option to pay the legs to him, or to the post. Vinny with economical thinking asked me to follow the bidder. Luckily we followed the bidder until the post. Pak Pak Rekun, who is the ‘kuchen’ for jeep driver, if there is jeepney but driver ya not there! Untung we have not given money Rp350.000 to the bidder services!
Jeep used
With capitalize pitiful face, we requested a rental 1 jeep to Mr. Rekun. He’s got the jeep we need, and maybe it’s a lucky day for us, the jeep is there! * emoticon dance *

Our driver named Mr. Satip, he is a native of Tengger Village. He has many stories about Bromo and Tengger, whose story I wrote above before.

After paying the entrance ticket first packed by Mr. Satip, our jeep gliding lively with agile to Penanjakan. But unfortunately, because of the high traffic to get there, we have to walk as far as almost 1KM to Penanjakan. The temperature was still very cold at the time, but it did not lower our libido to our spirit to see the sunrise at 05.20.
Waiting for Sunrise Love
Crowded and jostling. That’s the CokiCoki we have to experience to get the best spot to see the sunrise. Tourists from within and abroad are very enthusiastic to watch the sunrise, which is accompanied by shouts mama ask pulse to welcome the sunrise.

Slowly the temperature of the air acting was once cold, warm, as warm as the sun greeted us who had been waiting for him.

A beautiful blend of colors to admire this one God’s creation. “God who created, Man who enjoys it.”
Once satisfied to see the village girl bathing and washing sunrise, we rushed to the jeep, to go to the next spot, namely Bromo Crater.
Sea of ​​sand
Passing a steep and descending path with a 45-degree inclination at certain points, we finally reached the ocean of sand. His Satip Jeep is so agile to bulldoze the sand ocean tracks. Once in the parking lot, we continue on foot to the foot of Mount Bromo. Walking nearly 2 kilometers in a sea of ​​sand is not an easy thing. Due to the nature of the sucking sand and the amount of “land mines” in the form of horse dung, it should be extra careful, it is advisable to wear comfortable shoes.
Ladder of Ascent to Bromo Crater
Justify Kalo to walk, can also horse horse horse, with a spend of Rp100.000 to arrive at the foot of Mount Bromo.

Oh yeah, use a mask and scarf well to get through the ocean of sand. because a lot of dust of sand dust that flies. Not bad to make a breath.

The climbing ladder to see the crater of Bromo amounts to about 245 steps. There are some upstairs steps that have been damaged, please be careful. If not poke, one-one can slip.
Crater of Mount Bromo
Arriving at the Crater of Bromo, the air was warm and slightly smelly sulfur. Take photos for a moment and interact with some foreign tourists, only 15 minutes we are on top of Mount Bromo. To descend must queue so as not to fall in the arms on the stairs.

The path down is more comfortable and not too draining the bath a week 2x power as the climbing path. But be careful to take the path, either up or down so as not to be hit by a horse, as I experienced.

Arriving at the jeep parking place, we immediately caucus to our car park in the post of Bromo – Tengger National Park. Well! Here is a funny incident (in our opinion loh! #teges). The four of us suddenly forgot the memory! We forgot who our jeep driver name was. With a face like Jay Chou unhappy (please throw up, reader), I asked our driver his name. With a stunned face (real loh), he told me his name is Mr. Satip! #Zonk

Bromo … One more creation of God, with all its charms. 🙂

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