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For some people especially in urban areas, Monday’s morning alarm is the greatest enemy to be destroyed. Huft! But for me, the “no activity” alarm on Monday, agustus 31, 2017, is a signal to bathe immediately and get ready for my trip that day.

“Wake up .. now at 03.30 Wake ..” That’s the sound of my alarm which was deliberately set in such a way. But it seems the effect of sleep deprived, so I slept again 15 minutes longer.


My trip this time is a famous destination for families in Jakarta in particular. Especially for those who want to find a cool air. Peak – West Java.
Slight sightings of Cimol: p
Leave by my favorite motorcycle, named Cimol. I leave right at 04.45 pm. Shoes, jeans, comfortable shirts, and biker gloves, jackets and do not forget helmets that are of course SNI, is a standard equipment that I always wear every doing Bikepacker.

Bikepacker? A new variant let alone that from the world of travel? According to my understanding, bikepacker itself is traveling by using a motorcycle with a considerable distance. Have any meaning better? Monggo .. 🙂
Welcome To Bogor City
Take the route from Bekasi, past Cibubur then continue towards Bogor and end at Tajur. I had a great adrenaline rush for me that morning. Although the sun has been warmly greeted, for me the morning air was enough to make my fingers slightly stiff. That’s just Bogor area. Peak?

Well! If at Peak, it is definitely more cold weather than Bogor. With street contours winding regularly. The air at the Summit automatically made me suddenly flu. But it did not dampen my intention to continue Sewa Bus Pariwisata gas to my next destination. 🙂
Tourism Area Peak
Given this month and Monday it is fasting, then I reluctantly have to give up my favorite marinate state not sell. Fortunately this morning I had breakfast with a million mankind. Yup! Instant noodle with a half-cooked egg topping.

Passing one by one place in Puncak Tourism Area, West Java. Occasionally I update my location to my girlfriend’s (check!) And also TravelTroopers via BBM group. Oh yes .. me and my girlfriend are running LDR time. It’s Loh..Long Distance Relationship. #YakSip #InfoPening
Peak View
Tourism Area Peak is not only TSI (Taman Safari Indonesia), but there are also the make a picnic-funny picnic barangay same ganknya. Can slide to Cibodas. With a hilly landscape and cool air, perfect for picnic excursions.

Or if you want tea walk and tea on the expanse of tea plantations, can also be folded into Mas Mas Tea Plantation. The green scene can make your mood again cheerful.

That’s just 2 alternative sights in the Tourism Area Puncak, West Java. Other? Please glide directly to Puncak. Only 2 hours (if not jammed well!) From Jakarta via toll.

Back again yuk to my Bikepacker. #lah * gently tap the head, brother *
Then my big heart told me to continue on towards Bandung! Yoih! Bandung, anxious!

Honestly, this is my first Bikepacker first to Bandung. Previously ever, but its nature touring (motorcade in a club – red). Itupun with a different route than I passed today.

With optimistic beliefs and attitudes, I decided ….. Regina..you safe tonight! #locate

I will go to Bandung ala Bikepacker! * everything says WOW yuk ..! * WOW!

Honest (laugh ?! – red) I do not know the exact route to go in the direction of Bandung. I just remember the Bandung route from the word people who have been there on a motorcycle. The main route is Cipanas – Cianjur – Bandung. But not that easy it was the route. Many areas are not on the route.

About distance? Hmm … kasi tau gak yah? * dikeplak enumerator *
Going to Bandung with my route, remind me if the route I ever pass by car with my family. Of course, I am a little masi, but never forget the same range of limestone mountains along with trucks with ancient models to transport the limestone. This route is the main route other than Purwakarta, before the toll Cipularang.

In the middle of the road my doubts and fears to continue my journey to Bandung. Any doubt I can go home not too late, and fear what will I be all right during the trip home. Given … the streets if the word bikers, a street type is cornering.

In my heart has told you, if later meet the gas station, I will turn back and go home. Finally met also gas station! Fill the fuel first, true fad my mouth asked the gas station officer, masi far what baseball to go to Bandung. “Half an hour anyway, mas in the direction of Bandung city.” Ngg..Ok! Half an hour again yah? Shall I go back home!

Cimahi is the first city that I passed before entering the city of Bandung. Rupaya jammed yah .. the result of buying and selling activities of vegetables, chicken, meat, and fish. Geez … tell me why market activity!

One thing that makes me a little bit to be acrobatic is the number of angkot that can suddenly stop without lights sein. Really .. too .. * ring *

Entering Bandung city, I went straight to Kartika Sari to buy souvenirs of banana molen and brownies steamed. 2 pack of mini molen and 1 pack of brownies steamed redeemed for Rp92.000. Due to the fasting month, it is rather difficult to find an open place to eat. Luckily for me found a shake noodle that is located not far from Kartika Sari. Complete with a super setup tent, I enjoy a bowl of shake noodles typical of this Flower City. Price?
Grand Serella – Ariel :))
After my meal went to Jl. Riau. Armed with directions provided by the parking attendant. The road is quite popular with a row of factory outlets are famous throughout Bandung. Call it BaBe (Used Goods). I do not know why every time I go to Bandung, I’ll stop by here. Just to look around or buy. The price offered was quite reasonable (I think lol). The goods were all sorts. Starting from watches, to musical equipment, bags, even a safe is also there.

That day repay, Ariel who is a vocalist Peterpan get parole free. The press con itself is held at Grand Serella located not far from BaBe. Immediately I headed there because it had an agreement first with one of the Troopers, namely Roxy aka Ojie, who is also a famous radio announcer in GenFM. (Stay tune well at 98.7 GenFm, Gentleman!). He will cover Ariel’s presscon.

Back to Bekasi

At 1 o’clock exactly I have to continue my journey back to Bekasi. As I said above. Totally I do not know the way home. Although I can pass the same route as when I came, the return route was different.
Bali? Not. This is Mekarsari Fruit Garden
“Embarrassed to ask (he said) misguided in the street” the first direction I ask is the direction leading to Cimahi. Then directed towards Padalarang. Well! From there it’s easy to head home. Just choose from Cimahi, want to go home through Cianjur go to Puncak and Bogor. Or .. past Cimahi then through Jonggol. The second route is what I choose. Through Jonggol! The streets are relatively quiet and the number of climbs, derivatives, and cornering sharp. For those of you who want to be a racer ala Casey Stoner or Taufik Hidayat (lah ??), can the vain Jonggol.

Through Jonggol, will pass directly to the Mekarsari Fruit Garden. The route is quite easy, just follow the directions board. The view to Jonggol for me personally is really cool. Many tall trees and also paddy fields that we rarely can see if in urban areas.

Arriving at my house exactly at 6:15 pm. There is a feeling that is super fun, exciting and insane in me. The first is not necessarily the last time, is it? 🙂

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