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Indomascot is a company in the making of Clown Mascot Costume Company. Who is serving the Costume Order with a design that customer provide and ready to receive from various Cities and Foreign with an official shipment such as JNE, TIKI, POS, DACOTA CARGO, etc . Our business was established in 1999 and has a business license.

Bittersweet Sweet bitter in membagun this effort to spice up our success, with the spirit and skill capital with the motto is responsible for client satisfaction. is a great satisfaction we are proud of to give satisfaction to our clients, so much science that we can, with experiences that make the learning that we archive as a science to be a leader and professional.

is the art of Indonesian Culture specifically the Betawi People, One of the Betawi folk performances that often appear in folk parties.

The typical puppet game of the Betawi people is in the form of a gigantic doll that is usually made of bamboo wood that is draped in the body, which is played by someone who enters the doll while dancing to the rhythm of the accompaniment music. If dancing is usually ondel-ondel paired like jaipong dancing, Dolls men, and Dolls women, but there are also ondel-ondel children. It seems that Ondel-ondel plays an ancestor or ancestor who always guards his grandchildren. Therefore .. Ondel-ondel can be said as the ladies of the village of Batavia Betawi very historic.
Ondel Ondel
Ondel-ondel that we know as Betawi Cultural Art, this doll is also as Mascot Icon Jakarta The capital of our beloved country Indonesia. From the ancestors or the Betawi People, It is said that ondel-ondel serves as a repellent of reinforcements and to expel the subtle spirits that disturb human beings. Hence his face is a somewhat creepy figure, With a large size, height of 2.5m and the diameter less than 80cm. ondel-ondel made of woven bamboo, hair head decorated with black fibers and decorated with coconut flower. With his bulging eyes and thick eyebrows, the ondel-ondel seemed creepy. Added red color on ondel-ondel men and white on ondel-ondel women make the feel of “awesomeness” increasingly felt.

But over time the typical art of betawi is often used during festivities and folk performances. This large-sized Betawi doll seems to portray an ancestor or ancestor who always takes care of his grandchildren or villagers. Often used at weddings, welcoming guests of honor, and festive party festivities.

For weddings, usually ondel-ondel placed in a number of corners of the house, paired with typical Betawi makeup. To welcome and enliven the party atmosphere.
This large doll is also often used to celebrate the Birthday Party Jakarta is on 22 June. Ondel-ondel will be accompanied by musical instruments, such as tanjidor, bende or tambourine.


Birthday of Jakarta
A little story about Jakarta, Jakarta anniversary was issued by sudiro, Jakarta mayor period 1953-1958. According to his talks with some historians, Mr. Mohammad Yamin, Mr. Dr. Sukanto, as well as senior journalist Sudarjo Tjokrosiswoyo suspect that Fatahillah built Jakarta on June 22, 1527. The date was confirmed based on a manuscript entitled From Jayakarta to Jakarta. After the official submission to the hearing and his proposal was unanimously accepted. Furthermore, from then on every June 22, a special session of Parliament Jakarta is held as a tradition to commemorate the city of Jakarta.
Well, so short story deh. As citizens of Jakarta, hayu deh we follow-up to enliven the anniversary of the city of Jakarta which is already a little longer! You can contact us for ordering ondel-ondel for you guacamole, or so decorate on your home page and school, or it can be a souvenier ondel-ondel nih message for your friend’s memories. Ondel-ondel Doll Maker Services,

Over time Mascot Costume is no longer familiar, and not only companies that have Mascot Costume as Icon / Logo Product, Animation Film, Individual, School, Organization, Community Group, etc. also have many who have Mascot Costume to sign the flag, Brand, Icon, Logo, Brand Organization or its products. And many also Home industry who glance at this Mascot Costume Making business to try to open this business, as more and more New Products who want to promote their products to be known the world.

However, We Indomascot remain committed to Vision Mission and Moto we serve Klient with Professional, give a Kostum Badut competitive price.

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