How to Make Crunchy Slime

How to make crunchy crunchy sharp

Hola. Have you ever made your own slime at home? Of course it is!

There are so many types and forms of slime that can be made easily and do not require a lot of materials and equipment. On this occasion we will also discuss a little about the slime sharp-sharp crunchy.

1. Introduction
You can enjoy the feeling of fun by putting things in the slime.
So, this time we will introduce crunchy crunchy crunchy crunchy that you can enjoy crunchy or crunchy.

2. How to make crunchy crunchy sharp

Below, I will explain how to make sharp crisp slime.
Put the crunchy or crunchy stuff on the regular slime to finish.

* Keep in mind that borax is toxic.
【What should you prepare to make this slime or slime】

· Pasta Washers (PVA)
· Water
· Bowl or cup
· Stir bar
· Things that can be cracked or crisp (sequins, PE tape etc)

【How to make sharp crunchy crisp slime】

1. Insert water (100 cc) and wash the starch (100 cc) into the bowl and stir.
2. Dissolve about 5 g of borax in 50 cc of water to make an aqueous borax solution.
3. Place the borax solution in a bowl and mixture.
4. Mix sufficiently with the amount of crisp or crunchy items How to make slime that match (pieces of PE tape, beads etc.).
5. When the whole mixture is homogeneous, it finishes with a crunchy crunchy slime.

3. Points to make crispy crunchy slime
Mix well like a melted borax.
· Do not put as much liquid borax as possible.
· After adding a water paste and a color washer, insert the aqueous borax solution.
· Put crispy or crunchy items in reasonable quantities, not too much.

4. Points to remember when making crunchy crunchy crunchy
· Because borax is toxic, do not let it into the mouth.
· If there is a scratch / strecht or an external wound, do not touch borax with bare hands. Always wear gloves whenever possible. Or use other tools.
· Wash your hands immediately after handling borax.

5. Conclusions
This time I explained how to make crunchy crispy sharp. Just putting something crispy or crisp in the slime usually makes it possible to create a pleasant slime feeling.

In addition, because it sounds crisp and crisp, you can enjoy not only shades but also sound.

It might be interesting to mix things that sound when you touch others.

Now you can also make your own crunchy crispy slime at home with your kids.

Oya, keep an eye on them while doing it yes. Because as we already know that borax is toxic.

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