Make Hairy Slime

The hairy slime does not harden! What? ① I tried various ways to make 3 kinds of material without borax, 2 materials etc. ♪

Our children love ♪ handicrafts

Especially if you find various works on YouTube, I want to do this! I will show it to me (^ – ^; I also like crafts, so I often make it together, but what I want to do this time is slime.

I’ve tried the slime before, but I bought borax and bought some glue, … it will not be solid ~! And remember feeling a big problem (^ – ^; This time, the things the child wants to make are slime without flu, which does not require borax.

Can you do it without borax? What? I think, I learn with variety (* ^^ *) Many materials, such as three materials, two materials, etc., come out casually ♪

I think the less material it helps (* ^^ *) ,,,,,.

However, …, after all, it seems like I’m poor at making slime ,,,,,.

It does not harden (crying)

I tried to try things because it was not solid and I was impatient, so I tried to collect it if it became the reference of the person who made it from now on.

First of all, successful slime.

Three ingredients.

Slime iced rice cake

However, it is difficult to keep it a bit. But I think it’s easy to succeed so please give it a try

Materials Three Ways to make hairy slime
Pasta Washer (PVA)
Shaving foam
Call the washing solution

How to make

① Insert cleaning glue into the container.
② stirring add shaving foam about four times the laundry starch.
③ add contact cleaning solution. Then, as it comes more and more compacted, please mix hard.
④ done ♪ sticky, but the hairy slime is the only easy way that fails.

If you add baking soda here, you can slime in better condition and you read it on overseas sites, so please try (* ^^ *)

This is wonderful if you add a reddish ♪

★ If you are not at home like shaving foam and contact fluid, it may be inconvenient to prepare it (^ – ^;

Ingredients 2 Fluffy slime (detergent)
Liquid detergents (always Ariel or brave, rumors that otherwise would not corroborate.)
Pasta Washer (PVA)

How to make

① Place a 100 cc cleaning glue in a container and add 2 tablespoons of detergent.

② Mix well. It gradually freezes, so finish with kneading by hand ♪

★ Initial, I am at home, because I use Attack Neo, I am not advanced from the state of whipped cream, which is not solid because it strengthens.

After that, Ariel successfully compacted quickly.

By the way, I use enriched Ariel type (a little bit good), but this is useless (^ _ ^;)

Be sure to try with the usual type of liquid Ariel or bold ♪ I think there is no failure.

But at home where you use Ariere or Bold, I think this is the easiest way to make it.

Ingredients 2 Fluffy slime (potato starch)
Potato potato

How to make

① Pour the potato powder into the container and add a little water and stir.
② Since it is difficult to mix enough, mix well with your hands and adjust it with water and potato flour until it becomes good.
③ complete ♪

★ what? Is this slime? What? What? That is the end like (^ _ ^;)

Is it close to clay? What? What? Add a little moisture and do droid.

It’s not a hairy slime to imagine, but Trotoro’s condition is complete.

Ingredients 2 Fluffy slime (baking soda)
Sodium bicar
Pasta Washer (PVA)

How to make

① Insert cleaning glue into the container and add sodium bicarbonate.
② If moisture is high, add baking soda, add glue if not enough, complete if you adjust and condense ♪

★ And potato starch ,,,, Slime? What? What? Done This is clay (^ _ ^;)

Anyway, if you make it too moist, it will be a droid.

This is not the hairy slime that imagines this too, the toro state is over.


Well, making slime is still difficult! I am not good at that (^ – ^;

Next time, I wonder if I learned how to make soup with borax with the remaining borax? What?

When checking how to make slime slim, how to add baby powder, how to make clay, etc. There are many ways to make it. In general, I think that it is common to add glue and shaving foam. It is good to find a way to do something in your home ♪

I also want to write it when I try other methods of manufacture.
How to make other slime

Also, be sure to see how to make other slime ♪ ↓ ↓ ↓
Slime foam
The most easy ♪ glue washing

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