Making Slime Bonds

How to make a slime bond with and without borax

It’s common to make slime usually also use borax. However, because this borax is also dangerous and can cause burned wound skin, so there is also an alternative to make slime that does not use borax.

Slime this type is very suitable made by children in particular, because it can avoid things that are not desirable as injured because it touches borax accidentally. That way parents do not have to worry too much.

1. Introduction

This time I will show you how to make Bond slime without borax. This slime bond uses slime woodworking bond. It uses potato starch as well, so it looks like potato starch slime, but by mixing the bond you can also make the slime with different shades.

2. How to make slime bond (not borax)
Below, I will explain how to make slime bonds. Bond slime consists primarily of Bond and Starch.

* Depending on the material used, the amount may vary and may be difficult to chew.
* Please understand that it is different from ordinary slime.
※ Let’s make children with adults.

【What to prepare】
· Bonding woodworking (30 cc)
Potato Potato (60 g)
· Water (50 cc)
· Bowl

[Good with something]
· Measure the cup
A cup
· Stir bar
· Red skin or paint

Procedures for making mucous bonds

1. Insert water (about 50 cc) and dye (if necessary color) in cup and mixture.
2. Put the potato flour (about 60 g) into the cup and mix well. How to make slime. (Add water when frozen)
3. Place the woodworking bond (about 30 cc) in the cup and mix well.
4. While asserting firmness, add a little salt at a time until it hardens.
5. Completion of mucous bonds when subjected to moderate violence.

Feel different from normal slime.

3. How to make slime using borax point
Mix well like melted potato starch.
· Add water if too hard.
· If too soft add potato flour.
– Finally adjust the hardness by adding a small amount of salt.

4. Conclusions

This time I talked about how to make the slime bond. Bond slime is similar to starch, but by using Bond, you can also make the original slime nuance. The bonds contain an adhesive, and if mixing salt, it becomes slime by mixing with potato starch.

Well, want to make the slime that uses borax or without borax is the decision of each. Certainly do not forget to keep the cleanliness and security.

Playing and learning with a child would be great fun is not it? Okay please try

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