How to Tighten Loose Skin

How to Tighten Loose Skin

Many women suffer from sagging of the arm. As we age, the skin loses collagen and elastin, the connective tissue that holds everything back. As a result, the skin under the arm becomes flaccid.

Adding weight also becomes another cause for the arm to become a “bat wing”. But instead of losing weight, there is no guarantee that the slack in the arm will be lost. Actually many skinny people also have this problem.
How to Loosen Flaccid Arms

Smart arms are more than physical appearance problems. Many women are desperate and it even happens to fix them in the operating room.

But actually tightening and tightening the skin on the arm is not as difficult as it sounds.

What is needed to restart the weapon

Like losing weight with a natural treatment, to eliminate the flaccidity of the arms you need:
– Obedience
– Discipline and firmness
– a positive mentality
– Healthy food

If you start with a mindset that will get you the desired results in a week or a month, chances are you will get discouraged. Natural beauty. To see results, you must be constant in our plans for a minimum period of 6 months to begin to see the results.

Obedience is the key to achieving your goals. But if you maintain a positive mindset, repeat motivation and visualize results, it will be easier for you to adhere to your goals.
Recommended supplies

To burn that fat you need a balanced diet that includes
– lean protein (skim milk, fish, salmon, chicken, beans)
– Healthy carbohydrates (whole grains, fruits and vegetables)
– Healthy fats (almonds, olive oil)
Exercises to strengthen the arms

For this exercise you need a weight of 2 to 5 pounds depending on your physical condition. If you’re used to weight, you can use heavier ones if you want. You should warm up for 5 minutes before starting the exercise.

You should do 3 sets of 10 repetitions each. Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen.

Exercise 1
Or sit or stand, hold the pen over your head with both hands at one end of the weight. Lower the largest possible weight behind the head and count 1-2-3-4. Hold position for both and replace sides.

Exercise 2
Lying on bed or exercise bed, lying on back with flat feet on the surface, knees bent and head.

With buds in each hand, release the arms above your head. Then bend the arm with your elbow, gently lower the load from the back of the head to the forehead. Return to original position and repeat.

Another option is to do a cardiovascular exercise routine and add a training session known as “lizard”.

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