Make Easy Doll Wigs at Home

Among the girls, dolls are probably the most popular playmate they ever had. Funny and cuddly, girls tend to baptize their dolls with whatever name they like. But one limitation that most dolls have is that they can not change their hair.

Well, that used to be because today you can make a wig doll for your favorite doll. In fact, the mohair doll wig has become popular because it makes doll owners proud of their doll appearance change and proud of their work as well.

What Steps to Make a Doll Wig?

Using a mohair doll wig is very popular because the material is plain and affordable. But before we go into step how to make a wig doll, let us first identify our mohair. Mohair is a kind of fabric similar to silk or yarn.

It’s made of Angora goat hair. Because soft and smooth, mohair souvenir boneka easily adapt to applications such as making wigs for dolls. This is why mohair is one of the oldest fabrics still in use today.

If you want to replace the mohair wig on your doll, just follow these steps:

1. Remove all hair from the head of your doll. Do this thoroughly. To make this easier for you, remove the head from the body of the doll itself. Once the head has been removed, be sure to remove all hair from the inside of the head as well.

2. After the head is free of hair, mark the outline of the wig with a permanent marker. This will be the boundary area of ??the wig. After marking, place the piece of plastic on top of the head and place the cloth on the plastic to match the shape of the doll’s head.

3. Using a paint brush, apply glue to the fabric. Repeat the application as necessary until the glue becomes strong and strong. Once this is done, remove the plastic and the cloth from the doll’s head.

4. The next step how to make the wig doll is also the most critical: put mohair. Start from the edge by attaching the mohair to the fabric. Work your way to the middle, ensuring that you are following a predetermined path.

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