Know Oven Tangkring, Electricity and Gas

As a beginner in the world of baking, the oven must have bought into the wishlist me. Lots of reviews about from fellow bakers oven, both novice and experienced. From the review-review, there are three types of ovens are widely discussed that tangkring oven, electric oven and a gas oven. AIRWAVE OVEN SIGNORA.

The three types of oven are of course has its advantages and disadvantages. There are great for roasting thick like a whole chicken or steak, some are less than optimal. There is an oven that can fire up and down, some are not. If you’ve talked specification, function oven baking of course depend on the requirements, yes. If I heck , who can cook various dishes. Instead of confusion, see explanation below, yuk !

Hasil gambar untuk cara memilih oven untuk memasak


The Tang Kring

His name is also tangkring, this means that the oven should be on the same page with other heat sources to bake process, for example, placed on a stove or fire. Oven tangkring (or abbreviated as “person on this”) made of aluminum or iron. There are two versions on the market, the person on this at the top of the concave and the top of the straight. To have a person on the basin, usually used for baking or food needs over the fire. Later in the basin will wager charcoal.


  • The most affordable price than the other two types of ovens. Suitable for beginners who are just learning baking because it can train grilling skills. In addition, suitable also for those who rarely bake cakes.
  • Otang also easily removed and taken away. As long as no heat source such as fire or coals, why not?
  • Heat faster than an electric oven.


  • There is a person on this who has a temperature indicator (thermometer), some are not. You can buy a separate thermometer. But if not, you should get ready to wear instinct to guess the temperature, yes.
  • For those who use a thermometer, must be diligent checks roast material as there are types of person on uneven heat. In addition, the temperature in the thermometer sometimes appear higher than the temperature in the oven.
  • Otang must be supported in order to stand firm and stable. In addition, the placement should be really in the middle of the stove. Otherwise, any roast will not mature as expected.

Tangkring oven can be used to bake cakes, cookies, brownies, macaroni schotel, lasagna, pizza, until bread. Tips, wear big fire to bake bread. As for the cake, pastries, pizzas, and schotel, can use the arrangement between small and medium flame.

Electric oven


In my opinion, this oven counted most versatile and practical. Just plug into a power source and roast, deh ! Currently, there are many variations of the electric oven. There is a small inside space, some are loose and can be three levels. Even now there is also an electric oven that doubles the microwave, you know .


  • There is a time and temperature settings. Just press the temperature and time, you can do other things while waiting for the cake baked. If it is a “ting”, meaning that the corresponding baking time setting -an already exhausted. Which makes me more happy , electric oven can be set automatically! So when we set special baked cake, time and temperature will be directly adjusted by the oven.
  • The price is not always expensive, anyway . You can customize with a brand owned. Of course, the more specifications such as microwave function, in the vast space, or saving electricity then the price could be more expensive. In essence, choose according to your needs, yes.
  • Easily moved anywhere, just always be sure of the existence of the plugs.
  • The heat can be combined, the fire on it, under fire, or fire up and down. Practically, right ?


  • Rising electricity bills. Yes, I have experienced this. Again talking about the price yes, friends. If the oven is expensive, it could be more power-efficient. Meanwhile, if you buy the standard, I myself had to turn off most of the electricity in the house for the sake of baking cookies.
  • Be careful when buying a microwave oven plus, yes. Ask in detail about setting the oven temperature to the seller. If you had me, the main function as the oven even less than the maximum. High temperature sometimes ‘false’, as a result I have to bake the cake twice to be cooked perfectly.

Electric oven can be used to cook a variety of cakes, pastries, breads, pizza, schotel, to grilled meat.

oven Gas


Oven gas is a type of oven that has the largest capacity of the two previous types. As the name implies, has a gas oven heat source of LPG. There are two types of oven gas, which is fused with a stove and a stand-alone. Usually the gas oven stand-alone (not affiliated with the stove) is used for food or cake baking industry, catering restaurants, bakeries, and so on. While most commonly found in the home is a gas oven which together with the stove.


  • With large capacity, gas oven can be used for baking materials in large quantities. Therefore, the type of oven is suitable for businesses such as homemade cakes, ya .
  • Almost all gas oven has an automatic temperature regulation. Likewise with the thermometer or temperature indicator.
  • Save where if you buy one with a stove oven. Suitable for kitchen minimalist or not too broad.


  • Oven gas is much more expensive than the two previous oven.
  • If you frequently use it at once stoves, gas use can be wasteful.
  • Make sure you are diligent in checking the quality of the gas oven for vulnerable gas leak. Because the gas is not good if it gets mixed into the food being baked. Surely this is harmful to health, right ?

Gas oven can be used for all kinds of dishes, from cakes, pastries, breads, schotel, pizza, grilled meats, to casseroles. In essence, this most versatile oven to cook everything on the menu.

Well, that’s a glimpse of the ovens on the market yes. Whatever your choice, be sure to budget, space, and needs in accordance yes. Happy shopping!

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