Simple Tips on How to Eliminate Your Appetite!

For people with excess weight, how to eliminate your appetite is one method that can help reduce weight. People with excess weight problems usually does have a larger appetite. Food is needed by the body as an energy source, but for people with excessive appetite food could be a source of harm.

The most common effect of appetite were not terkontol is excess weight, obesity can cause various metabolic diseases such as diabetes , hypertension and high cholesterol ( dyslipidemia ). That is why the source of this problem must be controlled by removing the right appetite. How hungry would we present below is actually a method that is easy to do, especially when coupled with a strong desire to lose weight. Let’s look at a simple tips on how to remove the following appetite!

10 Simple Tips on How to Eliminate Your Appetite!

Ways to Eliminate Appetite Easy to Do

Holding hunger will be difficult when faced with temptation in the form of meals and snacks tempting and attract attention, that’s a strong motivation is one key to refrain from eating. Let’s look at what an appetite suppressant simple way below!

1. Divert your attention

How to remove the first appetite that we will discuss is to distract you. For people who have a big appetite, the desire to eat can arise at any time. Therefore if you feel hungry you can divert your attention to other activities. You can try to do activities that you enjoy such as watching movies, listening to music or reading a book.

2. Note the contents of your fridge

The next is to note the contents of your refrigerator, as has been discussed previously holding hunger would be very difficult if many temptations around you. One significant temptation for food lovers is the refrigerator are so many and varied. If the contents of your refrigerator is not attractive or even empty then your appetite will not materialize. Stop buying foods and snacks to fill your refrigerator. How to eliminate your appetite this one is considered very powerful, especially for those who love snacks when hungry.

3. Eat slowly

How to eliminate the next appetite is to eat slowly, because basically our brain takes time to receive the signal from our digestive system that our stomach is already full. For that try to eat slowly and do not rush, so you can feel full without having to increase the portion of your food.

4. Set the feeding schedule

The next way is to set your eating schedule, do not let you skip a meal every day. This is due to many people skip eating schedule, then let that be an excuse to consume food in larger portions. The habit of eating large amounts of food which is also one habit that should be avoided by everyone who has a high appetite.

5. Consumption of water

Getting rid of appetite following is one simple way and very easy to do. To prevent you eat too much food or snacks when hungry, you can replace it by consuming water. Bring water or mineral water wherever you are traveling so when hunger comes, you can ease it by simply consuming water only.

Consumption of water before consuming food could also be tips to reduce your appetite, because your stomach is filled with water then the remaining space for food is reduced.

6. Consumption of foods retaining hunger

Next is how to eliminate your appetite is much preferred, because you are still allowed to eat. But the food consumed in this suggestion is a kind of food that is known to have a certain content in order to restrain your hunger.

First we will discuss about the apple, this one type of fruit known to have a property to suppress hunger. By eating an apple, then the calorie and glucose absorption in the gastrointestinal tract will last long. This is what causes your stomach still feels full and you will feel full. The same mechanism occurs when you consume complex carbohydrates, such as when you eat brown rice or wheat.

In addition you can also consume other foods such as nuts and fiber-rich foods such as vegetables and fruit. You can also choose green tea as a beverage choice, green tea is believed to have the content in the form of EGCG ( Epigallocatechin gallate ) that can increase fat burning and can improve the hormone CCK ( Cholecystokinin ) that can provide a sense of satiety.

7. Healthy snacks

Getting rid of appetite hereinafter also no less interesting, you are allowed to eat snacks! It’s just that you should consume snacks that are healthy snacks that different types of fresh fruits and vegetables or in such a salad of fruits and vegetables. If you are accustomed to using healthy food as a snack, then you do not have to worry about weight problems.

8. Perform physical activity

Next you still need to perform light physical activity such as jogging or running relaxed , exercised by treadmill , calisthenics or stretching to reduce your appetite. A penilitian conducted by the University of Massachusetts , USA stated that by doing light sports capable of inhibiting the hormone ghrelin which is generally issued when your stomach is empty and inviting hunger.

9. Avoid stress

How to eliminate your appetite is to avoid further stress mainly psychological stress. Psychological stress can happen to anyone and can be caused by anything, good family problems, work problems or problems with the people around us. For some people, feeling their stress will be a trigger for eating mainly consume sweet foods. By eating sweet foods some people will feel calmer, but you know that foods with sweeteners is a taboo for the big man.

10. The self Suggestion

How to remove the last appetite that we will discuss is to give positive suggestions to yourself. You can try to remember the purpose of your diet for example to detoksikasi body and be healthy or to get the body shape you desire.

Thus 10 simple tips to remove appetite can we present to you. One important thing that needs to be understood that controlling appetite may be based with a strong motivation so that your efforts to obtain a healthy body with ideal shape can be achieved. Hopefully this article useful and good luck these simple tips above!

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