How to Reduce Swelling in the Eye With These 3 Homemade Tricks

How to Reduce Swelling in the Eye With These 3 Homemade Tricks

After days of tiredness without recovery, your eyes can betray you through the swelling, it is best that you know what you can do to reduce it and maintain a fresh and happy appearance.

Swelling in the eyes can be a consequence of the lack of rest of your body.

It can happen because of the bad habits of his dreams, as well as the environmental pollution and contact that formed with your eyes.

It can also be a response to the constant stress conditions you face every day, causing your eyes to lose a natural look that identifies them.

However, there are some home-based tricks that you can include in eye care.

Thanks to them you will reduce the swelling to leave them as new, really fresh and with a really healthy appearance.

Best Homemade Tricks to Reduce Effective Fast

1. Cucumber sliced


It is a herb with refreshing properties. So this is a great option to reduce swelling in the eyes in minutes. Natural beauty. Thanks to the contribution of ascorbic acid and caffeine acid helps reduce fluid retention in the eyelid.

1 cucumber

How to app

Cut the cucumber into slices, place one on each eye and let it act for 8 minutes.
Repeat 3 times a week.

Remember that since the purpose is to refresh your eyes and eyelids, if the slices are fresh out of the refrigerator, the effect will be much more real.
2. raw potatoes

Raw potatoes are one of the tricks that can help reduce swelling in the eyes quickly regardless of the cause.

Learn to make it a part of your everyday life and you will have your eyes that are fresh and shiny.

1 raw potato

How to app

Keep potatoes for a long time in the refrigerator until cool. Then cut and cut into slices.
Allow a few slices to rest in the eyes for 10 minutes.
Repeat twice a week and you will see the effect quickly.

3. Infusion watercress

With lots of refreshing properties and antioxidants, watercress can be your best ally to end swelling in the eyes in no time.

Learn how to make the most of it and wear rejuvenated eyelids.

1 cup watercress (50 g)
1 cup water (250 ml)


2 cotton

How to app

In the pan, heat water and watercress on a slow flame to solve the first boil.
Let cool for several minutes.
Next, moisten two cottons with an IV and apply over the eyes for 10 minutes.
Repeat this home trick three times a week and you will see the difference in your eye health.

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