Balloon Fiesta in Argentina

Planned: Balloon Fiesta in Argentina

This is a unique festival in Buenos Aires that brings together thousands of people every year to see the giant hot air flight.

In addition, on October 28, held in Buenos Aires 10th edition of the world festival of Argentina, a festival that covers the sky with a giant world ball, 20 national and international balloons. This is the day when visitors can come from a balloon fired at the most desirable moment: take off massively.

This year, the event will feature a kangaroo-shaped balloon, which travels around the world to raise money for African schools. In this context, it should be noted that Argentina will be the only South American country to receive its visit.

The party will be held at Balloon Park, located at the Campana party, 70 miles from Federal Capital. An area of ​​30 hectares will be this headquarters, and you can enjoy activities like workshops for children, massive comet demonstrations, symphony orchestra balloons, light shows and more.


For those who want to see the world from the heights, it will only be a matter of luck: during the festival will be drawn the journey and the winners will be able to cross the sky on the same day. However, it should be noted that you can not fly on balloons that are part of the exhibit.

Balloon Fiesta from Argentina, is a balloon festival that combines entertainment, art, sport and endless ecology with many national and international balloons. This is a colorful, extraordinary and unforgettable day that takes you to live a day in nature, surrounded by this giant hot air!

You can enjoy inflation and big take-offs during the day, a wonderful experience. Then, the Balloon Night Show in the evening will surprise everyone in attendance.

Through these activities, suitable for everyone, they are trying to get to know the planet of care with actions related to the environment, education and good habits in the family.

Balloon Fiesta Production Argentina announced that the Hot Air Balloon Festival scheduled for May 25, 2017, had to be reprogrammed for meteorological reasons that affected the flood to a 60ha property that the Balloon Fiesta of Argentina would realize.

Bad conditions will be maintained throughout June, making us decide to postpone the Festival until October.

The newly confirmed date is the 28th OCTOBER 2017, keeping the schedule on schedule and activity, we are waiting to enjoy the hot air balloon take off amazingly!

Tickets gained so far will apply for entry and do not require a replacement.

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