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On two floors with several exhibition halls, documents and pre-Inca time pieces and national independence are on display. They have kept the equipment of everyday life from various indigenous cultures, which explains their way of life: ornaments, weapons and burial jars are some elements of this collection.

In the Chapter Room you can see armchairs, sacred art and numismatics from the Viceroyalty. General Manuel Belgrano has kept his uniform, flag, personal effects and weapons showing his journey through Salta during the battle in which he intervened. Caudillo Martín Miguel de Güemes was assigned one of the spaces and in it collected a significant part of his campaign for the liberation of northern Argentina.

In the yard, attention is drawn to trains and duties that cross dusty roads in the area. Together, Cabildo and Museum compose a site that invites the reflection and memories of the struggle made by people in the country to achieve national sovereignty.
A Historical Treasure, harmonized with our ancient riches. The city council of Salta City is the most complete that has been maintained in Argentina and is a true architectural gem of the colonial period.

The Tuscan order tower ends with an iron vane with a figure of cruelty objects from innumerable local legends. The main balcony has an iron railing.

Cabildo is a loyalty scene to Carlos III, Carlos IV and Fernando VII. When the revolutionary appeal of 1810 took place, Salta ruled in the representative of Crown Colonel Nicholas Severo de Isasmendi, born in Molinos (Salta).

In 1936, the important participation of the National Senator. Tempat wisata budaya. Carlos Serrey caused the National Government to restore it to further restoration, stating that the National Monument of National History, under the dependence of the National Commission of Museums, Monuments and Historic Sites by law Nº 12.345.

Inside is the Museum of Northern Argentina History, which has nine exhibition spaces along two floors of Cabildo, where pieces and paintings are preserved.

Among the most prominent rooms are the archaeological spaces that feature the historical elements of the City of Salta and one that showcases the objects of General Martín Miguel de Güemes and the Sacred Art room with important pieces of wood.
Schedule Cabildo de Salta

Location: Caseros 549 / Phone: (0387) 4215340
Tuesday to Sunday from 09.30 to 13.30 WIB / Tuesday to Friday from 15.30 to 08.30. / Saturday from: 04:30 to 8:30 noon
Guided tour: From Monday to Friday.

History of Cabildo

One of the oldest colonial constructions in the capital city of Salta is the Historic Cabildo of Salta originating from the foundation.

With the passage of time it changed its function without ever losing its facade intact.
Cabildo Room

In it we can see a different set of one of them “The origin of our history” which has a complete sample of original objects. Other examples are eighteenth-century furniture, sacred art, uniforms and weapons of war of independence Belgrano and Güemes.

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