The Beach is Under Control

The beach is under control: in Australia they will use unmanned aerials to detect sharks

The first unmanned airplane departs for the first time yesterday from Coffs Harbor, about 540 kilometers north of Sydney. When the camera watches the shark they will send a photo with the coordinates of the sighting to the beach watcher, who will bring the drinking water out of the water.

If the experiment runs well, in the future unmanned aircraft will be directly controlled by the rescue team.

The device will capture the movement of animals and warn you. In addition, they will be equipped to throw a life jacket if it sank.

Australian coastal visitors in the coming months, besides enjoying the sun, sand and sea, will include a series of unmanned drones in the landscape. This device will be equipped with an artificial intelligence program, specially prepared to detect sharks.

The purpose of this new technology is to prevent more shark attacks on the beach, since last year there were about thirty, two of which are fatal.

SharkSpotter, as the initiative is called, is able to capture the movements of these animals with 92 per cent accuracy, distinguishing them from other creatures such as manta rays, dolphins and humans.

How they work

The unmanned aircraft will be patrolling the beach, recording live video that will send operators on the beach. When the shark is detected, a warning will be issued through the megaphone. Tempat wisata impian. This is a way to help Coast Guard prevent attacks.

In addition, if there are no sharks, this technology can be used to launch lifeguards in less than 10 seconds if drowned, which gives rescuers more time to achieve them.

The most dangerous
This is a beach where there have been several shark attacks in recent days: Pernambuco, in Brazil; Second Beach, in South Africa; New Smyrna and Velzyland, in the United States; New South Wales and Coffin Bay, Australia; and Reunion, in France.

Beware, sharks !: Beach is full of predators

We all saw Steven Spielberg’s movie and we’re sure nobody wants to hear it near the water. I know some places surrounded by sharks.

Danger in the sky

Maui Paradise Island in Hawaii is a dream for many, but not all brilliant at this destination. With several species of spinning sharks, he became the scourge of many accidents. According to ISAF (International Shark Attack File) until January 2017, there are only 63 attacks on the island. Although there are more than forty species of this predator in the area, repeated attacks occur on tiger sharks, which can reach about five meters. (Photo: Karen Roach / 123RF).

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